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  1. We are trying out a new format for our news coverage. This is a test live page.
  2. PM warns the world could be heading back into financial crisis
  3. First confirmed case of bird flu in Britain for six years
  4. Tributes paid to five teenagers killed in a crash in South Yorkshire

Live Reporting

By Matthew Davis and Gerry Holt

All times stated are UK

  1. Post update

    That concludes this live page test for today.

  2. Bird flu

    Hugh Pym

    BBC health editor

    On eating poultry, the message loud and clear is that if you cook a chicken, turkey or duck properly then the risk of catching bird flu is virtually non-existent.

    It is a serious issue for the agriculture industry but not one to worry about at all for humans.

    Q&A on threat to humans.

  3. Bird Flu

    Danny Savage

    North of England Correspondent, BBC News

    is in East Yorkshire. He says EU officials currently believe that the virus is being spread by migratory birds heading south for the winter and they would not be surprised if there are more outbreaks to come along their migratory paths through southern Europe if indeed it is being spread by birds on the move.

  4. World Cup boycott

    Is a World Cup Boycott possible? BBC sports editor Dan Roan investigates.

    Ex-FA chairman David Bernstein called for a boycott by European teams unless Fifa - football's world governing body - is reformed.

    It follows a string of controversies in recent years, including criticism of the decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

  5. Latest headlines

    David Cameron has warned of a "dangerous backdrop of instability" in the global economy that is threatening Britain's recovery.

    Police span a "web of lies" that destroyed the political career of the former chief whip, Andrew Mitchell, after a row over which gate he should use in Downing Street, a court has heard.

    Bankers should have their fixed salaries docked, as well as their bonuses, if they're found guilty of wrongdoing, the Governor of the Bank of England has said.

    Scientists believe there may be a link between an outbreak of bird flu in the Netherlands and a case at a duck-breeding farm in East Yorkshire

  6. BBC Radio 5 live


    tweets: Pupils quiz convicted twitter troll about why she was #cyberbullying

    5 live pic
  7. Bird flu

    Damian Grammaticas

    BBC Europe Correspondent

    EU officials have said the outbreak of bird flu in the UK is 'most likely' the same H5N8 strain of the virus as another current outbreak in the Netherlands, and one that happened a fortnight ago in Germany.

  8. Car crash deaths

    Composite image

    "They had tremendous lives ahead." A community pays tribute to five teenagers killed in car crash.

  9. Global economy

    Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has been responding to David Cameron's remarks.

    "We need to slash the size of the financial sector and see that it serves the needs of a boosted real economy that manufactures the goods and grows the food that we need, providing jobs that workers can live on, and homes they can afford."

  10. Murder investigation

    Jon Kay

    BBC News correspondent

    tweets: Wiltshire Police reclassify the search for Sally Ann John as a murder investigation. She went missing in 1995, aged 23. Never found.

    Sallyann John

    Police say they are not currently linking her disappearance to any other cases.

    Full story here.

  11. Global economy

    George Osborne said it would be a "complete disaster" to divert from the government's economic plan, because it would "put Britain in a place where many other countries find themselves today".


    George Osborne

    It comes after data published today showed Japan was in recession. Italy returned to recession last week while Germany narrowly avoided the same fate.

  12. Global economy

    Chancellor George Osborne, who is campaigning in Rochester and Strood ahead of Thursday's by-election, was asked about David Cameron's warning that a third recession in the eurozone was possible.

    He said a "realistic assessment" of the global economy was needed and, although the British economy was performing well, the country was "not immune" to instability elsewhere.

    "It is all the more reason why we've got to go on working through our long-term economic plan," he said.

  13. Cannibal murder

    An inquest into the death of Cerys Yemm who was found murdered at a hostel in Argoed near Newport will be held on Friday.

    Cerys Yemm

    The 22-year-old died after being attacked in an act of cannibalism by Matthew Williams, 34, on 6 November.

    Williams died after police fired a stun gun at him during the attack.

  14. News from Elsewhere...

    Women in South Korea should tell potential employers they don't mind "casual jokes about sex" in the workplace, according to guidelines from the country's Labour Ministry.

    The interview tips offered "ideal answers" to questions women might face in an interview, and were posted on a government-run recruitment information site, the Korea Herald reports.

    File pic

    Women were advised to respond to a question about sexual harassment by saying: "It is sometimes necessary to deal with it by making a joke in return."

    For questions about family life, it was suggested they should lie about any any plans to tie the knot because "it is common for female workers to quit their jobs after getting married".

  15. Mediterranean diets

    Get involved

    You have been sending us your views on whether a Mediterranean diet is the best way to tackle obesity.

