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  1. Good evening

    Thank you for joining BBC South East's live general election and local election coverage.

    We're signing off now but will be bringing you all the regional news during the weekend as usual.

  2. Local elections

    More South East success for Conservatives

    Reigate and Banstead Borough Council has also been held by the Conservatives, who gained three seats, with the Lib Dems, Greens and Independents losing one each.

    And in Kent, the Conservatives held Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, gaining four seats while UKIP lost two, and Labour and the Independents lost one each.

  3. Local elections

    Conservatives hold Runnymede

    The Conservatives have also held Runnymede Borough Council, gaining one seat.

    The Residents Associations gained two, Independents lost two and UKIP lost one.

  4. Local elections

    Tories hold Elmbridge

    The Conservatives have held Elmbridge Borough Council in Surrey, increasing their majority from four to six seats.

    One third of the 60 seats were up for grabs.

    The Conservatives gained one, the Lib Dems one and Residents Associations lost two.

  5. South East share of the vote

    The Conservatives were close to securing half of the total vote in the South East.


    Labour and UKIP were second and third, with both polling about 20%.

  6. Local elections

    Residents maintain control in Epsom

    Jack Fiehn

    BBC Sussex

    Resident Association councillors have kept control of Epsom and Ewell Borough Council - a record that goes back to the 1930s.

  7. Local elections

    No-one in control in Maidstone

    There is still no party in overall control of Maidstone Borough Council.

    The Conservatives and independents each gained one seat with UKIP losing two.

    The new council has 25 Conservatives, 20 Lib Dems, six independents two Labour and two UKIP.

  8. Local elections

    Labour keeps control in Crawley

    Labour has narrowly kept control of Crawley Borough Council despite losing two seats to the Conservatives.

    The council, where one third of the 37 seats were contested, is now made up of 19 Labour and 18 Conservatives.

    Labour previously had a majority of five.

  9. Local elections

    Tories take Mole Valley control

    Jack Fiehn

    BBC Sussex

    In Mole Valley the Conservatives now have overall control of the council.

    UKIP's Diane James, who is also an MEP, has lost her seat as a councillor in Waverley to the Conservatives.

  10. Local elections

    Dover council result

    The Conservatives have held Dover District Council, but with a decreased majority.

    UKIP gained three seats, Labour lost two and the Tories lost one on the Kent council, where all 45 seats were contested.

    The new council is made up of 25 Conservatives, 17 Labour and three UKIP.

  11. Local council results

    We'll bring you the results of the South East's local council elections on this live page as they are declared throughout the afternoon and early evening.

    BBC screen grab

    You can tweet us using the hashtag #SEVote and email your pictures and comments.

  12. Your thoughts

    How do you think the election results will impact on the South East?

    Tweet us using the hashtag #SEVote to let us know your thoughts. You can also email us.

  13. Election analysis

    Norman Smith

    BBC Assistant Political Editor

    This has been an election which may have more profound consequences than almost any other in living memory.

    David Cameron and Samantha Cameron

    We now face a generational decision about our future in Europe, with an EU referendum in two years' time almost certain.

    There will also be serious questions about the future of the Union, following an SNP landslide that has turned Scotland into a virtual one-party state.

    David Cameron's victory also represents a colossal achievement.

  14. Surprise outcome

    Read BBC South East political editor Louise Stewart's analysis of the region's general election result.

    She says: "The pollsters certainly didn't predict this outcome."

    Her verdict: "It was a good night for the Conservatives and the Greens, catastrophic for the Lib Dems, truly dreadful for Labour and not good for UKIP."

  15. Guildford sets up again

    Guildford council tweets: "Set up well underway for the #Guildford local election count."

    Guildford local election count

    Results will be announced ward by ward as they are declared throughout the afternoon and early evening.

    All 48 seats on the previously Conservative-run council are up for grabs.

  16. How we voted

    Louise Stewart

    Political editor, South East

    Nationally the Conservatives took almost 37% of vote; Labour 31% and UKIP 13%.

  17. South East MPs

    The Conservatives strengthened their dominance in the South East and held UKIP at bay in key marginals in the region.

    Here are two maps that show the changing political makeup of region.

  18. Local election results

    Many borough and district councils across Kent, Surrey and Sussex are expected to declare the results of Thursday's local elections during the afternoon.

    Tandridge and Worthing have already announced the Conservatives have held control with increased majorities.

    But several councils won't be counting until Saturday, including Brighton and Hove, Eastbourne, Lewes, Rother, Wealden and Thanet.

  19. South East vote share

    Below are the total votes cast for the political parties across the South East TV region:

  20. South East roundup

    Ceri Perkins will be bringing you all the excitement from the general election in the South East on BBC South East Today.

    BBC graphic

    BBC reporters were at all the counts across the region.

