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  1. The Interview bombs at UK box office
  2. BBC addresses Stephen Fry Bafta complaints
  3. Spider-Man Marvel reaction

Live Reporting

By Genevieve Hassan and Mark Savage

All times stated are UK

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  1. That's all folks!

    Genevieve Hassan

    Entertainment reporter

    That's all we've got time for today - thanks for joining us. Come back tomorrow morning for all the top entertainment news and updates.

    In the meantime, keep tweeting @BBCNewsEnts your #replaceamovietitlewithgoat suggestions!

  2. Goat film titles - Your views

    Tweet @BBCNewsEnts

    A few more replace-a-word-in-a-film-title-with-the-word-goat suggestions before we leave you for the day.

    Martyn Powell: "12 Angry Goats."

    Al Welch: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Goats, Pin-goat-cchio."

    And best of the rest...

    HuffPostEnt: "How To Lose A Goat In 10 Days."

    Ed Brody: "The Goats Who Stare At Goats."

    Lincoln Park: "Three Amigoats."

  3. The Royal Ballet - Make-up class


    Royal Ballet tweet

    See the pictures.

  4. An artist's palette

    Nick Smith's Mona Lisa

    Pixel art isn't particularly new - Salvador Dali was at it in 1976, painting a picture that, from a distance, appeared to be Abraham Lincoln - but turned out to be a nude of his wife when you got closer up.

    But we like this take on the technique, from artist Nick Smith, who's been recreating old masters using Pantone paint swatches.

    His works are currently featured at the Psycolourgy exhibition, held at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London until 21 February.

    Nick Smith's Monroe
  5. Bafta complaints

    Stephen Fry and a Bafta

    The BBC has issued a statement in response to viewers' complaints over Stephen Fry's language during Sunday's Bafta Awards.

    Fry made a number of risque jokes at the ceremony, and introduced film star Tom Cruise using a strong swear-word (we can't repeat it here).

    The BBC said the Baftas was "not a BBC event" and it had tried to "find a compromise" between presenting the events as they happened and "remaining within the expectations" of the audience.

    It continued: "Stephen, whose irreverence and style is extremely well-known to viewers, has presented the Baftas for several years. Any strong language was used after the watershed, and there was a presentation announcement at the start of the programme warning viewers that the broadcast would contain language of this nature.

    "We accept that some viewers disagreed with this approach, and this feedback has been noted."

  6. Spider-Man comes clean

    Andrew Garfield

    Were you disappointed by the last Spider-Man movie? If so, you're not alone. Spider-Man wasn't keen either.

    While digging into the details of Sony asking Marvel to help it reinvigorate the franchise, we came across this interview with Andrew Garfield, where he apparently suggests the studio destroyed The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

    "I read the script that Alex [Kurtzman] and Bob [Orci] wrote, and I genuinely loved it," he said.

    "There was this thread running through it. I think what happened was, through the pre-production, production, and post-production, when you have something that works as a whole, and then you start removing portions of it... then the thread is broken, and it's hard to go with the flow of the story.

    "Certain people at the studio had problems with certain parts of it, and ultimately the studio is the final say."

    Read the full interview here.

  7. Florence returns

    Florence and the Machine

    As predicted earlier on this page, Florence + The Machine have just unveiled their (her?) first new material since 2011's hit album, Ceremonials.

    The song, called How Big, How Blue, Beautiful is a sombre affair - largely orchestral, with a sole vocal line repeated over and over.

    It's more of a scene-setter than a single - but fans can watch the video on YouTube now.

  8. Did you know...?

    In honour of its 30th anniversary, the EastEnders team has put together a list of obscure facts about the BBC One soap.

    For example, did you know that living in Walford is more dangerous than being a bomb disposal expert? Or that Den, Angie and Sharon Watts were originally called Jack, Pearl and Tracey?

    You can see all those facts and more on the EastEnders website.

    BBC EastEnders graphic
  9. Loomin' Moomins

    Moomins on the Riviera

    Remember the Moomins? Turns out there's a new film about the large snouty creatures out in May.

    Moomins on the Riviera will follow Moomin, Snorkmaiden and Little My as they set sail for France, where Snorkmaiden will be "dazzled by the attentions of a playboy".

