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  1. Boyhood wins three awards including best drama film
  2. Birdman and The Theory of Everything collect two awards each
  3. British stars Eddie Redmayne, Joanne Froggatt and Ruth Wilson win prizes

Live Reporting

By Genevieve Hassan and Lorna Blount

All times stated are UK

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  1. That's all folks!

    Genevieve Hassan

    Entertainment reporter, BBC News

    That draws an end to our coverage of the awards, thanks for joining us. While the winners party away, the losers can take comfort in George Clooney's words: "If you are in this room, it ain't losing."

    Well done to British winners Eddie Redmayne, Joanne Froggatt and Ruth Wilson, and bad luck to the other Brits who lost out. Maybe Eddie's win is an indicator for Oscar success? We'll find out the Academy Award nominations later this week.

    • You can read our story on the night's event here
    • Take a look at all the best pictures from the red carpet and ceremony here
    • You can also see the full list of winners here
  2. Winner's circle

    Richard Linklater and the cast of Boyhood

    Richard Linklater and the cast of Boyhood proudly display their three awards in the press room.

  3. Jared Leto's hair

    Jared Leto
    Jared Leto

    Jared Leto proudly shows off his man braid to the cameras. The actor's hair has been causing quite a mixed reaction on social media. We think your locks look smart Jared...

  4. Post update

    Jason Korsner

    BBC News, at the ceremony

    At the NBC Universal after party, The Theory of Everything's Felicity Jones said she'd been petrified ahead of her category being announced. She didn't win, but she's delighted that at the upcoming Baftas, at least she won't be an awards first timer. She also praised awards ceremonies for making sure people get to see smaller films.

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    Mark Bowerman tweets: "Is it a coincidence Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne both won #GoldenGlobes on International #KissaGingerDay? Superb choice."

    Gwen_Doll tweets: "For an awards show that usually keeps it pretty light, the #GoldenGlobes kept it pretty real this year. Great speeches, authentic moments"

    UmiToni tweets: "Well earned @BBCNewsEnts: Best actor in a film drama - Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything."

    Science-Geek tweets about Eddie Redmayne's win: "Yep, it's official. The Golden Globes screwed up."

    Kerry Burak tweets about Eddie Redmayne: "I haven't seen the movie yet but so glad he won."

    Dingo tweets about Julianne Moore's win for Still Alice: "Saw this movie yesterday. well deserved!!!"

  6. Post update

    Via Twitter

    Jaime Gonzalez

    BBC Mundo, Los Angeles

    Ellar Coltrane

    "Shy shy shy Ellar Coltrane. Live from the press room."

  7. Reaction

    @Brynsandberg tweets "As you can see Theory of Everything's Eddie Redmayne is pretty excited about his trophy."

    Eddie Redmayne

    Buzzfeed tweets "Tina Fey And Her Tuxedo Win Best Dressed At The Golden Globes"

    Tina Fey

    The Verge tweets: "Boyhood wins best dramatic picture at the Golden Globes"

  8. Post update

    Via email

    Jason Korsner

    BBC News, at the ceremony

    Second standing ovation of the night goes to George Clooney, the recipient of the Cecil B DeMille award for his body of work, both on screen and off.

    He tells the HFPA president the show is "good fun" as he comes off stage, the latest of many speakers to invoke the "Je suis Charlie" slogan.

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    Well that's the ceremony wrapped up - we'll bring you more reaction until 05:00 GMT, but we want to know what you think of the victors. Did you predict the winner? Who do you think should have won. Get in touch and let us know.

  10. Party time

    Marc Anilton tweets this photo from the NBC Golden Globes after party.

    Golden Globes
  11. Get involved


    Steve from York emails referencing his earlier message:

    "I got my wish!"

  12. Post update

    Jason Korsner

    BBC News, at the ceremony

    It's interesting watching the faces change around the ballroom. At the start of the evening, the nominees look excited, nervous but hopeful. With most of the awards now handed out, the losing nominees look like they just want to go home. Unfortunately for them, they'll have to show their faces, smiling, at the after-parties later.

  13. Post update

    A popular winner, the film receives a standing ovation from the audience. Richard Linklater says as he's already given a speech, he passes the baton to producer Jonthan Sehring - who funded the 12 year project.