    Ceri will be on air just after 14:00 BST.

  21. Left or right?

    You can work out how close you are to the political centre by answering a few questions here.

    The five official survey questions have been asked almost every year since 1986. Your results will show where you stand on economic issues, compared with the rest of the population.

    But, according to research based on the British Social Attitudes survey - the centre ground is always moving.

  22. Worthing Borough Council

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives have retained control of Worthing Borough Council, gaining three seats.

    There were two Lib Dem losses and one independent loss.

    The new council is made up of 30 Conservatives, four Lib Dems, two UKIP and one Green. A third of the seats were up for grabs in the election.

  23. 'No Farage'

    Eleanor Broadbridge tweets: "Thank the Lord no farce of Farage in Thanet #GE2015 #SEvote"

  24. 'Will Labour change?'

    Sim tweets: "With us being on the cusp of political change… will Labour perhaps be able to genuinely challenge in coming years!? #SEVote"

  25. What do you think?

    Nick Tarver

    BBC News

    What do you think of the results of the 2015 general election and how do you think they will impact on the South East?

    House of Parliament

    Please tweet using the hashtag #SEVote and let us know.

  26. 'Fairer voting system'

    Tara North tweets: "It's time for a fairer voting system, where all our votes count and turn into seat representation in parliament."

  27. Leaders resign

    Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage have resigned their leaderships of Labour, the Lib Dems and UKIP respectively.

    Let us know what you think about their decisions using the hashtag #SEVote.

  28. Results - where we stand

    With only a handful of seats left to declare here are the main results as they stand in the UK:


    Conservative 325, Labour 229, SNP 56, Lib Dem 8, DUP 8, Sinn Fein 4, Plaid Cymru 3, SDLP 3, UUP 2, UKIP 1, Green 1.

  29. 'It's a fix'

    Kelly Kaye tweets: "This is disgraceful UKIP have more votes but less seats, I myself and others say it's a fix pure and simple so explain it?!"

  30. South Thanet

    Mackinlay's 'unique plan' for Ramsgate

    The Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay took the South Thanet seat with a majority of 2,812.

    Craig Mackinlay

    He said: "I'm delighted. I've given promises on Manston Airport and we're working, leaving no stone unturned, to make sure it opens.

    "I've got a fairly unique plan for the regeneration of Ramsgate."

  31. Door still open?

    Louise Stewart

    Political editor, South East

    Nigel Farage resigns as party leader but leaves the door open to come back.

  32. South Thanet

    'A bit disappointed'

    Mr Farage says: "There's a bit of me that's disappointed but there's a bit of me that's happier than I've felt in many, many years."

  33. BreakingSouth Thanet

    Farage resigns

    UKIP's Nigel Farage has resigned as the leader of the party after he lost the South Thanet seat.

  34. South Thanet

    'Bundled into car'

    Clare Tiptaft

    BBC Radio Kent

    Blimey. Farage left the stage before the rest of the speeches and was bundled into waiting car. All in less than a minute.

  35. Tandridge District Council

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives have held control of Tandridge District Council after 14 out of the 42 seats were up for election.

    They retained 10 and took one seat off the Liberal Democrats and one from an Independent.

    The remaining two seats were won by the Lib Dems and an Independent candidate.

  36. UKIP in Kent

    Louise Stewart

    Political editor, South East

    The wheels have come off for UKIP in Kent. South Thanet was Nigel Farage's seventh attempt at a Westminster seat. Surely it'll be his last?

  37. South Thanet

    Farage: 'Great weight' lifted

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage said on a personal level he's "never felt happier" with a "great weight" lifted from his shoulders after losing the South Thanet poll

    He added: "Five years ago on election day I was in intensive care after an aircraft crash. So compared to that this feels pretty damned good.

    "I would like to congratulate the PM - he has secured a Tory majority.

    "A lot of voters were so scared about a SNP/Labour coalition they swung to the Conservatives."

  38. South Thanet

    Nigel Farage loses seat bid

    Conservative Craig Mackinlay is the new MP for South Thanet, beating UKIP leader Nigel Farage who came second.

    Mr Mackinlay polled 18,838 votes compared to Mr Farage's 16,026.

    Nigel Farage at count

    Mr Farage has previously said he would resign as leader if he failed to win the seat.

  39. BreakingSouth Thanet

    Conservative hold

    Nigel Farage has lost his bid to become MP for South Thanet, with the Conservatives holding the seat.

  40. North Thanet

    Manston redevelopment

    Simon Jones

    BBC South East reporter

    In his victory speech, Sir Roger Gale says plans for the redevelopment of Manston must be withdrawn.

  41. North Thanet

    UKIP increases vote share

    Sir Roger Gale has retained Thanet North for the Conservatives, with 10,948 more votes than second-placed Piers Wauchope who was standing for UKIP.