    As one of our colleagues quipped, the poster makes it look like a Wes Anderson film.

  10. Post update

    BBC Trending


    Spider-Man will soon be joining the likes of Iron Man and Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but will the man underneath the mask be black or white?

    Some comic book fans say it is time for a different webslinger to take over - specifically Miles Morales who has an Hispanic and black background, and has featured in the comic books since 2011.

    Morales took over when Peter Parker died, and his looks were based on a combination of US President Barack Obama and actor Donald Glover.

    Read more on this story.

  11. Post update

    The Guardian

    Frank Gardner with cast of W1A

    The BBC's respected security correspondent Frank Gardner is such a fan of BBC satire W1A that he has asked for a cameo role in the forthcoming second series.

    He wanted to follow in the footsteps of Clare Balding, Carol Vorderman and BBC creative director Alan Yentob, who all took part in last year's series, after seeing the cast filming in the BBC's central London headquarters, New Broadcasting House.

    This picture suggests his wish was granted.

    Read the full story.

  12. Goat film titles - Your views

    Tweet @BBCNewsEnts

    Thanks for your replace-a-word-in-a-film-title-with-the-word-goat suggestions.

    Alegria tweets: "Big Goat 6, American Goat, Kingsman: The Secret Goat."

    Neil Falkner: "The Goat the Bad and the Ugly."

    Jonathan Barnes: "Goat Carter / Goat Shorty."

    Tim Salt: "Jurassic Goat."

    Keep 'em coming!

  13. GoT exhibition

    Fans of Game of Thrones have been given a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the show at a new exhibition dedicated to the world of Westeros.

    More than 70 props and costumes from the fourth and fifth series are on display and visitors can even be filmed re-enacting some of the show's most shocking moments.

    John Bradley-West, who plays Samwell Tarly in the series, was on hand to open the exhibit at London's O2 Arena.

    Here he is with a group of fans who dressed up for the occasion, along with a few glimpses of what the show offers. But look away if you're a bit sensitive to slightly scary fantasy creations.

    Game of Thrones fans with John Bradley-West
    Game of Thrones exhibit
    Game of Thrones exhibit
    Game of Thrones exhibit
    Game of Thrones exhibit
  14. Robert Webb revives Bertie:

    6 Music BBC

    Robert Webb

    Comedian Robert Webb is talking about his decision to reprise the role of Bertie Wooster in the touring production of slapstick comedy Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense.

    "I arrogantly didn't pick up the script again and wandered into rehearsal," he said of his return to the role after a gap of nine months.

    The opening monologue will be etched into his memory "til the day I die," he added, while other sections of the script came back "weirdly".

    "I found myself walking over to the right bits of the stage through some sort of muscle memory."

    But he said the best bit of touring the UK's regional theatres was that they all have light bulbs around the mirrors "like the Muppet Show".

    If you race over to BBC 6 Music now, you'll be just in time to hear the second half of Webb's interview with Radcliffe and Maconie. Otherwise, it'll be on iPlayer later today.

  15. Interview bombs

    The Interview

    After all the controversy surrounding Seth Rogen and James Franco's The Interview, it failed to make much of a splash in UK box offices.

    Official figures show the film took just £282,811 in its opening weekend across 287 cinemas - an average £988.89 per venue.

    Big Hero 6 did the best business for a second week, taking £2.5m. The Shaun the Sheep Movie opened at three with £2.1m.

    Here's the top five:

    1. Big Hero 6 - £2.5m
    2. Kingsman: The Secret Service - £2.2m
    3. Shaun the Sheep Movie - £2.1m
    4. Jupiter Ascending - £1.3m
    5. American Sniper - £980,434
  16. In other news

    Here's some of the other news we've reported this morning.

    • Pablo Picasso's former electrician and his wife go on trial today in Paris, accused of having stolen 271 pieces of the artist's work. [Read more]
    • Rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight is to stay in jail for six more weeks after his bail hearing was postponed. [Read more]
    • Brandi Carlile has been categorised as a pop, rock, country and folk artist, since releasing her debut album in 2005. Ten years later she hopes she's captured the raw, reckless and powerful sound of true rock and roll. [Read more]
  17. All about the goat

    Every so often, Twitter goes crazy after one person suggests a game where you replace one word in film titles with a funnier word. This time around, it's the word "goat".

