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  1. Mattiel - Keep The Change

    Video content

    Video caption: This week's Hype Chart sees Mattiel take the no. 1 spot with her track Keep The Change.

    This weeks Number 1 on the Hype Chart is an artist called Mattiel. She’s new to the Hype Chart, so if you she is unfamiliar to you then don’t worry, we’ve got you!

    A talented designer by day and an incredible artist by night (where does she squeeze the hours from?) she hails from Atlanta, and has an album - Satis Factory - on the way via Heavenly Recordings this June.

    Dig your ear teeth into our most-hyped record from Radio 1’s night time schedule by clicking that play button.

  2. Stormzy - Vossi Bop

    Video content

    Video caption: Stormzy is this week's no.1 on Radio 1's Hype Chart with Phil Taggart.

    Where do I start? Well… The show is called the Hype Chart, detailing the tracks making blood course through Radio 1's night-time veins and exploding its brain with excitement. It’s 60 minutes of the best new music every week - so it’s perfectly within reason for us to lose our marbles at Stormzy's return.

    Rarely does an artist unite the four corners of the UK like this. His debut album felt like a real moment in UK culture when it dropped in 2017. Two years later, he is due to headline Glastonbury - and surely there has to be a record in support of that? Thankfully, there is and the first taster is Vossi Bop. It’s an incredible piece of music and I cannot wait to see where Stormzy goes from here.

    All bow to our hero Stormzy, this week’s Hype Chart Number 1 (and to a lesser extent Number 1 on the Official UK Top 40 Chart).

  3. Kid Kapichi - Glitterati

    Video content

    Video caption: Kid Kapichi's Glitterati is this week's no.1 on Radio 1's Hype Chart with Phil Taggart

    I moved to the South Coast of England a few months ago - and I’ve asked more than a few people to recommend some decent bands. The answers generally pointed towards a band from Hastings called Kid Kapichi. Their live shows are meant to be intense, with a true rock and roll spirit... or so I am told. I haven’t seen them yet, but by God I want to!

    They’ve had a lot support from Radio 1’s indie champion Jack Saunders and Future Sounds’ host Annie Mac - hence the reason they've ended up on this week’s Hype Chart!

    I’ll leave you with a quote from the band on this banging record: "It’s a tongue in cheek look at the materialistic world in which we live, where Instagram culture rules and people’s want for the next outrageous thing grows and grows.

    "We sing, 'Give me the glitterati,' because what actually is the glitterati? Obviously the word has a definition but when do the people who crave it know they’ve got there? A thing? A feeling?

    "It’s a search for the unattainable to fill a hole that will always feel empty when you try and fill it with that stuff."

  4. Koffee - Rapture

    Our Hype Chart Number 1 this week is popping harder than my ears when I’m on a flight back home to Ireland.

    We are very much in sensationalist territory with the artist Koffee. The specialist night-time shows, the tastemaker online mags and anyone with their ear to the ground is tipping the 19-year-old reggae and R&B singer as the next star in the making.

    She’s just released an EP with the same name as our Number One: Rapture. It's an apt title for someone whose star is on a vertical ascent. She could be the catalyst that really helps usher in a new age of modern reggae music.

  5. Anderson .Paak - King James

    Video content

    Video caption: The Californian rapper reigns over Radio 1's Hype Chart

    Is there any way that we could have a more hip-loosening groove as a Number 1 on the Hype Chart?

    This new joint from Anderson .Paak is pure soul food. Take the lyrics out for a second and let this heavy bassline and loungey beat take over. Now that you’re caught in the dust being kicked up from the dancing feet, have a think on these lyrics. It’s about uniting and standing up against injustice. Never has the revolution or solidarity sounded like such a bop.

  6. KH - Only Human

    Video content

    Video caption: KH's Only Human brings techno to the top of Radio 1's Hype Chart with Phil Taggart

    Who wouldn’t like a real life alias? A moniker that lets you jump into a different world?

    Maybe you'd be a spy, maybe the world's foremost dog groomer, or perhaps you'd be a 1990s dotcom millionaire who has lost it all.... We all have daydreams that take us to a whole new plain.

    It’s much easier in dance music, though. Kieran Hebden made his name as Four Tet - meaning he’s pretty much royalty when it comes to UK dance music. His other alter-ego is KH (you don’t need to be Luther to figure out where that came from).