  14. Post update

    Best motion picture drama - Boyhood

  15. Post update

    This is the big one....

  16. Post update

    Eddie Redmayne

    One more for the Brits! With so many nominated, it was optimistic we'd win this one.

    A surprised Eddie Redmayne got to stage saying he had unsuccessfully stopped himself from fawning over the other actors in the room.

    He paid tribute to Professor Stephen Hawking - who he plays in the film - and his co-star Felicity Jones, who he called a "formidable actress who raised my game".

    Also referring to his new wife and having to cut short their honeymoon to come to the ceremony, he said: "I promised her sunshine - it wasn't so great today - but thanks for giving us a honeymoon we'll remember."

  17. Reaction

    Pret-a-Reporter tweets: "Congrats on your #GoldenGlobes win, Julianne Moore! You look stunning in your @Givenchy gown"

    Julianna Moore
  18. Post update

    Best actor in motion picture - drama - Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything

    The Theory of Everything
  19. Post update

    A giddy Julianne Moore collected her award. "Oh my goodness!" she exclaimed.

  20. Post update

    Best actress in motion picture - Julianne Moore, Still Alice

  21. Post update

    OK, the big three awards coming up - who's going to win?

  22. Post update

    Wes Anderson

    The Grand Budapest Hotel director Wes Anderson thanked a large number of HFPA members - by name - to great laughs from the audience.

  23. Post update

    Best motion picture comedy or musical - The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel
  24. Post update

    Michael Keaton

    Michael Keaton: "You have no idea what this means to me. I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for even having a comedy category. If I can carry that flag for only one night I'm proud to do so."

    The actor praised Birdman's director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, saying every actor would be wanting to work with him after the success of the film.

    In tears, Keaton also he paid tribute to "my best friend", his son, Sean.

  25. Interesting fact

    Variety magazine tweets: "10 of the 29 nominated film actors at this year's #GoldenGlobes are nominated for playing real people."

  26. Reaction

    @Greggyvp tweets: "Keaton was great, but am sad Ralph Fiennes (and Grand Budapest) are going to end up empty handed tonight."

  27. Post update

    Best actor in motion picture, comedy or musical - Michael Keaton, Birdman

    Michael Keaton
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    Ezequiel Aguilar tweets: "Richard Linklater beats out Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Even Linklater looks surprised."

  29. Post update

    Ruth Wilson

    Another British win!

    Ruth Wilson: "I'm very amazed," she said. The actress added when she was nominated previously and lost "it was more than a little disappointing" so was grateful to be recognised this time around.

    Referring to her co-star Dominic West, she said: "Dom, your arse is something of great beauty, don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

  30. Post update

    Best actress TV drama - Ruth Wilson, The Affair

  31. Post update

    Richard Linklater

    Richard Linklater: "I'm the guy holding this, but I feel like I'm representing a whole cast and crew who gave everything during this production."

  32. Post update

    Best director motion picture - Richard Linklater, Boyhood

    Scene from Boyhood
  33. More from George

    George Clooney

    After a lengthy video history of Gorgeous George's career, he took to the stage saying the awards were good because since the Sony hack, "it's a good opportunity to come together and apologise for all the snarky things we said to each other".

    He reassured the unlucky nominees who missed out on an award saying: "If you are in this room it ain't losing."

    Paying tribute to his new wife, he said: "It's humbling when you find someone to love - I couldn't be more proud to be your husband."

    Also commenting on Sunday's Charlie Hebdo marches, he added: "They didn't march in protest, they marched in support of we will not walk in fear."

  34. Reaction

    @charming_chels_ tweets a picture of Maggie Gyllenhaal being congratulated on her win by her brother Jake.

    Maggie Gyllenhaa
  35. Post update

    Kevin Spacey has been nominated eight times, but this is the first time he's won a Golden Globe.

    He paid tribute to his fellow cast members, saying "it's a joy to come to work with you every day". He added: "I just want to be better, but this is very encouraging."

  36. Post update

    Cecil B DeMille award - George Clooney

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    Sarah Wyatt tweets: "Would love to see Olive Kitteridge and Frances Macdormand win. Outstanding television."