    However, UKIP did manage to increase its vote share in the constituency, with a 19% swing.

  42. 'Amazed at result'

    Bradley Russell tweets: "Cannot believe how fewer seats Labour have! #amazed #SEVote #GE2015"

  43. BreakingNorth Thanet

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives have held North Thanet.

  44. Hove

    New Hove MP will 'repay trust'

    New Hove MP Peter Kyle has celebrated ousting the Conservatives from the seat.

    Peter Kyle

    He said: "I promise to work everyday to repay the trust that you've put in me and to deliver a better future we all want for ourselves, our families and our communities."

  45. Rochester & Strood

    'Born and bred' in constituency

    The new Rochester & Strood MP, Kelly Tolhurst, has said she will "fight for her area".

    Mark Reckless and Kelly Tolhurst

    She said: "I was born and bred in this constituency and care passionately about the place I've lived all my life and about the people I've grown up with.

    "By electing me as your MP you have elected someone who will fight for this area and the people to deliver what is needed."

  46. 'Multicolour city'

    Emilie Fellingham tweets about Brighton: "A multicolour city retaining its multicolour reputation #sevote green, red and blue! #GE2015."

    The city has a Labour, a Conservative and a Green MP.

  47. South Thanet

    'Still waiting'

    Clare Tiptaft

    BBC Radio Kent

    Thought we'd gone home? No, we're still here in South Thanet waiting for the result.

  48. Chatham & Aylesford

    'Privilege and honour'

    Tracey Crouch, who has held her Chatham & Aylesford seat, said it was a real "privilege and honour" to be re-elected.

  49. Test your election knowledge

    The results are almost in and the 2013 general election is nearly over - have you stayed the course during the campaign, or did it send you to sleep?

    Dog waits outside polling station

    Test your knowledge of the quotes, gaffes, stumbles and surprises of the 2015 general election on the Magazine's quiz.

  50. Gillingham & Rainham

    Chishti hails 'amazing experience'

    Conservative Rehman Chishti retained his Gillingham & Rainham seat with 48% of the vote.

    Gillingham and Rainham

    He said: "For the last five years I have worked tirelessly for the residents of Gillingham and Rainham.

    "This has been the most amazing experience of my life, representing my home town in parliament."

  51. Swingometer

    Do you want to know more about the BBC's election result graphics?

    Jeremy Vine and Ben Watt prepare for the Twitter Q&A

    Jeremy Vine answered all the burning questions in a Twitter Q&A.

  52. Eastbourne

    Stephen Lloyd 'loved' being MP

    Former Eastbourne MP, Stephen Lloyd, tells South East Today he "loved" doing his job, following his defeat to Conservative Caroline Ansell.

    Stephen Lloyd

    He said: "For anyone who says an MP can't do anything, they're so wrong.

    "You know, if you're a hard working MP you can do so much - you can do so much good.

    "I've achieved more for good in Eastbourne in the last five years [as an MP] than in the previous 30."

  53. BreakingGillingham & Rainham

    Conservative hold

    Gillingham & Rainham has been held by the Conservative's Rehman Chishti.

  54. South Thanet

    Farage 'will resign' if he loses seat

    Alex Forsyth

    Political correspondent, BBC News

    Nigel Farage said he had "never gone back on his word" when he was asked whether he'd still resign as UKIP leader if he doesn't win in South Thanet.

    He said he'd never broken his word yet.

  55. Rochester & Strood

    Reckless praises 'bloody-minded' constituency

    UKIP's losing candidate Mark Reckless describes Rochester & Strood as a "proud patriotic, sometimes bloody-minded patch of England".

    Mark Reckless and Kelly Tolhurst

    He tells new MP Kelly Tolhurst he hopes she gets as "much satisfaction out of representing" the area as he did.

  56. BreakingChatham & Aylesford

    Conservative hold

    Chatham & Aylesford has been held by the Conservatives.

  57. Rochester & Strood

    'Never forget bosses'

    Ellie Price

    BBC News

    Mark Reckless tells new Rochester & Strood MP Kelly Tolhurst: "Never ever forget who your bosses are."

  58. Brighton Pavilion

    Caroline Lucas hails 'historic' victory

    Caroline Lucas has held her Brighton Pavilion seat with an increased majority.

    Caroline Lucas

    Speaking after the declaration, she said: "In 2010, Brighton Pavilion showed that a different kind of politics is possible. That you can stand firm by your principles and still be elected.

    "And in re-electing me tonight Brighton has made history again.

    "I couldn't be more proud to be an MP of this wonderful city. I'm completely honoured to be able to represent it again."

  59. The final results

    Nick Tarver

    BBC News

    Good morning. I'll be taking you through the results and analysis over the next few hours as we await the final declarations from the South East.

