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  1. Many stars wore black in solidarity with Time's Up and Me Too
  2. Three Billboards is the night's big winner - picking up five prizes in total
  3. Frances McDormand and Gary Oldman among the acting winners
  4. Joanna Lumley hosted for the first time, taking over from Stephen Fry

Live Reporting

By Steven McIntosh, Annabel Rackham and Ian Youngs

All times stated are UK

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  1. Thanks for joining us

    Allison Janney
    Image caption: Can Allison Janney repeat her success at the Oscars?

    Well, that's it from the Baftas tonight and indeed this year - thanks for your company.

    That may be another film awards ceremony out of the way, but we've still got the culmination of awards season to look forward to next month, with the Oscars taking place on Sunday 4 March.

    Hope you can join us then.

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  2. Let the after party begin...

    Enjoyable as tonight's ceremony might have been, many of tonight's stars are now likely to be in the mood to let their hair down having been sat down without a break for the last few hours.

    Sure enough, plenty of them are already showing up at the after party.

    At this point in the night we would most likely be asking for directions for the bar - but some of the stars have stopped to pose for photos (or show off their trophies):

    Timothée Chalamet
    Image caption: Timothée Chalamet
    Martin McDonagh
    Image caption: Martin McDonagh
    Allison Janney
    Image caption: Allison Janney
    Lupita Nyong'o
    Image caption: Lupita Nyong'o
    Gary Oldman
    Image caption: Gary Oldman
  3. The Baftas: Your reaction

    As the ceremony draws to a close on BBC One - here's what a few of you have been saying about some of the winners on Twitter.

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    Even Stormzy was swept up in the events of the night...

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  4. Guillermo Del Toro - 'The central message is to embrace the other'

    Guillermo del Toro
    Image caption: Guillermo del Toro

    Fresh off the stage - Guillermo del Toro answered some questions from the press.

    On winning best director for The Shape of Water, he said:

    Quote Message: "As a director it means a lot to be receiving an award from your peers, the true beauty of the craft is being understood by your peers."

    He said the message behind The Shape of Water, which sees lead Sally Hawkins fall in love with an amphibian creature, is about "embracing the other".

    "The central message is to embrace the other, we are fed to be scared of someone's country of origin, their skin.

    "There is no them, there is only us and let's try love rather than induced fear."

    The Mexican film maker also paid tribute to his native Latin America and said he was "proud" of where he came from.

    "Your roots make you who you are, embrace them with great pride."

    Del Toro was notably not wearing a Times Up badge, but qualified it was down to "jetlag and lateness".

    "I try and write powerful parts for actresses that are not the usual way," he said of his contribution in directing women in his films.

  5. The stars who did (and didn't) wear black

    Angelina Jolie, Octavia Spencer and Jennifer Lawrence

    Guests at the Bafta Film Awards united in support of the Time's Up and Me Too campaigns by wearing black to the ceremony in London.

    Some stars, like Angelina Jolie, were accompanied by rights and equality campaigners.

    Many attendees also wore Time's Up badges - all in reference to a push for greater respect and equality since the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal.

    The Duchess of Cambridge wore a dark green dress with a black ribbon belt.

    Bethan Holt, fashion news and features director at The Telegraph, told BBC News:

    Quote Message: "The Royal Family very rarely get involved in political messaging, so perhaps it's not such a surprise that she didn't join in with the rest of the women and wear black tonight."
    The cast of Three Billboards

    Frances McDormand also didn't wear black - something she referred to in her speech: "As Martin [McDonagh] said, I have a little trouble with compliance [gestures to her dress]. But I want you to know I stand in full solidarity with my sisters tonight in black."

  6. Highlights from the red carpet

    Video content

    Video caption: Baftas: What the stars were talking about on the red carpet
  7. How did Joanna Lumley do?

    Joanna Lumley

    Very well, most people seem to think.

    It was Lumley's first year as host - she took over from Stephen Fry, who has fronted the ceremony 12 times in total.

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    She kept things light and started the evening with a humorous opening montage in which she made calls to various Hollywood stars to tell them she was hosting this year's ceremony.

    Her phone calls were interspersed with clips from some of the nominated films - so it appeared she was speaking to stars such as Hugh Grant and Woody Harrelson.

    "This ceremony is not just about the famous people... but let's take a look at the famous people here tonight," she said in her opening monologue, pointing out some of the big British nominees tonight - including Gary Oldman, Daniel Kaluuya and Sally Hawkins.

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    Referring to Grant's performance in Paddington 2, she joked: "Quite how Hugh managed to portray a vain actor is beyond me, it was remarkable stuff."

    Rounding up, she said: "In one sense, you're all winners tonight. But in another sense, if you believe that, you'll believe anything.

    Her hosting seemed to go down well on social media. We wouldn't be surprised if she was asked to return to the Baftas.

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    Not everybody was convinced, however:

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  8. Allison Janney - TV has the best opportunities for women

    Allison Janney

    Allison Janney won best supporting actress for her role as LaVona Golden in I, Tonya.

    Speaking in the press room, she commented on her versatility as an actress and said she approaches whatever role, whether film or TV, in the same way:

    Quote Message: I think of every role as neither comedy or drama, I look for the truth in the imaginary circumstances and the messier the role the better! I loved being in The West Wing because it was both funny and dramatic.
    Quote Message: The West Wing was an extraordinary moment for me and a game changer, but everything that's happened to me is because of being in the theatre.

    Speaking of playing LaVona, who is Tonya Harding's mother, she said:

    Quote Message: I loved doing this crazy part and finding her humanity, that's what I try and do in all roles.

    She also talked about how film actresses are now coming over to the small screen.