    Chris comments: "Since moving to Spain my health has improved an awful lot. The food is a lot better. We take time and effort in cooking healthy meals instead of packaged stuff that really doesn't exist. Also the weather helps with motivation to exercise. Living in a Mediterranean country is (health speaking) a lot better."

    Ed Stone adds: "This all sounds great but the Mediterranean diet is just part of the Mediterranean lifestyle... Year round warmth and sunshine, a huge emphasis on family life, shorter working hours, daily siesta's.... It's just not going to happen is it!"

    Megan suggests it just won't work in the UK: "The Mediterranean diet works well if you are fortunate enough to be living on the Mediterranean. When you are contending with bad weather, rain and cold, you need something warming and comforting."

  16. Education

    A rising number of students from the UK are choosing to go to US universities.

    More than 10,000 students from the UK were at US universities in 2013-14, up by 8% on the previous year, according to annual figures from the Institute of International Education.

    These students applied in the autumn of 2012, as tuition fees of £9,000 were introduced in England.

  17. 'Plebgate' libel case

    Andrew Mitchell "apologises unreservedly" for swearing in front of police officers but denies calling one a "pleb".

    Looking directly at the judge, he says: "My Lord, I did not say those words."

  18. IS air strikes

    The Ministry of Defence has just tweeted a video of the latest RAF strike against Islamic State in Iraq, carried out at the weekend.

    MoD image

    The MoD says Tornados struck an IS communications vehicle with a single Brimstone missile.

  19. Dewani case

    Lawyers for Shrien Dewani, the man accused of organising the murder of his wife on their honeymoon, are to apply for the case to be dismissed.

    Shrien Dewani

    Swedish national Anni, 28, died in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010 after an apparent carjacking that went wrong.

    Mr Dewani, 34, of Bristol, has pleaded not guilty to charges including kidnapping and murder.

    Defence lawyer Francois van Zyl said he would apply for the dismissal after the state rested its case on Monday.

  20. Nolan defends Interstellar

    Director Christopher Nolan has defended the sound in his film Interstellar after some viewers complained sections of dialogue were difficult to hear.

    Nolan told the Hollywood Reporter that was intentional, saying the idea was "to experience the journey the character is going on".

    "I've always loved films that approach sound in an impressionistic way and that is an unusual approach for a mainstream blockbuster, but I feel it's the right approach."

    Christopher Nolan
  21. Bird flu

    Get involved

    Martin Brown lives near Nafferton and has concerns about the possible spread of bird flu: "My daughter has a suppressed immune system due to having Leukaemia. This is very worrying given that last time we had something similar we would have been in a 'serious risk' group had she had her illness then. I'm really hoping it turns out not to be a serious problem."

    Email your views to

  22. 'Plebgate' libel case

    Andrew Mitchell MP has just been called into the witness box to give evidence.

    Andrew Mitchell
  23. Bird flu

    Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss is to give a statement to the Commons later this afternoon on the bird flu case in east Yorkshire.

    The prime minister's official spokesman has reiterated that the risk to the public remains "extremely low".

    A policeman stands guard at a farm near Nafferton, East Yorkshire where a strain of bird flu has been confirmed
  24. IS hostage killing

    The prime minister will chair a meeting of the government's emergency Cobra committee in the next 36 hours following the latest killing of a hostage by IS.

    Downing Street says David Cameron will get the latest briefing from intelligence chiefs, although he was was kept up to date over the weekend during his trip to the G20 in Australia.

  25. April Jones murder

    Demolition work has just begun on the house in Ceinws, Wales, where Mark Bridger is thought to have murdered April Jones.

    Demolition work
  26. MH17 crash

    Debris and human remains is continuing to be removed from the crash site of the MH17 jet in rebel-held eastern Ukraine, to be taken to the Netherlands for examination.

    A pro-Russian separatist watches as a crane carries wreckage of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane at the site of the plane crash near the village of Hrabove in Donetsk region

    The Dutch Safety Board, which is overseeing the exercise, said: "The recovery of wreckage of flight MH17 has been continuing this morning. For the second day wreckage will be recovered for the investigation into the cause of the crash of flight MH17.

    "The wreckage will be brought to (the Ukrainian town of) Torez, where it will be placed on trains. Later on it will be transported to Kharkov and finally to the Netherlands."

    The plane was shot down in July killing all 298 people on board - mostly Dutch nationals. Russia-backed rebels have been blamed, though they deny it.

  27. Hyde Park gigs announced

    Rock veterans The Who will end their 50th anniversary tour by returning to Hyde Park, it's just been announced.