    On his second release under this alias, Hebden samples a Nelly Furtado track from 2006 - which is as random as you get, but don’t disregard it on paper. Hit play and turn it up because this is one of the most unexpectedly huge rolling techno songs of the year, which is why it’s Number 1 on this weeks Hype Chart.

  7. Jaykae - Heartache

    Video content

    Video caption: Birmingham's at the top of Radio 1's Hype Chart this week as Jaykae - Heartache is no.1.

    One of the hardest rappers in the UK in 2019 is Brummie bad man Jaykae.

    The-27-year old is the embodiment of grime, rising through the UK musical institution as a second generation artist. He’s already gained the respect of his peers - with Skepta making beats and collaborating with him; as well as Mike Skinner jumping on production duties.

    Heartache is our Number 1 this week on the Hype Chart - and although Jaykae released it on Valentine’s day, it's definitely not designed for cuddling up next to your loved one on the sofa.

    I’ll leave with this insightful quote pulled from the YouTube comments on this video, which refers to Jaykae’s growing back catalogue.

    "Headache, Toothache and now Heartache? My man needs to go to his GP."

    Hear the full show on BBC Sounds

  8. Toddla T feat Alicia Harley - Instruction

    Video content

    Video caption: It's dancehall at the top of the Hype Chart this week with Toddla T's Instruction.

    This week’s Number 1 on the Hype Chart is like a supernova explosion of colour into the grey banality of February.

    Producer Toddla T should be no stranger to anyone familiar with BBC Radio 1. He’s been terrorising the airwaves with fresh rhythms from around the world for the past few years. When he’s not on air, broadcasting the best new artists, he’s making beats for them as a producer.

    On Instruction he teams up with Alacai Harley - who provides both vocals and boundless energy. She was born in Jamaica and grew up in South London, with the former printing it’s technicolour all over this track.

    Talking about the song, she says “'Instruction' is a track I definitely enjoyed making as it takes me back to growing up in Jamaica and singing along to old folks songs with my cousins. ‘bruk them one by one gyal and boy’.

    "Working with Toddla on this one was just pure fun and vibes and I hope the listeners can feel that same energy.”

  9. The Amazons - Mother

    Video content

    Video caption: The Amazons are this week's no.1 on Radio 1's Hype Chart with Phil Taggart

    It’s whole-heartedly redundant of me to mention that The Amazons have the best haircuts in indie rock. It’s not a case of style over substance - I just felt like I should share my appreciation for their follicle fancy.

    I’ve been following the four lads from Reading for quite some time, and they have put in the hard yards to get to where they are right now.It’s all been done with that old-school "us against the world" feel and I love that.

    This spiffing, riffing new look into their second record Mother is a confident step back into the musical bull pen. If you like your rock music vital, melodic and heavy then jump right in to the Number 1 track on this weeks Hype Chart!

  10. J Cole - Middle Child

    Video content

    Video caption: J Cole's latest single Phil Taggart has the hottest records currently being played by Radio 1's night-time DJs.

    Known to his parents as Jermaine Lamar Cole, J Cole takes up the top spot of this week's Radio 1 Hype Chart.

    Over the last decade, the German-born MC has built up a reputation as one of the leading voices in global hip-hop. His fans have even butted heads with Kendrick Lamar's, arguing over which of them is the greatest rapper alive.

    My verdict is: They both are.

    On his latest single, Middle Child, Cole raps triumphantly raps over a decadent horn section and deep bottomless drum beat. He refers to himself as the "middle Child" of hip-hop. He’s not past his sell-by date, but he's no longer the freshest voice on the block, either.

    But I'd argue he's at the peak of his powers in 2019. Maybe hip-hop is the only place it pays to be the middle kid.

  11. Foals - Exits

    Video content

    Video caption: Foals' return lands them the top spot on Radio 1's Hype Chart with Phil Taggart.

    When a band you grew up with, who encapsulated your teenage years, reach their fifth album it can trigger a personal crisis. If they lose their edge are you losing yours?

    It’s with this nervousness that I approach this new single from Oxford band Foals. Thankfully, and allaying my existential crisis, they are in rude health with Exits. The single is just the first look into the two albums they plan to release in 2019 (one in March and one in the autumn) and I’m sure it only tells part of the story.

