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Live Reporting

By Jo Perry and Louise Wilson

All times stated are UK

  1. Final round-up of Scotland's 2019 General Election result

    Nicola Sturgeon

    This live page has now finished but you can get a round-up of the election result in Scotland by watching Reporting Scotland at 18:45 on BBC One Scotland and the The Nine will report on the new political landscape from 21:00 on the BBC Scotland channel.

  2. Video content

    Video caption: Voters in Scotland react to Election results

    Voters in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Aberdeen give their reaction to the results of the General Election.

  3. Scottish Conservative MSP - SNP should respect both referendums

    Scottish Conservative MSP Jamie Greene said elections are about big constitutional issues, but also about everyday matters .

    He told the BBC's Emily Maitlis: "Brexit came up, Independence came up, tactical voting came up. People were voting for very different reasons in Scotland to many other parts of the UK.

    "I feel a bit of ground hog day - we are having this conversation after every election. The SNP say it is another mandate for independence - they have been saying that since 2014. Everything that happens in politics they keep saying that is another mandate.

    Quote Message: The vote share they got yesterday was 45% in Scotland, and guess what - that is the same vote result of the 2014 referendum where the people of Scotland said no thanks to independence. We said it would be a once -in-a-lifetime vote, we all signed up to that. And I am asking the SNP to honour that commitment, respect democracy, respect the result of those referendums and let's move on as a country." from Jamie Greene Scottish Conservative MSP
    Jamie GreeneScottish Conservative MSP
  4. Analysis: 'We are headed for a constitutional tussle'

    Professor Sir John Curtice

    Polling expert

    We are now going to be heading to a constitutional tussle between the United Kingdom government, led by the Conservatives, and the Scottish government, led by the SNP. The request will be made by Nicola Sturgeon next week and she might even get a reply back, perhaps with the grace of a Christmas card, from the PM fairly promptly that the answer is "No".

    The crucial question will then be - where do we go from here?

    I think the first thing to watch is going to be what happens to the opinion polls north of the border about attitudes towards independence.

    We have already seen in the course of this year most polls showing an increase in support for independence, such that it is around the 48/49 percent mark. Most of that increase in support has occurred among those who voted Remain.

    So there is already evidence that dissatisfaction with the pursuit of Brexit has weakened to some degree the already relatively tenuous ties in public attitudes in Scotland towards the Union. But the question now will be is when Scotland leaves the EU with the rest of the UK at the end of January what happens to public attitudes - and that will be important to both sides.

  5. SNP's deputy leader - are the Tories going to ignore Scotland?

    The SNP's deputy leader Keith Brown told BBC presenter Emily Maitlis that no-doubt Boris Johnson had the majority he needed to proceed with Brexit, but he added that the PM had said things before and not followed them through. He added: "We will wait and see, but he does seem to have the majority he requires to take as he has the right to do [in England].

    Mr Brown said the SNP government would next week lodge a request to have the power given to it from Westminster to hold another independence referendum.

    Quote Message: We we will now do is what we said we would do before the election and put that request [section 30] to Boris Johnson. The question is for the Tories, what are they going to do? Are they going to continue to ignore the democratic will of the people of Scotland - that's their question to answer." from Keith Brown Deputy leader of the SNP
    Keith BrownDeputy leader of the SNP
  6. Labour MSP: 'Corbyn would have made an excellent PM'

    Claudia Beamish

    Labour MSP Claudia Beamish told Newsdrive that she did not want to talk about "fault and blame tonight".

    She added: "As a party we are going to reflect - I have a great deal of respect for Jeremy Corbyn. He is a principled man who would have made an excellent prime minister."

    However, Ms Beamish said "that is not where we are".

  7. Follow more reaction on BBC Radio Scotland

    What's being said about the general election and the the SNP's win in Scotland? Find out by listening to BBC Radio Scotland's Newsdrive programme.

  8. Election 2019: Scottish results round up

    Final results for Scotland

    The results...

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon takes a selfie with some of her newly elected MPs at the Glasgow count
    Image caption: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon takes a selfie with some of her newly elected MPs at the Glasgow count

    The aftermath...

    • Nicola Sturgeon says Boris Johnson has "no right" to stand in the way of another Scottish independence referendum after the "overwhelming" SNP election victory.
    • Speaking outside Downing Street, Boris Johnson said the whole of the UK must move forward "together" - though did not respond to Ms Sturgeon's statement directly. Scottish Tory leader Jackson Carlaw insisted his party would not support indyref2.
    • Labour's Ian Murray issued a warning to his party, saying "not only does the person have to go, but the policy and the ideology has to go as well."

    More election coverage from BBC Scotland...

  9. Swinson hints at hopes for a female successor

    Jo Swinson with female candidates

    Standing down as Liberal Democrats' leader, Jo Swinson suggests her successor should be a woman.

    Speaking in central London, the former MP says "smashing the glass ceiling" by becoming the party's first female leader had meant "a lot of broken glass comes down on your head".

    She cites the experiences of current Lib Dem women, including Layla Moran, Christine Jardine, Wera Hobhouse and Sarah Olney.

    Meanwhile, there have also been calls for the next Labour leader to be a woman.

    More than half of the party's MPs are now women, but it has never have a female leader.

  10. Boris Johnson: 'We are going to unite and level up ... bringing together the whole of this incredible United Kingdom'

    Boris Johnson
    Quote Message: We are going to unite and level up ... bringing together the whole of this incredible United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland together, taking us forward, unleashing the potential of the whole country, delivering opportunity across the entire nation. from Boris Johnson Prime minister
    Boris JohnsonPrime minister
  11. The battle over indyref2

    "The people of Scotland have spoken - it is time to decide our own future." - Sturgeon
    "To those who supported us, we will not let you down. The 2014 vote was once in a generation, we’ll respect that." - Carlaw
  12. 'How many times does Scotland have to make its views known?'

    Nicola Sturgeon and Keith Brown
    Quote Message: If you stand on a manifesto as we did in 2016 which specifically says the circumstances in which another referendum would be justified, mentions being taken out of the EU against our will and then that happens, you have the mandate. So we have the mandate from the 2016 election, we had the vote in the Scottish Parliament, we won the election in 2017, we've just won the election again. How many times does Scotland have to make its views known on the issue before it's listened to? from Keith Brown SNP Depute Leader
    Keith BrownSNP Depute Leader
  13. Jo Swinson tells Liberal Democrat party activists she is 'devastated' at election result

    Jo Swinson
    Quote Message: I'm proud that Liberal Democrats have been the unapologetic voice of remain in this election, giving people the chance to choose to stop Brexit. Obviously it hasn't worked and I, like you, am devastated about that, but I don't regret trying. from Jo Swinson Liberal Democrat
    Jo SwinsonLiberal Democrat
  14. Scottish Conservative leader: 'We are not going to support a request for a second independence referendum'

    Jackson Carlaw

    Interim Scottish Conservatives leader Jackson Carlaw has hit out at Nicola Sturgeon for “assuming” all of the SNP’s votes were a “vote for independence”.

    He said: “We are not going to support a request for a second independence referendum and I don’t believe the prime minister will either.

    “We are going to stand by the people who voted for us last night and the two million people who voted no in 2014.”