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Live Reporting

Victoria King, Emma Owen and Jennifer Scott

All times stated are UK

  1. Here ends another day...


    After another big and busy day in the election campaign, we are bringing the live page to a close.

    Here are some of the main stories of Tuesday for you to catch up on:

    Come back tomorrow for more fun and games from the election trail.

  2. Tomorrow's papers: Express

    The Daily Express makes its stance clear with an attack on Jeremy Corbyn, saying he "dodges the Brexit question" - on whether he would back Leave or Remain in a further referendum - nine times.

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  3. Tomorrow's papers: FT

    The Financial Times says the PM "survives hazardous duel" with Jeremy Corbyn, again mentioning that snap poll that gave Boris Johnson a narrow lead on his performance.

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  4. Tomorrow's papers: The Mirror

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Daily Mirror backs Jeremy Corbyn, saying he made his rival become "a laughing stock".

    But their comment takes up little of the front page, which focuses on Prince Andrew.

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  5. Tomorrow's papers: The Guardian

    The Guardian says the debate allowed the leaders to "stake their ground", with Mr Johnson claiming Brexit, and Mr Corbyn the NHS.

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  6. Tomorrow's papers: Metro

    Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn feature on the front page of the Metro with mention of a poll that put the ratings within a hair's breadth for the two leaders.

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  7. Watch: Gove and Gwynne's panto act

    It all got a bit festive in the spin room during a row about Brexit...

    Video content

    Video caption: Election debate: The 'pantomime dame' and 'stand-up comic' MPs
  8. Green co-leader loyal to the last

    The final question of the programme is on I'm a Celebrity and her ideal jungle partner.

    Sian Berry says "obviously" she'd pick her Green co-leader Jonathan Bartley to go in with her "because we’d make a strong team and we’d win it easily".

  9. Quickfire questions for Berry

    Q: Is it ever OK for climate change protesters to stop people going to work?

    A: I think Extinction Rebellion do a fantastic job and they [try] to be disruptive, but I do not agree with all of their tactics.

    Q: Would you encourage young women into a career in politics given the abuse they may face?

    A: I am asked a lot by young women... and it is really difficult to say it's all fine, go ahead, as it is a toxic atmosphere. It is getting worse too and it worries me. But anyone who wants to stand up and get involved should.

    Q: Aside from climate change and another Brexit referendum, what is your priority?

    A: To eliminate poverty

  10. Berry: We will make a real difference

    Back to the ITV debate, and Sian Berry is asked what she would do get more people buying and using electric cars.

    She says that while it is important, it "isn't the main focus of sustainable transport".

    "The best thing is to reduce the need to travel by having local services nearby, not on the ring road.

    "And we need to be replacing rural bus services."

    Questioned on the big bill for her climate change proposals - £100bn a year - she says the investment will make a "real difference in a couple of years".

    She adds: "People are willing to listen to us now as they have listened to other parties and seen no results."

  11. Tory chairman defends Twitter "rebrand"


    Over on Newsnight, Tory Party chairman James Cleverly is asked why the Conservative press office pretended to be a fact-checking organisation during the main leaders' debate.

    He says it was still "clear" it was a Tory Twitter feed, but insists: "We were calling out the inaccuracies that were coming out during the debate."

    Mr Cleverly is unrepentant and accuses Jeremy Corbyn of "spending the entire debate spouting things he knew were not true", for example, on the NHS.

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  12. Berry: Effort needed 'on every level' to cut emissions

    Sian Berry

    The Greens' Sian Berry criticises ITV for "relegating" the question on climate change to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn to the quickfire round.

    She says: "The young people on the streets, begging to be heard, must be feeling so let down."

    Onto the party's target to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030, she says they do not take the challenge lightly, but efforts must be made "on every level".

    "We must fill in all the gaps with community action and huge investment in research."

  13. Berry: Other parties need to catch up on climate

    Last up is Sian Berry - the co-leader of the Green Party. They launched their manifesto earlier today.

    She says the Green Party has offered "grown-up politics", especially around climate change, and has been "leading the way" on the issue.

    She adds: "I think the other parties are starting to take notice of the incredible climate movement.

    "We are so proud of the young people and ashamed we haven't taken action sooner."

    But she says other parties need to "catch up" and is unhappy more time wasn't given to the issue in the main Johnson-Corbyn debate.

  14. How did the election debate play out online?

    Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn
    Image caption: Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson faced off on ITV in the first head-to-head debate of the election campaign

    As Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson faced off on ITV, their supporters clashed online.

    BBC Trending looks more closely.

  15. I'd share a bottle with Boris Johnson, says Farage

    Final question, as with the other leaders is, which other leader would Nigel Farage take into the jungle with him if he had to take part in I'm a Celebrity?

    "I'd have to say Boris because he likes a drink and I could sit down with him with a bottle of something and find out what he really believes in," he replies.

  16. Quickfire questions for Farage

    Q: What do you do personally to help the environment?

    A: I drive all over the country, I catch a lot of aeroplane flights, I am not a leading example. But I think the UK should start a global initiative on planting trees on a massive scale.

    Q: Is the political debate now toxic?

    Yes it is, and there very simple reason why. All through our history, if you lose an election you accept the result. For the first time in our history, senior figures have refused to accept the result, insulting and abusing those who dare to vote for Brexit, and this is what led to this.

    Q: Will we leave the EU this year?

    A: We are leaving the EU, and I think we will leave in 2020, but it must not just be Brexit in name only.

  17. Five things from Johnson v Corbyn election debate

    Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn

    We look at the big moments from the party leaders' first TV debate in the run-up to the general election. Read more.