    Don't forget to tweet using the hashtag #SEVote.

  60. Handing over

    Sue Nicholson

    BBC News

    After a busy few hours reporting the results from Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, I'm handing over to Nick Tarver and heading off home to bed.

    There are still several more key results to come in, so stay with us for all the latest news.

  61. BreakingRochester & Strood

    Conservative gain

    The Conservatives have taken Rochester & Strood from UKIP.

  62. Rochester

    'Result soon'

    Ellie Price

    BBC News

    Rochester declaration expected imminently.

  63. Lewes

    Norman Baker to leave politics

    Former home office minister Norman Baker has said his political career is finished, after he lost the Lewes seat to the Conservative Party.

    The Liberal Democrat said: "I shall now do something else. I will not be standing for parliament again."

    Norman Baker

    Mr Baker said his party ran a "good campaign" in the constituency, but the Lib Dems' losses were about "the national picture and fear of the SNP".

    "It's about the fact that we lost some support because of the brave decision to form a coalition to deal with the situation we inherited in 2010," he said.

    "It was the right decision for the country and probably the wrong decision for the party."

  64. Thanet South

    Result delayed

    Counting in Thanet South is not expected to be completed until much later this morning.

    Council officials have blamed the delay on the volume of ballot papers and problems verifying the postal vote.

    Turnout was 69%, up from 65% in 2010.

    Labour candidate Will Scobie told the BBC the delay was "disappointing".

  65. BreakingBexhill & Battle

    Conservative hold

    Conservatives hold Bexhill & Battle.

  66. BreakingSpelthorne

    Conservative hold

    The Surrey seat of Spelthorne has been held by the Conservatives.

  67. BreakingWorthing West

    Conservative hold

    Conservatives hold Worthing West.

  68. BreakingSurrey Heath

    Conservative hold

    Michael Gove, Chief Whip of the Conservative Party, has held Surrey Heath.

  69. BreakingBrighton Pavilion

    Green hold

    Caroline Lucas has held the Brighton Pavilion seat for the Greens.

  70. BreakingHove

    Labour gain

    Labour have gained Hove from the Conservatives.

  71. Brighton Kemptown

    Simon Kirby celebrates

    Simon Kirby celebrates holding onto his Conservative seat as he is re-elected for the Brighton Kemptown constituency.

    Simon Kirby
  72. BreakingMid Sussex

    Conservative hold

    Mid Sussex has been been held by Sir Nicholas Soames for the Conservatives.

  73. BreakingRunnymede & Weybridge

    Conservative hold

    Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond holds Runnymede & Weybridge for the Conservatives.

  74. BreakingHorsham

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives have held Horsham.

  75. BreakingChichester

    Conservative hold

    Conservatives hold Chichester.

  76. BreakingReigate

    Conservative hold

    Crispin Blunt holds Reigate for the Conservatives.

  77. BreakingEsher & Walton

    Conservative hold

    Conservatives hold Esher & Walton.

  78. BreakingGravesham

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives have held Gravesham.

  79. BreakingSurrey South West

    Conservative hold

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt holds Surrey South West for the Conservatives.

  80. Maidstone & The Weald

    Helen Grant celebrates

    Jon Hunt

    BBC South East Today

    Conservative Helen Grant celebrates almost doubling her majority in the Maidstone general election.

    Helen Grant
  81. BreakingEpsom & Ewell

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives have held Epsom & Ewell.

  82. Lewes

    Norman Baker loses seat

    Norman Baker is no longer the Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes after losing the seat to the Conservatives.

    Norman Baker

    Maria Caulfield received 19,206 votes - 1,083 more than Mr Baker, who had 18,123.

    Mr Baker had held Lewes since 1997, with a majority of 7,647 at the last election.

    Before then it was held by the Conservatives.

  83. BreakingLewes

    Conservative gain

    Liberal Democrats lose Lewes. Conservatives gain.

  84. Reality check

    During the election campaign, the BBC took a close look at the truth behind the politicians' claims.

    Experts investigated the facts and wider stories behind the sound bites. Their Reality Check is here.

  85. BreakingDartford

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives have held Dartford.

  86. Lewes

    Declaration time

    Mark Sanders

    BBC South East Today

    Result due in Lewes within the next 10 minutes.

  87. Guildford

    Deserted hall

    Adrian Harms

    BBC Surrey

    And suddenly it was all over - at a deserted sports hall at Guildford Spectrum.

    Deserted hall
  88. Spelthorne

    Dawn chorus

    Kerry Preston

    BBC Surrey

    The sun has come up and the birds are singing - but still no result in Spelthorne.