    Quote Message: Now there are more roles for women than ever, like Reese Witherspoon doing Big Little Lies. So many women are coming to TV because there are better opportunities.
  9. Sam Rockwell - Three Billboards 'one of the greatest parts I've ever had'

    Sam Rockwell

    Supporting actor winner Sam Rockwell had lots of praise for Three Billboards backstage.

    "It was challenging but also a lot of fun to do, [my character] Dixon has a lot of work to do even at the end of the movie, he's not quite done but it's challenging because of the transformations.

    "This is one of the greatest parts I've ever had and comparable to what I've done on stage. Martin [McDonagh, director] made this part for me."

    Rockwell also had something to say on Times Up, pointing to the pin badge he had chosen to wear and also paying tribute to the film's leading actress, Frances McDormand.

    Quote Message: It's important to represent this movement and try and listen to people if they want to be heard and it's respectful and I have a lot of amazing women in my life.
  10. And the winners are...

    That's the ceremony over for the night - if you want to recap on the winners, the full list is here.

    Three Billboards now has five Baftas, The Shape of Water has three and Darkest Hour has two.

    But, it has to be said, in terms of the winners, it was all extremely predictable. Before the show started, I printed out the bookies' odds for the main seven awards (acting, best film, best British film and director) and the favourites won in every category.

  11. Fellowship

    And so we come to the final award of the night - the Bafta fellowship.

    The Duke of Cambridge, who has been the president of Bafta, takes to the stage to introduce Kenneth Branagh - who in turn introduces the recipient of this year's fellowship: Ridley Scott.

    "I wonder if the real reason behind the award is 'better give him something before it's too late,'" the director laughs.

  12. Best film WINNER

    Three Billboards

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    That's five awards for Three Billboards - officially the most of any film tonight.

    Writer and director Martin McDonagh summed up the mood of both the film and the night in his acceptance speech:

    Quote Message: Our film is a hopeful one in lots of ways but it’s also an angry one, and as we’ve seen this year, sometimes anger is the only way to get people to listen and to change, so we’re thrilled that Bafta has recognised this.
  13. Best director WINNER

    The Shape Of Water - Guillermo Del Toro

    The director pays tribute to "the miracle that is Sally Hawkins", who plays the lead role in the film. As it's the Baftas, he also takes the opportunity to pay tribute to a major figure in British literary history:

    Quote Message: The most important figure from English legacy for me is a teenager by the name of Mary Shelley. She has remained a figure as important in my life as if it was family. And so many times, when I think about giving up, when people tell me the movies I'm dreaming of are impossible, I think of her.
  14. Leading actress WINNER

    Frances McDormand

    Frances McDormand for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

    "Thank you British film people," the actress says as she takes to the stage.

    She makes reference right at the beginning of her speech to her decision not to wear black tonight, unlike many other stars who are doing so in support of the #MeToo movement.

    Quote Message: As Martin [McDonagh] said, I have a little trouble with compliance [gestures to her dress]. But I want you to know I stand in full solidarity with my sisters tonight in black. I also want to say that I appreciate a well-organised act of civil disobedience.

    She also made reference to the way political campaigners had taken the concept of the film and used it to help their causes - such as this week's stunt where three billboards demanding justice following the Grenfell Tower fire were driven through London.

    Read more: Grenfell Tower campaigners in 'Three Billboards' stunt

    Quote Message: I'm thrilled that activists all over the world have been inspired by the set decoration of Three Billboards in Martin's film and have taken to the streets and let it be a part of the positive public discourse that's happening.
    Quote Message: When I was a young actor in drama school, I was told I was not naturally gifted and that I'd have to work at it. And so, I did. Along the way, I was fortunate to collaborate with film-makers who started writing roles with me in mind. And I'm deeply grateful to them for helping me realise my hidden potential.
  15. Best leading actor WINNER

    Gary Oldman

    Gary Oldman - Darkest Hour

    Not, as Salma Hayek initially joked, Frances McDormand.

    He said the Bafta was a "tremendous honour", and used his acceptance speech to pay tribute to his ex-wife Lesley Manville, who was nominated for best supporting actress.

    Quote Message: I salute my fellow nominees for your beautiful work, and Lesley too.

    Oldman reserved his greatest thanks for Winston Churchill, who he played in the film.

    Quote Message: In those dark, uncertain days in 1940, he held the line for honour, for integrity and freedom for his nation and the world, so I thank you Sir Winston.
  16. Salma Hayek presents best leading actor

    "In this very important and historical year for women, I am here on this legendary stage to celebrate men," she says, introducing the nominees.

  17. Cinematography WINNER

    Blade Runner 2049 - Roger Deakins

  18. Three Billboards' Martin McDonagh - 'I try and write strong female parts'

    Three Billboards
    Image caption: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri won Best British film

    Director Martin McDonagh used his time in the Baftas press room to pay tribute to the Times Up movement.

    He said: "Apart from making our sets safe for females, I try and write strong female parts.

    "That's what we done with this film with Frances [McDormand] and I'm pleased this performance is out this year, its a great statement for Me Too and Time's Up and we're proud of that aspect and having our part."

    On winning the award for Best British film, he said "it could have gone to anyone".

    "Our film was quite American and expensive, but it's great and shows the British film industry is in great shape, Darkest Hour and Paddington 2 made a lot of money too!"

  19. Original screenplay WINNER

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Martin McDonagh

    McDonagh thanks the film's leading lady Frances McDormand for a performance that’s “as unapologetic as it was fearsome”.

    That's three awards for Three Billboards.

  20. Best sound WINNER

    Dunkirk - Richard King, Gregg Landaker, Gary A. Rizzo, Mark Weingarten