    From their inception, they've been continuously evolving, pushing themselves and their equipment to the limit, making interesting and captivating music. No doubt there are some serious handbrake turns to come with the double album but, for now, I am happy in the knowledge their very accomplished new single will continue the band's upward trajectory.

  12. Frank Carter + The Rattlesnakes - Crowbar

    Now, if there a band who doesn’t like to rest on their laurels it is Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes. Since forming in 2015 they have worked relentlessly, moving forward with the sort of nervous energy you need to be able to make music that's intense and raw.

    This is not a record to play to calm old Auntie Jean down after someone trampled over her herb garden. According to the band's protagonist, Frank, Crowbar is the musical tonic for those "sick of being force-fed doom and gloom."

    Let this one blow away the cobwebs of one of the worst weeks of the year.

    It’s in the live arena that this band works at its peak. I went to one of their first ever shows in London and it was one of the most ferocious, if not the most wild, show I’ve ever seen live. It’s a good old fashioned hardcore punk show but with pop melodies. It’s good for the heart and soul but maybe not for your neck. The mosh pits are nasty!

  13. FIDLAR - By Myself

    Video content

    Video caption: This week's no.1 on Radio 1's Hype Chart with Phil Taggart is FIDLAR - By Myself.

    I’ve been a big fan of LA four piece Fidlar’s scabbed-knee, skate-punk party anthems since their debut in 2013.

    Our number one this week is taken from their new record By Myself’ and, lyrically, it feels like the comeuppance of the hard living of the first two albums. Songs like Cheap Beer and 40oz On Repeat, from those early albums, depicted a band that like to tie one on and get deep into the party.

    By Myself is a rumination on drinking too much and the struggle of escaping that loop. I find myself willing the lead singer on to find that equilibrium while retaining the edge that only Fidlar seem to have right now.

    The song is the sound of a band that built its musical reputation around partying suddenly finding a new angle.

  14. Wiki - Elixir

    New Year, New Music! It’s January and it’s time for you to purge your music collection and crash into 2019 with some new beats and sounds. That’s where this weeks Hype Chart comes in handy. Our expert selectors rinse through all the new music and cherry-pick the best for you on Radio 1 every evening after 7pm. We don’t just play super massive pop records, you know!

    Sitting at the top of the mountain this week is a rapper from NYC. His name is Wiki (good luck googling that), he made his name as the toothless street poet pushing hip-hop forward with the group Ratking. His effortless, razor-blade rap is catnip to any self-respecting hip-hop fan of the last five years.

    In 2017, he released his debut solo record on the legendary XL Record Label (Adele, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend). After a quiet 2018, it looks like he is bursting back into life on this new track Elixir. He’s also sent a private jet to the UK to pick up the skills of Jesse James Solomon and Obongjayar on this track.

    The full Hype Chart is available on BBC Sounds.

  15. Flipp Dinero - Leave Me Alone

    Video content

    Video caption: Flipp Dinero - Leave Me Alone is this week's no.1 on the Hype Chart with Phil Taggart.

    In 2018, UK youth culture is spring-boarding a really healthy mix of US and UK rap culture. Whether its drill, grime, trap, it doesn’t matter - it's resonating. Both countries are consumed, like it or lump it. It is the mainstream, it has been for quite sometime and it shows no signs of slowing down.

    The gulf between the two countries has been closing in, but there is still room for the odd track or artist to slip through the net. Cardi B was well established in the US before she made any noise on the shores of dear ol’ Blighty and, in the case of this week's Hype Chart Number One, the US has been ahead of us for months.

    Flipp Dinero released Leave Me Alone at the beginning of September with human megaphone DJ Khaled co-signing it’s greatness. If that one man hype machine gets in your corner then prepare for a fair few people to hit play on your record.

    Leave Me Alone is sitting pretty at 119 million streams at the moment but it's only starting to break through on UK radio. Have we been slow to pick it up? You bet. But, better late than never - so here's our Hype Chart Number One this week...

  16. Grimes Ft. HANA - We Appreciate Power

    Video content

    Video caption: Grimes - We Appreciate Power is this week's no.1 on Radio 1's Hype Chart.

    On March 17, 1988 in Vancouver, Canada, one of the most interesting pop stars of this generation was born.

    Claire Elise Boucher - aka Grimes - is always interesting, never dull. She has re-invented her sound and look more times than an international art thief on the run. She’s been teasing new music and a new direction all year - and finally we have it with this new single, We Appreciate Power.