    Bird in tree
  89. Eastbourne

    Stephen Lloyd to retire

    Stephen Lloyd, the former Liberal Democrat MP for Eastbourne, has told the BBC that he is to retire from politics following his defeat by the Conservative Party.

    Stephen Lloyd MP

    He was narrowly beaten into second place by Caroline Ansell.

  90. South Thanet

    Fast work

    Clare Tiptaft

    BBC Radio Kent

    Counters are working really fast at the election count here in South Thanet.

    The prediction now is for the result to be declared after 09:00 BST.

  91. BreakingWoking

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives hold Woking.

  92. BreakingAshford

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives have held Ashford.

  93. Folkestone & Hythe

    Damian Collins re-elected

    Damian Collins has been re-elected as the Conservative MP for Folkestone & Hythe with 26,323 votes - a majority of 13,797.

    Damian Collins

    He beat UKIP's Harriet Yeo into second place, who received 12,526 votes.

    Ms Yeo was formerly chairwoman of Labour's national executive committee.

    She was selected as UKIP's candidate in place of Janice Atkinson, who was expelled from the party after allegations a member of her staff tried to arrange a false receipt for a meal.

  94. BreakingGuildford

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives hold Guildford.

  95. BreakingSevenoaks

    Conservative hold

    Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has held Sevenoaks for the Conservatives.

    Michael Fallon
  96. Mole Valley

    Ballot paper stats

    Lesley McCabe

    BBC Surrey

    The number of papers verified in Mole Valley was 55,329.

    Turnout in the constituency was 74.7% in this election - down from a turnout of 75.1% in 2010.

    Box Hill and cyclists

    Mole Valley includes the market town of Dorking and the Surrey Hills area which includes Box Hill - the beauty spot made famous by Jane Austen and the London 2012 road cycle race.

  97. BreakingWealden

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives have held Wealden.

  98. Eastbourne

    Tories boot out Lib Dems

    The Conservatives have taken Eastbourne from the Liberal Democrats with a majority of just 733 votes.

    Caroline Ansell becomes the new MP with 20,934 votes, replacing Stephen Lloyd.

    Caroline Ansell

    Mr Lloyd took the seat from the Tories in 2010 with a majority of 3,435.

    It was the only seat lost by the Conservatives in the South East in that election.

  99. BreakingFolkestone & Hythe

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives hold Folkestone & Hythe.

  100. BreakingSurrey East

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives hold Surrey East.

  101. BreakingDover

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives have held Dover.

  102. BreakingMole Valley

    Conservative hold

    Sir Paul Beresford retains his seat in Mole Valley for the Conservatives.

  103. BreakingCanterbury

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives' Julian Brazier holds Canterbury.

  104. BreakingEastbourne

    Conservative gain

    The Conservatives take Eastbourne from the Liberal Democrats.

  105. Hastings & Rye

    Increased Tory majority

    Amber Rudd has held Hastings & Rye for the Conservatives with 22,686 votes, ahead of Labour's Sarah Owen with 17,890, and UKIP's Andrew Michael with 6,786.

    Amber Rudd

    She now has a Conservative majority of 4,796 - up from 1,993 in the 2010 general election.

  106. BreakingTunbridge Wells

    Conservative hold

    Greg Clark holds Tunbridge Wells for the Conservatives, with a majority of 22,874.

  107. Epsom & Ewell

    'Dead cert'

    Kamran Ellahi

    BBC Surrey

    It's a shame the betting shop is shut at Epsom Racecourse.

    Epsom Racecourse

    Conservative Chris Grayling - the coalition government's justice secretary - is thought to be a "dead cert" for the Epsom & Ewell seat.

  108. Surrey Heath

    Still counting

    Johnny Cantor

    BBC Surrey

    Still verifying #surreyheath in #GE2015 and borough & parish elections. News unlikely until well after 06:00 according to those in the hall.

  109. BreakingHastings and Rye

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives hold Hastings & Rye.

  110. Crawley

    'Sincere commiserations'

    Henry Smith, who has held Crawley for the Conservatives, has offered his "sincere commiserations" to Labour's Chris Oxlade.

    Henry Smith speaks, standing alongside other candidates

    "He's someone who's passionate about his home town... I genuinely feel for you," he said.

    Mr Smith received 22,829 votes, with Mr Oxlade coming second with 16,303.

  111. BreakingCrawley

    Conservative hold

    The Conservatives' Henry Smith holds Crawley.

  112. Bexhill & Battle

    Results delayed

    The results in Bexhill & Battle are delayed by about 30 minutes and are now expected at 05:00 BST.

  113. Folkestone & Hythe

    UKIP hopeful

    Harriet Yeo, UKIP's candidate in Folkestone & Hythe, says "it's possible, not probable" that she'll win.

    She expects her party to get between five to seven seats nationally, and reckons both Nigel Farage and Mark Reckless will win their seats.