  38. Post update

    Via email

    Jason Korsner

    BBC News, at the ceremony

    The stars and nominees sit on the first tier of the ballroom, here at the Beverly Hilton hotel. Many of them are accosted for photographs, or compliments, as they make their way to the bar...or even the loo.

    "You're amazing in everything you do," a woman just came and said to a polite Joaquin Phoenix. "Thank you," he smiled as he sloped off.

  39. Winners list

    Need to keep track of who's won so far? Here's our list of winners - still being updated as we go along.

  40. Photobomb

    Entertainment Weekly tweets: "Cumberbatch photo bomb!"

    Golden Globes
  41. Post update

    Best actor TV drama - Kevin Spacey, House of Cards

    Kevin Spacey
  42. Post update

    Jason Korsner

    BBC News, at the ceremony

    Shuffling around the dessert buffet is difficult to do without treading on dresses.

  43. Post update

    Best TV drama - The Affair

  44. Get involved


    Steve from York emails:

    Waiting up for some Boyhood wins please!

  45. Post update

    Via Twitter

    Jaime Gonzalez

    BBC Mundo, Los Angeles

    Patricia Arquette

    "Patricia Arquette says her win feels very surreal At the press room at the #goldenglobes."

  46. Post update

    Aww, Maggie Gyllenhaal came with her brother Jake - who is also nominated - to the ceremony. "My brother was an amazing date," she said.

  47. Post update

    Best actress in TV miniseries or movie - Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Honourable Woman

  48. Post update

    Best foreign language film - Leviathan, Russia

    Image caption: Writer Alexander Rodnyansky and director Andrey Zvyagintsev
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    ‏@waltersimmx tweets: "#TheLegoMovie, robbed of a nom for its theme song, robbed again @BBCNewsEnts: Best animated film: How to Train Your Dragon 2"

  50. Post update

    Via email

    Jason Korsner

    BBC News, at the ceremony

    Conchita Wurst

    It turns out I'm sitting next to Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst! Lots of fans are stopping to have their photo taken with her on their way to the bar during the commercial breaks.

    Conchita clapped enthusiastically when Jeffrey Tambor dedicated his win as best actor in the TV show Transparent to the transgender community.

  51. Post update

    Jeffrey Tambor: "This is much bigger than me - I'm awarding this to the transgender community - thank you for your courage, your inspiration, patience and letting us be part of the change."

  52. Post update

    Best actor in TV comedy - Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent

  53. Post update

    Best screenplay - Birdman, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Nicolas Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, Armando Bo

    A scene from Birdman
  54. Post update

    Patricia Arquette

    Patricia Arquette arrived at the podium with her speech written out. "Sorry I'm the only nerd with a piece of paper," she said.

    "Thank you Meryl Streep for giving me a hug - I hope your DNA transferred to me," she added.

  55. Post update

    Best supporting actress in motion picture - Patricia Arquette, Boyhood

  56. Post update

    Via email

    Jason Korsner

    BBC News, at the ceremony

    Plenty of cheese, fruit, pastries and chocolate at the bar, for the latecomers who missed dinner... and the stars who were working the red carpet when everyone else was eating.

  57. Post update

    Via email

    Jason Korsner

    BBC News, at the ceremony

    Standing ovation for HFPA President Theo Kingma's call for unity to protect freedom of speech.

  58. Post update

    Best animated film - How to Train Your Dragon 2

    A scene from How to Train Your Dragon 2
  59. Post update

    Amy Adams was surprised at her win there, she said she hadn't even re-applied her lip gloss. She thanked her co-star Christoph Waltz: "Your wife's a lucky gal."

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    Still lots of categories left at tonight's awards. Who do you want to win? What do you think of the ceremony so far?

  61. Post update

    Best actress in motion picture - comedy or musical - Amy Adams, Big Eyes

    Big Eyes film
  62. Post update

    Matt Bomer,

    Matt Bomer paid tribute to his co-star Mark Ruffalo, saying he was the best actor to work with. He also thanked his husband and children, especially when he had to lose weight for his role and was "really grumpy when you ate pizza in front of me".