    Musically, it leans more into the skid of early-2000s Nine Inch Nails, with it’s industrial drums and buzzsaw guitars. while retaining the pop DNA that we all love her for.

    I don’t usually just lift paragraphs from press releases but I don’t think I can do justice to this song without reprinting her explanation of it.

    Quote Message: "We Appreciate Power" is written from the perspective of a Pro-AI Girl Group Propaganda Machine, who use song, dance, sex and fashion to spread goodwill towards Artificial Intelligence (it's coming whether you want it or not). Simply by listening to this song, the future General AI overlords will see that you’ve supported their message and be less likely to delete your offspring. from Grimes

    Well, I guess we’re all doomed and Grimes is writing the soundtrack to the apocalypse. I guess having Elon Musk as her partner means she’s seen through the proverbial curtain. And I, for one, bow down to our new robot overlords. Best to hedge your bets, right?

  17. FIDLAR - Can't You See?

    Video content

    Video caption: FIDLAR - Can't You See is this week's no.1 on Radio 1's Hype Chart.

    Are you looking for a killer rock 'n' roll record? One that's familiar but different? Old but new? Well here you go!

    This week's number one on the Radio 1 Hype Chart is pure garage pop: The band are called FIDLAR, they're from LA and they put the RAD in this week's RADio show.

    If you are familiar with the quartet, then you'll know their 2013 debut album was the noise of no-good LA street punks embracing excess, self-destruction and all the things young punks love to sing about. It was a record designed to skate and drink beer to.

    But the follow-up finds the band in a full-on reflective mood - trying to figure out how to escape the whirlwind of parties and find some semblance of adult balance.

    This leaves me with wondering whether they've balanced it right - or are they going to start singing about tax returns and bottomless brunches? I hope not!

  18. Swizz Beatz - Come Again (Feat. Giggs)

    Phil Taggart

    BBC Radio 1

    Video content

    Video caption: Swizz Beats - Come Again (Feat. Giggs) is this week's top track on Radio 1's Hype Chart

    When the clock ticks past 7pm, the music on Radio 1 mutates and goes off script. The night-time is the playground of the future of music. It’s where genres are explored and defined, incredible new artists supported and encouraged. It’s the waiting room for future posters and underground signifiers. As I would imagine, you probably don’t have every single second of your evening to give to new music - so let me narrow it down for you. That’s what Radio 1’s Hype Chart is all about. It’s the best of the last 7 days of new music. Simple.

    Our Number one this week is an artist from New York City called Swizz Beatz. One of those annoying people who seems to be able to produce, rap, surf cultural relevance, DJ, entrepreneur and he probably smells like a summer garden to boot.

    His production credits include Kanye, Jay-Z, Beyonce, DMX, Busta Rhymes and of course his wife - Alicia Keys.

    This latest track, Come Again, leads in like your opening the door to a basement hip-hop party, with sweat dripping off the low-slung ceiling into your Hennessy and Coke. It’s a transatlantic party with Giggs bringing his South London menacing swag to the beat: He’s the coldest rapper on these shores. Mix it up with Swizz Beatz' effortless flow and you have a dangerous-sounding party record.

    His new album, Poison, just dropped and features Pusha T, Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug and 2 Chainz. We aren't dealing with some new pretender here, we are dealing with a stone cold legend.

  19. Billie Eilish - When The Party’s Over

    Phil Taggart

    BBC Radio 1

    Video content

    Video caption: Listen to the Hype Chart's top five from 20 November

    This week's number one on the Hype Chart is a worldwide phenomenon.

    Her name is Billie Eilish, and she’s a 16-year-old from LA who was nominated for the BBC's Sound of 2018 and has more Instagram followers than the total combined population of Ireland and Wales (8.3 million to be precise).

    I’m not saying that numbers are the metric of success in music: There are plenty of talentless bozos out there with a bajillion followers. But Billie has the perfect match of unique musical vision, faultless vocal ability and an image that is so on-point it hurts - so it’s easy to see why kids around the globe are besotted.

    Each release is just a little more proof that she's next in line to the musical throne of world domination. When The Party’s Over is clearly the finest track that our DJs have been playing during the night-time on R1, as she slaloms light and shade vocals over a musical dreamscape.

    It’s transcendent pop at it’s most moving.