  114. Hastings & Rye

    Recount rumours

    There are rumours of a possible recount in Hastings & Rye, with a result too close to call in what is a key marginal seat.

    The constituency was won by Labour in the 1997 landslide and held until 2010 when the Conservatives took the seat back.

  115. Post update

    Poised for results

    Sue Nicholson

    BBC News

    Good morning. It will be me taking you through the next few hours as we eagerly await the results from across the South East.

    Don't forget that you can follow tweets using the hashtag #SEVote.

  116. Gravesham

    Spoiled papers

    Ronan Sully

    BBC Radio Kent

    Did you spoil your ballot today? You weren't the only one. Rest assured they're being taken very seriously here in Gravesham.

    Spoiled paper
    Electoral Commission guidance handout
  117. Eastbourne

    Nervous candidates

    Juliette Parkin

    BBC South East Today

    It looks like a nervous wait for Liberal Democrat candidate Stephen Lloyd here in Eastbourne.

    Stephen Lloyd

    He won the seat in 2005 and 2010.

  118. Post update

    Handing over

    Tanya Gupta

    BBC News

    That's all from me now - I'm handing over our election results live page to Sue Nicholson who will be bringing you results as they come in through the early hours.

    You can follow tweets using the hashtag #SEVote and email us your pictures and comments.

  119. Arundel & South Downs

    Late declaration

    Results in Arundel & South Downs are now not expected until 07:00 BST. The returning officer had been aiming for about 05:00 BST.

  120. Sittingbourne & Sheppey

    Voter interest growing?

    Natalie Eacersall

    BBC South East Today

    Has the general election attracted more voter interest than last time?

    Sittingbourne & Sheppey had a 64% turnout at the last election, but numbers already indicate a much higher turnout in 2015.

  121. Gravesham

    'Slower than expected'

    Ronan Sully

    BBC Radio Kent

    Vote verification has been slower than expected here.

    Gravesham count

    The Gravesham returning officer has said turnout "looks to be high" - a pattern emerging across the region?

  122. Crawley

    Doubtful papers

    Jack Fiehn

    BBC Sussex

    The returning officer in Crawley has asked candidates and their agents to join him.

    He has said this is to adjudicate on doubtful ballot papers.

  123. Eastbourne

    Tension building

    Juliette Parkin

    BBC South East Today

    It's almost silent in Eastbourne and tension is mounting, with just the sound of moving ballot papers.

    Stephen Lloyd

    Liberal Democrat Stephen Lloyd is defending the seat - but nationally the party is currently forecast to lose 47 seats.

  124. East Surrey

    Declaration delay

    Our first results were expected in East Surrey by 02:00 BST but we've just heard the results there could now come in by 03:30 BST.

  125. Folkestone & Hythe

    Turnout high

    Stuart Maisner

    BBC South East Today

    The returning officer in Folkestone expects high turnout.

    He says there were queues in places they had never had queues before.

  126. Dartford

    High turnout delay

    Faye Hackwell

    BBC Radio Kent

    Another South East constituency with a higher than expected turnout.

    The count in Dartford is progressing but the result is not expected until nearer 05:00 BST - the returning officer had thought it would be 04:00 BST.

  127. Hastings & Rye

    Violet ballot papers being counted

    Counting is underway in Hastings. Ballot papers had to be reprinted in violet after more than 70,000 were stolen.

    Hastings beach and pier
  128. Rochester & Strood

    Focus on UKIP

    Piers Hopkirk

    BBC South East Today

    One man is proving the focus of attention in Medway - UKIP's Mark Reckless who is standing for Rochester & Strood.

    Filming at Medway count
  129. Guildford

    Sandwich break

    Adrian Harms

    BBC Surrey

    It's time for a sandwich break for vote-counters in Guildford.

    Sandwich break

    It looks as though there's another high turnout there too, with a 04:00 BST declaration looking increasingly optimistic.

  130. Crawley

    Labour/SNP deal

    Jack Fiehn

    BBC Sussex

    In Crawley, Conservative Henry Smith says the SNP and a potential deal with Labour has been mentioned by voters on the doorstep.

    He has also said Crawley's turnout could be "record-breaking" this time.

  131. South Thanet

    'Mood music' in South Thanet

    The "mood music" in South Thanet, where UKIP leader Nigel Farage is running, does not seem to be going in his favour, the BBC's Jo Coburn reports.

    The result's not due for another four hours or so.

  132. South Thanet and Hove

    Who's leaving?

    Some South East MPs have stepped down at this election, including Laura Sandys in South Thanet and Mike Weatherley in Hove.

    Laura Sandys

    Ms Sandys said her years as a Conservative MP had been the "most memorable" period of her life.

