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  1. That's all folks!

    And with that we shall draw things to a close. We'll leave you with a couple of fun Star Wars things since it's the topic on everyone's lips today.

    First up, some clever people have mapped the 176,632 people who stated their religion as "Jedi Knight" in the latest census across England and Wales.

    Those that live in the Leeds local authority have the most Jedi with 2,821 living amongst them, followed by Brighton and Hove with 2,636.

    Check out how many Jedi live in your local area.

    Map of Jedi

    And finally, on today's Daily Politics the big debate on the show was if Star Wars was left-wing or right-wing.

    Is Jeremy Corbyn Obi-Wan Kenobi? Is Al Gore Jabba the Hutt? Are Han Solo and Luke Skywalker white van men who vote for UKIP? 

    Watch and see what they concluded below.

    Video content

    Video caption: Guests discuss the politics of the films
  2. Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts trailer - first look

    As Harry Potter fans out there will already know, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be released in 2016. 

    And.... drum roll.... it's time to check out the first trailer!

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  3. Madonna responds to late jibes

    Madonna has now responded on Instagram to criticism over her Manchester show's late start last night:

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    She said:

    Quote Message: FACTS: It's good to have them before you jump to conclusions! The entire video for my show crashed as I arrived for the soundcheck. The back-up file was corrupt. We had no choice but to reboot and pray for a good outcome. The video lights 75% of my show. We can't play in the dark.
    Quote Message: We were rebooted and ready by 9:30 even though we planned to go on earlier. I had to make cuts in the show before show started. Dress You Up was one of them and my third guitar song. This still brought us past the 11:00 curfew! But we went on and the venue was kind enough to extend till 11:39!! It was their choice not mine to end the show!! Always want to finish. So we all missed the last 3 songs! And I'm sorry about that.
    Quote Message: And I thank all my Rebel Heart fans for understanding! We did our best! And we still had to pay a fine! That's life. PS you still got to see an amazing show. And only missed 12 minutes!! The ❤️#rebelhearttour goes on.
  4. Stars walk The Force Awakens red carpet

    Fans, stars and droids gathered for the long-awaited world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Los Angeles.  

    Here's a few snaps of who walked the red carpet.

    Droids and Lupita Nyong'o

    C-3PO, R2-D2 and Lupita Nyong'o

    John Boyega

    John Boyega

    Daisy Ridley and Domnall Gleeson

    Daisy Ridley and Domhnall Gleeson

    George Lucas and JJ Abrams

    Original Star Wars director George Lucas and The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams.

    See more pictures from the premiere in our picture gallery.

  5. War of the Worlds to invade TV

    HG Wells

    Poldark producer Mammoth Screen is developing an adaptation of The War Of The Worlds, according to Broadcast magazine.

    Mammoth is working with Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and Doctor Who writer Peter Harness to create the mini-series.

    Mammoth hopes to go into production on the series in early 2017, after the copyright for the novel expires in December 2016.

    It will be the first time War Of The Worlds has been adapted for UK television.

    The sci-fi story about martians invading earth was first published in 1898.

    Mammoth managing director Damien Timmer said: "The story of a Martian invasion as experienced in Victorian Surrey is a masterpiece. We want this new adaptation to reaffirm H G Wells’ position as one of this country’s most important writers.”

    Read the full story (subscription site)

  6. Carol leads London Critics' Circle film nominations


    Romantic drama Carol leads the field at the London Critics' Circle Film Awards, having received seven nominations from the UK's film reviewers.

    Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara are both up for actress of the year, while Todd Haynes' film is also one of 10 titles up for the film of the year award.

    Tom Hardy has three nominations that recognise his roles in The Revenant, Legend and his whole body of 2015 work.

    Sir Kenneth Branagh will get a special award at the ceremony on 17 January.

    Read more.

  7. Korean girl group 'had wrong visas'

    Oh My Girl

    Last week, we told you about a girl group from South Korea who said they had been refused entry to the US because customs officials thought they were sex workers. 

    Oh My Girl were held at Los Angeles LAX airport for 15 hours and later flew back to South Korea.

    The eight members were travelling to America for an album cover shoot, but the LA Times spoke to an unnamed customs official who said the group were denied entry because they did not have the correct working visas.

    Read the full story.

  8. The life of a Star Wars bit part actor

    Ian Youngs

    Entertainment and Arts Reporter, BBC News

    Nick Joseph

    Almost every weekend, somewhere in the world, Star Wars fans don Jedi robes or put their hair in buns to head to a sci-fi convention.

    As well as allowing devotees to indulge in their love of everything Star Wars, it also means jobbing actors who had parts in the original films are now more famous than ever among fans.

    At the recent For the Love of the Force convention in Manchester, some of them spoke about life on the booming convention circuit and how the enduring appeal of Star Wars has provided an unexpected new career.

    Read the full article.

  9. Madonna hits back at fans over lateness

    Madonna in concert in Zurich

    Madonna has hit back at fans who criticised her for going on stage an hour late at Manchester Arena last night.

    According to the Manchester Evening News, Madge explained her lateness to the crowd, saying: "The video crashed. We had no video and we had to wait until we could reboot. No selfish diva... reason. If you divas... want to keep complaining about it don't come to my show."

    Some fans had tweeted their frustration as they waited for her to appear:

    But some fans defended her after some news outlets reported that Madonna was booed off stage.

  10. Star Wars' Mark Hamill defends no autograph rule

    Mark Hamill

    Star Wars star Mark Hamill has explained why he won't sign autographs any more - saying he's fed up of seeing them for sale on auction sites.

    The star, who plays Luke Skywalker, was responding to a fan who asked him why he wouldn't sign any autographs at The Force Awakens premiere.

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    In response to another fan who suggested he personalise autographs by writing the fan's name, he said:

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  11. Radio 1's head of music joins Spotify

    BBC Newsbeat

    BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra's head of music has announced he's leaving the station to take up a new job at Spotify.

    George Ergatoudis will leave the BBC in March after a decade in the job.

    In his newly created role, he will be responsible for leading Spotify's in-house music curation strategy and content programming team for the UK.

    Read the full story.

  12. Car Share series two is 'already written'

    Peter Kay's BBC comedy Car Share is to return for a second series, according to the star.

    He told BBC Radio Wales' Eleri Sion he'd already written the episodes, but was waiting for "bright nights" next summer to film it.

    He said:

    Quote Message: Because we drive around a lot we need to shoot it in May/June. People say, 'Why don't you do a Christmas special?' The problem is it goes dark at half seven. You can't really drive around in the dark.

    Listen to the interview below.

    Video content

    Video caption: Peter Kay explains why filming the next series of Car Share may take some time ...

    But a BBC spokesman told us: "It’s too early to confirm details of a second series of Peter Kay’s Car Share.”

  13. Missing: Public works of art - can you help?

    Henry Moore's reclining figures

    Historic England - formerly called English Heritage - is calling on people to help track down missing works of public art.

    The new campaign has been launched 10 years to the day since a bronze Henry Moore figure was stolen from the grounds of his former estate.

    Reclining Figure was worth £3m but police believe it was probably melted down and sold for scrap metal for £1,500.  

    Other missing works include Barbara Hepworth's Two Forms (Divided Circle), which was stolen from Dulwich Park in south London in 2011.  

    Read the full story.

  14. John Humphrys first Star Wars experience

    BBC Radio 4

    The Today programme's John Humphrys watched Star Wars for the first time ahead of today's Force Awakens premiere. 

    It's fair to say he was distinctly underwhelmed.

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    He later said on Today:

    Quote Message: Not sure I see the point of it really, although having said that, any film that spawns a religion... has to have something about it. The question is whether we need six or seven or eight or 25 of them, God help us. I think I can live without.
  15. Anton Du Beke: Strictly fix 'impossible'

    Katie Derham and Anton Du Beke

    Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Anton Du Beke says it's "impossible" the show is fixed after some viewers claimed the programme was rigged to put him and his celebrity dance partner Katie Derham in the final.

    Sunday's results show saw Du Beke and Derham in the bottom two with Anita Rani and Gleb Savchenko, but the judges chose to vote off the latter pair despite the fact they received higher scores for their semi-final dances.

    Some viewers claimed the couple had been put through because the judges wanted to see Du Beke in the final for the first time in 11 years - after usually being eliminated early after being paired with hopeless dancers.

    Speaking on Chris Evans's Radio 2 breakfast show, Derham said:

    Quote Message: Chris, like you I've worked for the BBC for a very long time. That sort of stuff just doesn't, cannot, wouldn't happen. It can't! Too many people keeping an eye on all the Ts being crossed and the Is being dotted. And also, can I just say, how can it be fixed when it's mostly the public voting?

    Du Beke added: 

    Quote Message: Forget it! Forget it! It's impossible! The dance-off is judged on the dance that you put in front of the judges. That's the moment when they've got to go, actually I prefer that to that. And the dance-off went well. There were no mistakes.

    Read more on this story.

  16. Johnny Depp's wife to face trial over 'dog smuggling'

    Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp's wife Amber Heard will face a court trial on 18 April 2016 in Queensland, Australia, for allegedly smuggling her two dogs into the country.

    The actress came under fire earlier this year for failing to declare Pistol and Boo, the couple's Yorkshire terriers, to authorities on their arrival in Brisbane.

    Under strict Australian laws designed to keep disease at bay, dogs entering from the US must be declared and have to spend 10 days in quarantine.  

    Penalties range from a hefty fine to more than 10 years in prison.

    Read more on this story.

  17. Fans react after watching The Force Awakens

    Many fans queued for days to be the first to see the latest Star Wars film in Los Angeles. 

    We spoke to some of them to get their first reaction after watching it.

    Video content

    Video caption: Fans react after seeing The Force Awakens
  18. Kids' Gogglebox gets its own series

    Kids taking part in Gogglesprogs

    Channel 4 has commissioned a full series of their Gogglebox spin-off, Gogglesprogs.

    The children's special was first announced as a Christmas Day one-off, but now bosses have ordered a six-part series to run next year.

    Ten sets of kids will be giving their verdict on shows like The Great British Bake Off and Growing Up Wild.

    Gogglesprogs will air on Channel 4 at 20:00 GMT on Christmas Day, with a six-part series to follow in 2016. 

  19. On the red carpet in LA

    Lizo Mzimba

    Entertainment correspondent

    Star Wars fans, many in costume, camped out for days for the chance to see the stars on the red carpet for what is probably the most eagerly awaited film of the decade.

    The size and scale are a reflection of the enduring popularity of this sci-fi saga, and of the anticipation surrounding this latest instalment.

    The red carpet here is around half a mile long, under a huge marquee which stretches the length of four blocks of Hollywood Boulevard.

    The world premiere itself has taken over three different cinemas, and 4,000 guests are expected. Security has been tight with everyone entering the area around the event subject to bag searches and metal detectors.

    There is a huge degree of excitement surrounding what is rivalling the Oscars as the film event of the year.

    Disney, the studio behind the film, is hoping this will all give this new Star Wars movie a stellar launch. They paid more than $4bn (£2.6bn) for the rights to the franchise. Anticipation for the film has been huge, and in October some cinema websites collapsed under the weight of demand for tickets.