    Here are some of the funnier suggestions that have come through on #replaceamovietitlewithgoat.

    • Fifty Shades of Goat
    • The Goatbook
    • Crazy, Stupid, Goat
    • How to Train Your Goat
    • White Goats Can't Jump
    • Goat, Interrupted
    • So I Married a Goat Murderer
    • Dude, Where's My Goat?
    • Goatbusters - I ain't 'friad of no goat

    Can you do better? Tweet @BBCNewsEnts and offer us your suggestions.

  18. Vic and Bob to tour?

    Time Out

    Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer

    It's 25 years since Vic Reeves Big Night Out introduced the world to the surreal comedy of Reeves and Mortimer.

    Although they appear to have been unaware of the anniversary, they told Time Out they were planning to hit the road this year for the first time since 1998's Shooting Stars Live shows in London.

    "We'll probably do a tour this year," says Mortimer. "I think we'll dip our feet in the water, and see if people are still interested."

    The duo last planned a live show in 2011 but "it ended up costing too much," Reeves said.

    Read the full interview.

  19. More Jacqueline Wilson novels

    The Bookseller

    Jacqueline Wilson

    Tracy Beaker author Jacqueline Wilson is to publish two new novels this year, including a contemporary re-imagining of the classic Victorian novel What Katy Did.

    But first comes The Butterfly Club - Wilson's 101st book - about a triplet who lives in the shadows of her two sisters.

    Read more on this story.

  20. Village People trial:


    Village People

    Hands up. Who wrote YMCA? That's the question being asked at a trial in the US this week.

    Village person Victor Willis (he's the cop in the photo above) has long contended he co-wrote the disco classic, along with other hits like In The Navy.

    In 2012, he won a court ruling that gave him a share of copyright in the songs. Now he is suing again, in an attempt to increase his share of the royalties.

    Among the people he'll be calling to the stand this week is his ex-wife, Phylicia Rashad, who is famous for playing Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

    Read the full story.

  21. Charli XCX coming soon


    BBC Radio 1

    Charli XCX and Fearne Cotton

    "The fantastic @charli_xcx will be in the Live Lounge at midday covering @taylorswift13. We are very excited for this."

  22. Madonna's new songs:

    Official Charts Company


    Madonna has unveiled three more songs from her upcoming album Rebel Heart overnight.

    Hold Tight, Joan of Arc and Iconic are the latest tracks to be unveiled after Madge rush-released several songs in December in response to the demos leaking.

    Read the full story and listen to the songs.

  23. Post update

    BBC Breakfast

    Colin Paterson and Julianne Moore

    Fresh from her Bafta win, Julianne Moore is on track to win an Oscar for her part in Still Alice.

    The actress spoke to entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson about researching Alzheimer's for the role, as well as her British passport and airport queues.

    Watch the interview.

  24. Spider-Man swings to Marvel

    Marvel heroes

    In a move that will delight comic book fans, Sony and Disney have agreed to share custody of Spider-Man.

    It means the web-slinging superhero could appear in a future Marvel films like Iron Man, Thor or Avengers.

    But the deal could spell the end for Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.

    Read more on this story.

  25. Florence reboots her machine

    Florence + The Machine has just updated the profile picture on her Facebook page to this mysterious image...

    Florence and The Machine

    Presumably, that means some new music is imminent...

    The NME reports Florence played her new album in full at a private party last night - with song titles including Ship To Wreck, What A Man and Delilah (please let that be a Tom Jones cover).

    Watch this space...

  26. Red Nose Day statues

    Miranda Hart

    Comic Miranda Hart has unveiled a collection of "statues" honouring some of Comic Relief's best loved comedians and comedy characters.

    Dawn French, David Walliams, Billy Connolly, John Bishop and Lenny Henry - along with Alan Partridge, Del Boy, Mr Bean, Ab Fab's Edina and Patsy, and Miranda herself have been immortalised.

    The statues are mobile donation stations featuring nifty technology which, when a credit or debit card is tapped against them, will automatically donate £1 to Comic Relief.

    They'll be popping up in shopping centres around the UK from Thursday. More info is on the Comic Relief website.

