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  1. The moment the spacewalk was called off

    This is the moment today's spacewalk was cut short, due to a water bubble in Tim Kopra's helmet.

    It was just before 17:00 GMT - four hours and 10 minutes into the space walk.

    Video content

    Video caption: Tim Peake spacewalk: The moment it was ended due to a water bubble in Tim Kopra's helmet.
    Quote Message: Guys, you can start opening your cuff checklists to page seven; we are in a terminate case. from Mission Control
    Mission Control
  2. Checks underway on spacesuits

    Mission controllers are gathering evidence on what might have caused the bubble of water inside Tim Kopra's helmet.

    Station commander Scott Kelly is helping the astronauts inside the equipment room of the ISS.

    Tim Kopra's suit and helmet will be carefully analysed.

    The temperature of the water is one clue - cold water suggests it came from some sort of leak inside the space suit, rather than sweat or condensation.

  3. Recap: Highlights of Tim Peake's spacewalk

    Watch highlights of the two Tims' first task, repairing a solar power unit.

    Video content

    Video caption: Tim Peake spacewalk: Watch highlights of the first task to repair a power unit.
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    Lindsey Ann comments on our Facebook page:

    And this from Brian Brian, earlier today:

  5. End of a long day - sharing a chat and a smile

    Spacewalkers and crew inside the space station
    Image caption: Station commander Scott Kelly removes Tim Peake's helmet...
    Spacewalkers and crew inside the space station
    Image caption: ...and then Tim Kopra (left) and Tim Peake (far right) exchange a few friendly words after returning from today's spacewalk
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  7. Astronauts safely back inside

    Both Tim Peake and Tim Kopra are inside the space station, in the equipment room, with their helmets removed.

    "All's well that ends well," said mission commentator Rob Navias.

    He said it was a "safe and successful end" to the spacewalk, if a bit early.

    Meanwhile, Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano - who also suffered a water leak in his helmet on a spacewalk in 2013 - has tweeted his congratulations.

  8. Pictures: Tim Kopra back in the space station

    The crew managed to withdraw 15 ml of water from Tim Kopra's helmet with a syringe.

    The space station crew is now helping him out of his suit.

    Crew members help Tim Kopra out of his helmet
    Image caption: Fellow crew members help Tim Kopra out of his helmet
    Tim Kopra seen from above
    Image caption: Slightly damp but safe and sound: Tim Kopra back in the space station
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  11. Careful process of de-suiting and keeping evidence

    The inner door of the airlock is now open.

    Back inside the space station, Tim Kopra is being assisted out of his suit.

    There is no live TV coverage at the moment, but we can hear instructions being issued - including a request to collect some of the troublesome water with a syringe for later analysis.

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  13. Astronauts thank ground control for "dedication and hard work"

    Both Tim Kopra and Tim Peake voiced their thanks to the mission controllers as they waited for the pressure in the airlock to equalise. 

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    Although not all the jobs on the list were completed, the two Tims did manage to restore full power to the ISS when they replaced the "sequential shunt unit" just before 15:00 GMT.

  14. Add to the debate: making pizza

    Text: +44 7624 800 100

     Amazing! My 10 yr old son and I are making pizza dough whilst watching the space walk AND listening to Hunky Dory by David Bowie too.  

    Jackie Barker & Sam Napier   

  15. BreakingSpacewalk officially ends at 17:31 GMT

    The airlock is being repressurised now, which denotes the official end of the spacewalk, according to Nasa - after four hours and 43 minutes.

  16. Astronauts prepare to go back inside ISS

    The two Tims, safely inside the airlock, are now running through checks and closing the hatch behind them.

    Their colleagues on the space station are waiting on the other side of the inner door, to help them out of their space suits.

  17. Both astronauts are back inside the airlock

    Tim Peake and Tim Kopra are now both inside the airlock. This image shows the thermal cover closed behind them; the hatch itself still needs to be shut.

    airlock entrance with a cover on it
  18. Astronauts reach airlock

    The European Space Agency says Tim Peake is entering the airlock to join his colleague Tim Kopra.

  19. Not the first experience of a water leak in a spacesuit

    Helen Briggs

    BBC News

    Space controllers are taking no chances after an incident in 2013 when Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano discovered his helmet was starting to fill with water during a spacewalk.

    His ventilation system had sprung a leak. Liquid doesn't flow under microgravity, so the water sat in his helmet, forcing him to cut short his spacewalk.

    "I started going back to the airlock and the water kept trickling," Parmitano has said.

    "It completely covered my eyes and my nose. It was really hard to see. I couldn't hear anything. It was really hard to communicate.

    "I couldn't breathe through my nose - I felt isolated and when I tried to tell ground that I was having trouble finding my way, they couldn't hear me, and I couldn't hear them either.

    "Instead of focussing on the problem - which was I may drown with the next gulp of air - I started thinking about solutions."

    Parmitano gradually felt his way back to the airlock and made it safely back inside.