    The My Generation singers will headline Hyde Park for the third time next summer, with special guests Paul Weller, Kaiser Chiefs and Johnny Marr.

    Roger Daltry (left) and Pete Townshend of the Who

    The performance will mark the end of their 10-date UK tour, which they have described as the start of their "long goodbye".

    The Who will headline the Barclaycard British Summer Time event on Friday 26 June next year, while US singer Taylor Swift tops the bill the following day.

  28. 'Plebgate' libel case

    Danny Shaw

    Home affairs correspondent, BBC News

    #plebgate James Price QC tells court Andrew Mitchell is "innocent man" as he outlines his case at start of libel action

    Price says police responsible for a "web of lies, deceit & indiscipline" which led to "vitriolic" press campaign against Mitchell

  29. Global economy

    More from shadow work and pensions secretary Rachel Reeves, who spoke to the BBC News Channel earlier about David Cameron's warning on the global economy:

    "Of course it's true that the UK economy is not going to be immune to things that are happening around the world.

    "But what I would say to David Cameron is, instead of getting your excuses in early, the government should be doing much more to secure the economic recovery for ordinary working people.

    "And despite some of the hubristic language in the last few weeks, actually in the last four and a half years, life has got harder not easier for many working people."

    Get involved: What is your take on the PM's warning?

  30. Knight Rider creator dies

    Prolific TV writer and producer Glen Larson has died at the age of 77.

    The executive was responsible for a string of action-packed hits, including Knight Rider, Magnum PI, Quincy ME and Battlestar Galactica.

    Glen Larson

    Knight Rider's David Hasselhoff paid tribute on Twitter, saying: "(He) had seven TV series at one time! Without him there'd be no KITT & Michael."

    Larson died of oesophageal cancer at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center, on Friday night.

  31. Latest headlines

    Farmers have been warned to be on the alert after a case of bird flu was confirmed at a duck breeding farm in East Yorkshire.

    The Governor of the Bank of England has suggested that errant bankers should face losing not just their bonuses but their regular pay too.

    Labour has accused David Cameron of using the global economy as an excuse for poor growth in the UK.

    A judge lifts restrictions on reporting that a law student was found guilty last week of possessing a bomb making document, likely to be useful to a terrorist.

  32. 'Plebgate' libel case

    For more tweets from the "Plebgate" libel case follow @BBCDanielS and@DannyShawBBC

    We'll bring you the main lines as we get them.


    A libel judge at the High Court will investigate the Downing Street encounter between former government chief whip Andrew Mitchell and Pc Toby Rowland.

    Here's a timeline to remind you what the story is all about.

  33. Post update

    Robert Peston

    Economics editor

    Peston pic

    tweets: Morning guv'nor (geddit!) @thinktankmuseum

    (Robert Peston is filming at Birmingham's Thinktank science museum this morning).

  34. Bird flu

    Anna Holligan

    BBC News, The Hague

    tweets: Within meters of #Birdflu farm - health & safety guys going in & out.. fire retardant barriers erected #vogelgriep

    Bird flu pic
  35. No 10 Press Office


    tweets: PM statement 15:30 in HoC #G20Brisbane; followed by Liz Truss @DefraGovUK update on action to tackle bird flu

  36. Get involved

    Bob Geldof

    Ken F: Whilst I applaud anyone raising money for this fight against Ebola its still a true fact of life that if every pop star, footballer politician, top business person,or celebrity gave away half of their wealth, we could feed the world over and over again.

    Sue H: Pity they didn't do as much for pensioners here in UK to help them with their heating bills..... If these 'stars' love Africa so much, move over there....

    What do you make of the new Band Aid single? The reworked version of 'Do They Know It's Christmas' made its debut on last night's X-Factor and stars One Direction, Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran. The money raised will go towards tackling Ebola.

    Join the discussion on the BBC Breakfast Facebook page.

  37. Band Aid

    If you missed it - Band Aid organiser Bob Geldof has been talking about the charity single to tackle Ebola on several BBC outlets this morning.

    He says pre-orders of the single have been "manic" since its unveiling.

    Band Aid

    The musician and campaigner admitted he had been "a bit nervous" but said the response had been "extraordinary".

    "From what we've seen from iTunes it's gone bonkers," he told Radio 4's Today programme. "Within four or five minutes we had a million quid."

  38. Parliament security alert

    The security alert at Porcullis House is over and roads are being reopened.

  39. 'Plebgate' libel action

    Danny Shaw

    Home affairs correspondent, BBC News

    tweets: Courtroom 13 at Royal Courts of Justice packed for start of #plebgate libel case involving Andrew Mitchell, PC Toby Rowland & the Sun

    Among those in court for start of 2week case is ex shadow Home Secretary David Davis, standing at back. Mitchell & Rowland are on front row

  40. BreakingBreaking News

    Part of the Parliament complex has been evacuated after a suspicious package is discovered at the security entrance to Portcullis House, Met Police say.

  41. 'Plebgate' libel action

    Daniel Sandford

    BBC News home affairs correspondent

    tweets: Andrew Mitchell MP former Chief Whip has arrived at the Royal Courts of Justice for the start of his libel trial against The Sun

  42. Global economy

    Shadow work and pensions secretary Rachel Reeves, speaking to the BBC News Channel, says: "Despite what David Cameron has said today the country is not dealing with its debts - the deficit has risen by £5bn in the past year and the government has massively missed its target for debt-reduction."

    She adds Labour is "absolutely determined" to reduce the deficit but to do it in a "fair way".

    Rachel Reeves
  43. Incedal verdict

    The jury in Mr Incedal's trial was discharged five days ago on a separate charge of preparing for acts of terrorism.

    The Old Bailey heard claims he was considering an indiscriminate Mumbai-style terror attack and had an address for a property owned by Tony and Cherie Blair.


    The 26-year-old had denied all allegations against him.

    We can also now report that he faces a retrial on this charge on 23 February.

  44. BreakingBreaking News

    British law student Erol Incedal was found guilty by an Old Bailey jury at the secret terror trial of possessing a bomb-making document, the BBC can now report.

  45. ONS stats

    Mark Easton

    Home editor

    is tweeting about the latest statistics from the Office for National Statistics:

    95 in every 1000 UK women giving birth aged 45+ have a multiple birth. @ONS

    Follow @BBCMarkEaston for more.

  46. Defence workers on strike

    Hundreds of defence workers have started a four-day strike in a dispute over pay.

    Members of the Unite union at the Defence Support Group walked out at midnight in protest at an offer of a 1% increase.

    Get involved by sending your pictures and stories from the picket line to XXXX

  47. Currently trending elsewhere

    U2's Bono injured in Central Park fall, band's website says - CNN

    Facebook targets workplaces with new professional networking site - The Guardian

    In Ferguson, Tactics Set for Grand Jury Decision in Michael Brown Case - The New York Times

    Was State Department e-mail hacked? - CNN

    Band Aid 30 revealed on X Factor: Watch the heart-breaking video - The Mirror

  48. Paedophile link to Savile show guest

    The BBC News site's most read story today is on revelations that antiques expert Keith Harding was a child abuser involved in a notorious paedophile campaign group.

    Harding was active in the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), according to documents seen by BBC Radio 4 Today reporter Tom Bateman.

    A former chairman of the British Horological Institute, he appeared alongside Jimmy Savile in a Christmas edition of the BBC's Jim'll Fix It (pictured).

    Keith Harding, who died in June, with Jimmy Savile on Jim'll Fix It

    Harding, who died in June, had been convicted of sex offences in the 1950s.

  49. Fatal crash

    BBC north of England correspondent Dan Johnson, in Doncaster, says friends of the five teenagers killed in a car crash over the weekend have been visiting the scene and leaving flowers and tributes.

    BBC north of England correspondent Dan Johnson

    Danum Academy sixth-form students Blake Cairns, 16, Arpad Kore, 18, Jordanna Goodwin, 16 and Megan Storey, 16, died in a two-car collision near Conisbrough on Saturday.

    They have been described as popular young people who had big futures ahead of them, says our correspondent. A condolence book has been opened at the school.

    The investigation is continuing.

  50. Get involved

    David Cameron

    Alan: The coalition Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues have been telling us for five years that the last crash was the Labour government's fault. Presumably, they will happily concede that this new crash is entirely of their own making?

    BeesAreTrendy: Labour helped wreck our economy and are still blaming the current government for not fixing it. That's like setting fire to a building, shouting "Fire" and then blaming the Fire Brigade for not putting it out fast enough.

    What do you think of the Prime Minister's warning that "red warning lights" are flashing on the world economy? Get involved at #BBCNewsToday or by commenting on the story above.

  51. Bird flu

    The BBC's Rebecca Williams, outside the Defra offices in central London, says the strain of bird flu found at a Yorkshire duck breeding farm is not yet known but it's understood it's not the type that can be deadly to humans.

    Bird flu farm

    We're expecting more details from Defra - which deals with agricultural affairs in the UK in the coming hours - we'll bring you the latest as we get it.