  63. Post update

    Best supporting actor - series, miniseries or TV movie - Matt Bomer, The Normal Heart

  64. Reaction

    @officialCwhite tweets: "'Now is the time to change the world"- #Common gave a beautiful speech. Heartfelt, 'moving, unifying & inspirational."

  65. Post update

    Via email

    Jason Korsner

    BBC News, at the ceremony

    Everyone started screaming when I got into the red carpet. Then I realised Ed Norton was right behind me.

    When I got to the door, I realised I'd been given the wrong ticket. It took an hour of frantic diplomacy with security guards and celebrities to get inside.

    By the time I arrived, I'd missed dinner - modern Waldorf salad, roasted Maui onion marinated filet mignon and slow baked arctic Charr with potato croquette, heirloom tomatoes and kale, followed by casis lemon cheescake, chocolate alliance and hazelnut dacquoise.

  66. Post update

    John Legend and Common

    With Oprah Winfrey crying in the audience, Common said how Selma had affected him: "Selma has awakened my humanity. Now is our time to change the world - Selma is now."

    John Legend added: "I'm so honoured to be part of this film that is so connected to what is going on right now."

  67. Reaction

    @Coops_tv tweets: "The #GoldenGlobes loves Prince. Huge cheers for his surprise appearance."

  68. Post update

    Best original song in motion picture - Glory - Selma (John Legend, Common)

  69. Post update

    Best original score - The Theory of Everything, Johann Johannsson

    Johann Johannsson
  70. Reaction

    @filmfatale_NYC tweets: "So glad Jill Solloway mentioned Lela Alcorn. I am loving the diverse wins in the comedy categories."

  71. Post update

    Amazon series Transparent was a surprise winner there, beating Girls, Jane the Virgin, Netflix's Orange is the New Black and Silicon Valley. Featuring Jeffray Tambor as a transgender woman, its creator said: "Maybe we can teach the world something about truth, authenticity and love."

  72. Post update

    Gina Rodriguez

    In tears, Gina Rodridguez thanked her cast: "I'm nothing without you," she said.

    "Thank you to my mum and dad for telling me to dream big. It represents a culture that wants to see themselves as heroes. My dad used to say 'Today is going to be a good day and I can and I will' - well dad, today is a great day and I can and I did."

  73. Post update

    Best TV series - comedy or musical - Transparent

  74. Post update

    Best actress TV comedy - Gina Rodriguez - Jane the Virgin

  75. Post update

    The boss of the HFPA - which organises the Golden Globes - just received a standing ovation from the room after making a reference to the Charlie Hebdo tragedy: "We will stand united against anyone who is against free speech - anywhere from North Korea to Paris"

  76. Post update

    Another quick word on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's opening skit - after playing a game of Would You Rather? - Colin Farrell or Colin Firth, Ed Norton or Mark Ruffalo - there were some gasps and chatter from the audience after they made a Bill Cosby joke, referencing sleeping pills. Perhaps too soon to make those sorts of jokes...?

  77. Get involved

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    Jon B from Tottenham emails:

    Good luck to David Oyelowo for Selma.

  78. Post update

    Billy Bob Thornton

    Billy Bob Thornton: "You can get in trouble for saying a lot of things so I'm just going to say thank you."

  79. Post update

    Best actor - TV mini-series or movie - Billy Bob Thornton for Fargo

  80. Post update

    Best TV mini-series or movie - Fargo

  81. Post update

    Joanne Froggatt

    Joanne Froggatt said: "This is the most shocking moment of my life. After the storyline aired I received a lot of letters from survivors of rape - thank you to everyone who wrote - I heard you. Thank you to the most amazing cast and crew, my agent and my husband I wouldn't be here without you."

  82. Post update

    JK Simmons

    During his acceptance speech, JK Simmons thanked his Whiplash co-star Miles Teller for being a person he wanted to "slap in the face", referencing a memorable scene in the film.

    "Thank you to my lovely wife and our adorable above average children. Thank you for everything that is important in live. Thank you mom and dad."

  83. Post update

    Joanne Froggatt

    First British win!

    Best supporting actress - series, miniseries or TV movie - Joanne Froggatt, Downton Abbey

  84. Post update

    First award up...