    And Mr Weatherley said his battle with cancer had led him to review what he wanted for the future but he would look back on his time representing his constituents with fond memories.

    Mike Weatherley
  133. Surrey Heath

    Gove-ing for a curry

    Johnny Cantor

    BBC Surrey

    Chicken tikka masala

    Rumour has it Michael Gove traditionally goes for a curry before going to the Surrey Heath count.

  134. South Thanet

    Al Murray arrives at count

    A chipper-looking Al Murray, aka the Pub Landlord, arrives at the count in Margate - he's up against Nigel Farage in South Thanet remember.

    Al Murray
  135. South Thanet

    Nigel Farage arrives

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage has arrived in Margate to await the results of the South Thanet count.

    Nigel Farage

    It is his fourth attempt at becoming an MP.

    He stood there in 2005 but won only 5% of the votes.

  136. Lewes

    'Too close to call'

    Mark Sanders

    BBC South East Today

    Conservative sources have told the Press Association that Lewes - where Norman Baker is defending for the Liberal Democrats - looks too close to call.

    Norman Baker
  137. Rochester & Strood

    Tories confident

    Piers Hopkirk

    BBC South East Today

    Conservatives in Medway are confident of overturning last November's by-election result, says BBC South East's Piers Hopkirk.

    Candidates in the November 2014 Rochester and Strood by-election

    They're hoping to take Rochester & Strood back from UKIP.

  138. South West Surrey

    Counting under way

    Kathryn Langley

    BBC Surrey

    The first few ballot boxes opened so far in South West Surrey.

    Ballot boxes
  139. Folkestone

    Hard at work

    Stuart Maisner

    BBC South East Today

    Verification of ballot papers is well under way at the Folkestone count.

    Folkestone count
  140. Brighton Kemptown and Brighton Pavilion

    Results hours away

    Bob Dale

    BBC Sussex

    All the ballot boxes are now at the Brighton Centre for the counts in Brighton Kemptown and Brighton Pavilion.

    Brighton counts

    Results there are still hours away - with Brighton Kemptown expecting to declare at 07:00 BST and Brighton Pavilion at 08:00 BST.

  141. East Surrey

    First-time voters 'lost'

    Sylvie Blackmore

    BBC Surrey

    According to hearsay, some voters in Caterham and Warlingham in the East Surrey constituency got lost on the way to their polling stations.

    It turns out they had never voted before.

  142. Dover

    Voting statistics

    Chrissie Reidy

    BBC South East Today

    About 30,000 people have used a postal vote in Dover.

    Dover count

    That makes up 25% of votes in the constituency.

  143. Post update

    How much spending?

    Louise Stewart

    Political editor, South East

    I've unpicked the funding figures after several party leaders called for money to be taken from the area for less prosperous ones.

    £10 notes

    I found the average spending per head per year in England was £8,678.

    Out of all the English regions, public spending per head was lowest in the South East at £7,756 per year - 13% below the UK average.

  144. Lewes

    Soft play?

    Mark Sanders

    BBC South East Today

    Some of the media have set up camp at the in the soft play area. Plenty to do in the small hours. #GE2015 #Lewes

    Reporters at Lewes

    And here's the evidence.

  145. Surrey Heath

    Accuracy not speed

    Johnny Cantor

    BBC Surrey

    The Surrey Heath returning officer has given a clear message to counters.

    They are under instructions to go for "accuracy not speed".

  146. South Thanet & Faversham and Mid Kent

    Queues before polls closed

    Before polls closed, voter Jo Howard said she had seen people walking away from a polling station in Bearsted - which is in the Faversham and Mid Kent constituency - because of long queues.

    And a Broadstairs man who asked to remain anonymous told BBC South East Today voters were "queuing around the block" at a polling station in South Thanet.

  147. Guildford

    Wristband 'crisis'

    More on that wristband "crisis" at the Guildford count and how to solve it.

    Swimming pool

    David Hearn tweets: "@AdrianHarms @BBCSurrey Get someone to pop across to the swimming pool and borrow some wrist bands from there. Might smell of chlorine ;)"

  148. Brighton Kemptown and Lewes

    Exit poll predictions

    Louise Stewart

    Political editor, South East

    The exit poll suggests Brighton Kempton will stay Conservative, but it also suggests Liberal Democrat Norman Baker could lose Lewes.

    Lewes has had a Conservative history but turned Lib Dem in 1997 when Mr Baker took over. He held on to it in 2010 with a majority of 7,647.

  149. Sittingbourne & Sheppey

    Banana brief

    Natalie Eacersall

    BBC South East Today

    More "election colour" from the Sittingbourne & Sheppey count - with a briefcase of bananas.

    Monster Raving Loony Party members

    This is Monster Raving Loony Party candidate Mad Mike Young, with fellow party member Sheikh Mi Hand.

  150. Chichester

    High turnout?

    Allison Ferns

    BBC Sussex

    Some news from the Chichester count.

    They have put back the count by an hour. Apparently, this could indicate a high turnout.

  151. Guildford

    Wristband 'crisis'

    Adrian Harms

    BBC Surrey

    I've been reporting about a "temporary crisis" - that the identification wristbands have run out at the Guildford count.

  152. Rochester & Strood

    Election colour

    Piers Hopkirk

    BBC South East Today

    You want election colour, you got it - courtesy of former Rochester & Strood Liberal Democrat candidate Geoff Juby.

    Geoff Juby

    Mr Juby stood in last year's Rochester & Strood by-election. The general election Liberal Democrat candidate for Rochester is Prue Bray.

  153. Post update

    'Incredibly romantic'

    Many election traditions stretch back to before the 1950s - an era without Twitter feeds, rolling news or televised election debates.

    Election count 1959

    For some, the rituals of election night affirm British parliamentary democracy, but others wonder if its past its sell-by date.

    The BBC asked whether general elections were stuck in the past?

  154. Eastbourne

    Long night ahead?

    Juliette Parkin

    BBC South East Today

    Here's how the count at Eastbourne is looking.

    Eastbourne count

    Eastbourne has been Liberal Democrat and has been a key target seat for the Conservatives. It is seen as a possible sign of how keenly the battle would be fought.

  155. Crawley

    Midnight start

    Counting is due to get under way at about midnight at Crawley's K2 leisure centre.

    Crawley count

    Ballot papers are being validated right now and clip boards are at the ready.

  156. Post update

    Early hours deadlines

    Several returning officers plan to meet a 03:00 BST deadline for declaring their results.

    Those areas include Canterbury, Dover, Eastbourne, Reigate and Woking.

  157. Hastings & Rye

    Minute's silence

    Simon Jenkins

    BBC Sussex

    I've been told a minute's silence will be held at the Hastings & Rye election count for Jeremy Birch, Hastings Borough Council leader, who died earlier this week.

    Council leader Jeremy Birch

    Tributes have also been paid to Mr Birch throughout the day. He had been a member of the council since 1998 and the leader for a total of 13 years, over two separate periods.

    He was being cared for in the Conquest Hospital after suffering what was thought to be a stroke.

  158. South Thanet

    Election battleground

    The fight for South Thanet is a local contest with national ramifications.

    Al Murray outside Dreamland amusement park in Margate

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said he will step down as party leader if he isn't elected.

    Voters there could choose from 11 candidates including Ruth Bailey from the Manston Airport Independent Party and comedian Al Murray - who is standing in his guise as The Pub Landlord with pledges to make Thanet the capital city and that beer will cost "1p a pint".

  159. Surrey Heath

    Tory confidence

    Louise Stewart

    Political editor, South East

    Based on the post-exit poll Michael Gove believes the Conservative Party have clearly won.

    Michael Gove

    Mr Gove is the sitting MP in Surrey Heath.

  160. Maidstone & The Weald

    Counters ready

    We've been sent this picture by Stuart Butler of counters ready for action in the Maidstone & The Weald constituency.

    Maidstone count

    Maidstone has been held by the Conservative Party since 1906, most famously by the former prisons minister turned celebrity Ann Widdecombe who took the seat in 1987.

    She stood down at the 2010 general election and was succeeded by Helen Grant.

  161. Post update

    Seaside marginals

    Sussex has got several marginal seats including Brighton Kemptown, Hastings & Rye and Hove.

    Out of those, Hastings is due to declare first at 04:00 BST, followed by Hove at 06:00 BST and Brighton Kemptown is expecting to give its results at 07:00 BST.

    View of Hastings

    Political editor Louise Stewart has said the Tories know they are vulnerable in those coastal communities.

  162. Rochester & Strood

    By-election turnaround?

    Piers Hopkirk

    BBC South East Today

    I'm at an election count in Medway, which saw the Rochester & Strood by-election last autumn.

    Medway count

    It's where former Tory MP Mark Reckless won the seat for UKIP last year.

  163. Surrey East

    First results coming

    We're expecting our first results to come in by 02:30 BST in Surrey East.

    The seat has been held by the Conservative's Sam Gyimah since 2010.

    View of Surrey with M25 in foreground

    Surrey East is 94% green belt and its largest towns are Caterham and Horley near the M25. Gatwick Airport is its largest single employer.

  164. Post update

    Good evening

    Tanya Gupta

    BBC News

    Welcome to our live page for the general election 2015.

    I'll be bringing you results, reaction and analysis as votes are counted for 44 seats across Kent, Sussex and Surrey. You can follow tweets using the hashtag #SEVote and email us your pictures and comments.