  27. Anna Kendrick - Oscar surprise


    Anan Kendrick

    "Excited to announce @TheAcademy has invited me to be part of a special performance at the #Oscars on Feb. 22nd!"

    I don't know about you, but I'd rather that she did the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect than one of her numbers from Sondheim's Into The Woods.


    Elf the musical

    If you're a fan of the 2003 Will Ferrell film Elf, then you might want to check out the musical stage adaptation.

    After runs in Plymouth and Dublin, Elf the Musical is transferring to the West End for a 10-week run in October.

    Still telling the story of Buddy - a young orphan who grows up in the North Pole as one of Santa's helpers and travels to New York to find his real dad - it features some toe-tapping tunes to get you in the festive spirit.

    Casting for the Dominion Theatre show has yet to be announced (the above pic is of the Plymouth production) - fingers crossed Will Ferrell will make a cameo!

  29. Pharrell too casual?

    Anthony Zurcher

    Editor, Echo Chambers

    Pharrell WIlliams

    Another year, another round of discussion over the wardrobe choices of pop musician Pharrell Williams at the Grammys.

    In 2014 it was the hat that generated the heat. Where did he get it? Was he hiding something underneath its prodigious aperture?

    On Sunday, however, the musician returned to what can only be called a style crusade for him - the shorts-suit. Early reaction from the celebrity-fashion world ranged from quiet acceptance to disappointed tut-tutting.

    Read more on this story.

  30. Overnight ratings


    Broadchurch's viewing figures have bounced back after falling for the past few weeks.

    An average 5.9 million (not including ITV1+1 audiences) tuned in for the latest episode - 1.1 million more than last week. The rise could possibly be because BBC One's Silent Witness, which had been drawing more viewers, has ended.

    An old episode of New Tricks was put in 21:00 slot on BBC One last night, attracting 3.2 million.

  31. NME gods

    Brett Anderson

    Did you guess? Suede are NME's Godlike Geniuses.

    The band will also perform at the London ceremony after collecting their award.

    "It's wonderful to be recognised, and it's great for us having been through lots of ups and downs in our career," frontman Brett Anderson said. "It's been a real rollercoaster ride of extreme highs and lows, so to be honoured in this way 25 years after we got together is lovely, really."

    Suede join the likes of The Clash, The Cure, Paul Weller, Dave Grohl and Blondie, who have all previously been bestowed with the honour.

  32. Guess who?

    Guess who

    Music mag NME has revealed who it will be honouring with its Godlike Genius prize at next week's NME Awards.

    This year it's going to a band who the NME described as finding "romance in squalor and beauty in self-destructive hedonism".

    Who could that be? Here's another clue:

    "[They] fundamentally altered the course of alternative music in the '90s, tying disparate strands of influence into one definitive British sound."

    Answers on a postcard please - but not really, we'll tell you the answer in five minutes...

  33. Grammy ratings

    Despite Kanye's antics, the Grammys pulled in its smallest TV audience since 2009 with 25.3 million people watching - down by more than three million on last year's show.

    But the ceremony still beat the number of people who tuned in to watch last month's Golden Globes by six million viewers.

    Read more on this story.

  34. Mason rants on

    Kanye West, Beck and Shirley Manson

    Garbage singer Shirley Manson has criticised Kanye West for his stage invasion at Sunday's Grammy Awards.

    West was protesting at Beck's victory in the album of the year category - as he felt Beyonce deserved to win instead.

    Writing on her Facebook page, Manson called West "small, petty and spoilt".

    "In attempting to reduce the importance of one great talent over another, you make a mockery of all musicians and music from every genre, including your own," she added.

    "Grow up and stop throwing your toys around. PS I am pretty certain Beyonce doesn't need you fighting any battles on her account. Seems like she's got everything covered perfectly well on her own."


  35. Get involved:

    Tweet @BBCNewsEnts or email

    Mark Savage

    Entertainment reporter

    Get in touch and let us know what you think of today's news. What do you think of Kanye's outburst at the Grammys? Who are you tipping for Oscar success after the Baftas? Email or tweet us.

  36. Good morning!

    Genevieve Hassan

    Entertainment reporter

    They may have happened on Sunday, but everyone is still talking about the Baftas and the Grammys. Stick with us as we bring you more updates on the events, plus the rest of the news from the world of entertainment and arts.