    Best supporting actor in a motion picture - JK Simmons for Whiplash

  85. Hosts monologue

    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are midway through their opening monologue, which is generating a lot of laughs.

    "Welcome you bunch of despicably spoiled brats," they joked, adding it was a night to "celebrate all the movies North Korea was OK with."

    Making reference to the controversial comedy The Interview, they said North Korea called it: "Intolerable wanton act of terror - which was not the worse review the movie got."

  86. Post update

    Actress Viola Davis

    Viola Davis looks regal in her stunning Donna Karan gown. The 49-year-old is up for best actress in a TV drama for her hit show How To Get Away With Murder.

  87. More arrivals

    Matthew mcconaughey
    Jennifer Aniston

    Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Aniston are among other A-list presenters at tonight's awards. Not sure what to make of the beard Matthew... He said it's for his next film role, set during the Civil War.

  88. And we're off!

    The ceremony has begun, so settle down and enjoy the show. We'll try and bring you a few more arrivals pictures as they trickle in while the first awards are handed out.

  89. Mark Ruffalo

    Mark Ruffalo

    Mark Ruffalo is nominated for two awards tonight - best supporting actor in a motion picture for his role in Foxcatcher and best actor in a TV miniseries or movie for Aids drama The Normal Heart. When asked which award he would like to win, he said it was a tough question: "That's like Sophie's Choice - either one. I don't see me winning though." We'll keep our fingers crossed for you Mr Ruffalo!

  90. Get involved

    Tweet @BBCNewsEnts or email

    Keira Knightley

    Keira Knightley dons a Chanel dress with butterfly clutch. What do you think of the Imitation Game star's outfit?

  91. Reece's dress

    Reece Witherspoon

    Best actress nominee Reece Witherspoon tweets her dress: Time for the big reveal! Thank you @CalvinKlein @costafrancisco! Wish me luck!!! Xo"

  92. Post update

    Via Twitter

    Joan Soley

    BBC News, Beverly Hills

    Morten Tyldum

    "Morten Tyldum, director of 'The Imitation Game' - 'it's hard not to be intrigued by a life like that'."

  93. Charlie Hebdo tribute

    Kathy Bates

    Actress Kathy Bates shows her support following the Charlie Hebdo tragedy in Paris by holding up a Je suis Charlie sign on her phone.

  94. On the red carpet

    Via Twitter

    BBC News US

    Ricky Gervais

    "Live from the red carpet with Ricki Gervais at the #GoldenGlobes/#GlobosdeOro" - BBC Mundo's @bbc_gonzalez"

  95. Newly-weds

    Eddie Redmayne

    Best actor nominee Eddie Redmayne walks the red carpet in a velvet tux with his wife Hannah Bagshawe. The couple got married in Somerset last December.

    The star said he cut short their honeymoon to come to the awards, but added he's never used to walking the carpet: "It's so crazy and feels like it's your first time every time - it never feels normal."

  96. Arrivals

    Helen Mirren

    Dame Helen Mirren looks stunning in her red Dolce Gabbana dress. The star is nominated for best actress in a comedy or musical for The Hundred-Foot Journey.

  97. On the red carpet

    Via Twitter

    Joan Soley

    BBC News, Beverly Hills

    Anthony McCarten

    "Anthony McCarten, writer, 'The Theory of Everything, Screenplay' speaking to @BBCNewsUS at the #GoldenGlobes."

  98. Hosts arrive

    Golden Globes Hosts and Actresses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
    Image caption: Golden Globes Hosts and Actresses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

    Red carpet arrivals have begun as Golden Globe hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler pose for the cameras ahead of the ceremony.

  99. Get involved

    Lorna Blount

    Entertainment reporter, BBC News

    Not long to go until the ceremony kicks off. Get in touch with us and let us know what you think of the red carpet glamour and who you are rooting for to win. Tweet us @BBCNewsEnts or email us at

  100. Post update

    Genevieve Hassan

    Entertainment reporter, BBC News

    Welcome to our live coverage of the Golden Globes. We'll be bringing you all the red carpet action and winners from the ceremony in Beverly Hills.