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  1. Five party representatives from Labour, the Conservatives, the Lib Dems, UKIP and the Greens have taken part in a debate on welfare
  2. Ed Miliband says he does not believe Labour will borrow more money than the Conservatives plan to, if he wins the election
  3. David Cameron insists he will put the country first if he fails to win an outright majority
  4. Nick Clegg says an EU referendum is not a coalition "red line" for the Lib Dems
  5. The SNP suspends two party members after a scuffle yesterday at a Labour rally in Glasgow
  6. There are two days left until the general election

Live Reporting

By Bernadette McCague, Marie Jackson and Jenny Matthews

All times stated are UK

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Tuesday round-up

So, we are shutting up shop for the night but before we go, let's remind ourselves of some of the day's biggest news:

- David Cameron said he would 'put the country first' if he failed to win an outright majority

- Ed Miliband said he did not accept an Institute for Fiscal Studies assessment that debt would be £90bn higher in 2019-20 under his plans than under the Conservatives' if he won the election.

- Nick Clegg said an EU referendum was not a coalition "red line" for the Lib Dems - and warned of the risk of a second election before Christmas if parties tried to go it alone as a minority government

- UKIP candidate Robert Blay was suspended after being filmed apparently threatening to shoot a Conservative rival while another of the party's candidates apologised for offensive remarks about a female journalist

- The SNP suspended two members of their party following scuffles at a rally held by the Scottish Labour leader in Glasgow

- The Green Party urged voters to "send a message" on climate change

- Lucy Powell, the vice-chair of Labour's general election campaign, denied suggesting Ed Miliband could break his election pledges.

- The Democratic Unionist Party said a commission on the union would be a "red line" in any post-election negotiations

- Footage has surfaced of Ed Miliband when he was known as Ted Miliband

Ed Miliband
ITV Meridian
Ted Miliband

My learned colleagues will be back with you tomorrow from 06:00. We promise to do our best to avoid starting every sentence with: "Less than 24 hours to go..." So with just over 24 hours to go, goodnight!

Mystery solved

Some clarification for Newsnight viewers wondering who the four pints behind UKIP's Mark Reckless were for:

For the avoidance of doubt @BBCNewsnight Thurrock interview: mine was the OJ and the four pints were ordered by hotel staff finishing shift!

Down the pub

Independent on Sunday political editor

I love the fact that it's only Tuesday night but #newsnight are broadcasting from pubs like it's the start of a 72-hour election-througher

Reckless apologises

BBC Newsnight presenter

Reckless also apologises for Robert Blay, insists UKIP has tried as hard as possible to vet candidates

Number 10

10 Downing Street
Who's going to walk through that door? The wait is almost over.

Unscripted arguments and elephants in the room


An interesting discussion has gone on on Newsnight. Labour peer Baroness Morgan says she thinks party leaders have handled the media well and come out pretty unscathed. But she feels the campaign has lacked drama, leaving a lot of people feeling disconnected. Conservative peer Lord Finkelstein defends David Cameron's reluctance to engage in unscripted arguments with members of the public. He has a lot to do - to be professional, get his message across and not drop the ball, he says. Independent editor Amol Rajan says the first past the post system is an issue that will need looking at. Lord Finkelstein says, though, the real elephant in the room will be having "nearly 50 separatist MPs" in Westminster after the election, referring to the SNP's expected success.

Independent front page

INDEPENDENT: Post election 'shambles' looms as legitimacy crisis worsens #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

INDEPENDENT: Post election 'shambles' looms as legitimacy crisis worsens #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

'Not embarrassed at all'


Emma Reynolds
Screen grab

Evan Davis does his best to get straight answers out of his Newsnight guests. Labour shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds is pressed on whether she would be embarrassed if a smaller party were to become the governing party. "Not embarrassed at all," she finally says.

Late swing

BBC Newsnight has started on BBC2.

Newsnight is all over the place tonight- in a good way. We're up and down the country looking for that late swing #GE2015

Second general election speculation

James Landale

Deputy political editor

Underneath all the frantic last-minute campaigning and spinning is a strain of uncertainty pervading the parties, says James Landale.

Normally they sort of sense which way the wind is blowing - the voters want change or the voters want more of the same. This time, I think, the politicians, the pollsters and the media are struggling to read the election. That's why there is so much focus on what happens if there's an uncertain result. As such, Thursday might not be the end of the process. It might just be the calling of the half-time whistle. Not only could we see a long process of protracted negotiation between the parties if none of them win outright, but also Nick Clegg has raised the speculation that there could even be a second general election this year. That will concentrate one or two minds.

The Guardian

GUARDIAN: Revealed - hitlist of welfare cuts facing next Chancellor #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

GUARDIAN: Revealed - hitlist of welfare cuts facing next Chancellor #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

The Scotsman

THE SCOTSMAN: Leaders target Scotland in final push for votes #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

THE SCOTSMAN: Leaders target Scotland in final push for votes #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

Tomorrow's Financial Times

FINANCIAL TIMES: Party leaders scramble to line up durable coalition deals #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

FINANCIAL TIMES: Party leaders scramble to line up durable coalition deals #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers