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  1. School Reporters around the UK are having their final practice ahead of News Day
  2. School Report's 10th News Day takes place on Thursday 10 March
  3. There are plenty of resources available to help you and your students -

Live Reporting

By Ian Westbrook, Katherine Sellgren, Alice Rizzo and BBC News School Reporters

All times stated are UK

Practice News Day live officially over!

Well, that’s it for our fourth and final Practice News Day of 2015/16. Thank you for all your hard work and for telling us about what you’ve been up to. We hope you’ve enjoyed the day!

So now we’re counting down to the big day itself - News Day on Thursday 10 March. Until then, keep your ideas coming and keep across our Student Reports index to see what other schools have been up to.  

Please send us the URL of your School Report webpage so we can turn you green on our map and people can click through to your work directly from the BBC website.

Remember our Teachers Resources index for loads of tips and advice on how to make this 10th anniversary of School Report the best year ever! 

Belfast Royal Academy School Reporter

Good luck first timers!

A big shout out to the The Westminster School in Rowley Regis in the West Midlands who are taking part in School Report for the first time this year. 

The team are planning to report on some exciting school trips and are keeping their audience updated with the latest chart news.

Call for teachers to explain online bullying dangers

Back to the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson team and Amrita told the forum that in schools, teachers don't teach enough about dangers of bullying online and should start talking about it in primary schools as well. 

She added that people that should be positive and see things from another perspective as well as their own. 

Beacon of light

A big shout-out to The Beacon School in Buckinghamshire, who had their first School Report get-together of the year this week.

The Beacon School

Revision - is it necessary?

A quick mention for the Wren Academy in Finchley who are reporting on some of the teaching methods in their school, including vertical tutoring and single sex teaching for some subjects, as well as the EU referendum and revision - is it necessary?

School secrets of 1916 Easter Rising

School Reporters from St Malachy’s College in Belfast explored their school archive to uncover the secrets of past pupils who fought in the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin.


Practice News Day in an hour!

Well done to School Reporters at Longcroft School in Humberside who did their Practice News Day in an hour!

They’ve been working on some "in-school" reports such as the latest results of their school hockey team and have also conducted an interview with one of the school's Year 11 students, who is a National Judo Champion.


We have had so many updates that we are keeping the page going for a few minutes longer so we can feature as many of you as possible!

Day not over for EGA students

This live page is drawing to a close soon - but the day is far from over for our gallant band from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school who are at Safer Internet Day workshops and presentations in London as you can see from these photographs.

Clara and Nadirah with the CEO of Childnet, Will Gardner
Clara and Nadirah with the CEO of Childnet, Will Gardner
Maibritt & Sarya told the forum teachers & parents needed to be educated about what children encounter online
Maibritt & Sarya told the forum teachers & parents needed to be educated about what children encounter online
Amrita told the forum some people are worried about reporting a bully in case the bully finds out
Amrita told the forum some people are worried about reporting a bully in case the bully finds out

Practice News Day proves to be a good learning curve

Year 7 and 8 School Reporters at All Saints' Catholic Academy in Mansfield learnt a lot by taking part in Practice News Day. 

Wiktoria said she "learnt how to edit audio clips". Dawid said he "learnt how to edit videos". Amy "enjoyed editing videos and watching how it is all done". Harriet  said: "I enjoyed writing an article." Ben added: "I enjoyed saying Jamie Vardy’s having a party!"

Well done to all at All Saints!

Happy Chinese New Year in Kent!

School Reporters at Bradfields Academy in Kent have been reporting on the Chinese New Year and internet safety. They also had a visit from two members of the School Report team!

Bradfields Academy School Reporters

Using YouTube

Many news organisations now use YouTube to reach an even wider audience. Visit this page for help and to hear BBC YouTube editor Marko Zoric explain how the corporation uses the video-sharing website.  

Marko Zoric

School Reporters impress their teacher

School Reporters from Highcrest Academy in High Wycombe have impressed their teacher with their ideas!

Miss Meakes said:We have had some fab entries from our Year 7 students on littering, national breakfast week and school football results. It is really encouraging to see them engaging so well!"

Keep up the great work Team Highcrest!

Calling all former School Reporters - we need your help!

School Report is celebrating its' 10th birthday this year!

Thousands of secondary school children from around the UK have taken part in the project since it started in 2007 - and we want to hear from them.

If you are a former School Reporter, or know someone who took part in the project one year, please could you fill in our Alumni Survey, or pass it on, to help our continual improvement of the project for the future?

Do you remember how we looked back in 2007? This shot of our first-ever homepage may remind you!

School Report homepage 2007

School Report treads the boards

Pupils at the Glyn School in Ewell had a taste of the showbiz lifestyle recently with their very own red-carpet premiere of the latest school production - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The school's School Report team decided to host the preview to give students the opportunity to hone their broadcasting and interviewing skills.

"The school production is always a big event and a major fixture on the calendar, and the fact that this year it comes close to School Report day meant that it was a great opportunity to get twice as much activity and involvement from it," said English teacher, Marise Jeyarajah, who is helping run School Report.

It's a dog's life!

School Reporters at Cirencester Deer Park School are working hard on their stories, including a story about their school dog. Stay tuned to School Report for more on their pet….and pictures!

Reporting from the Bett Show

School Reporters from Eastlea Community School in Canning Town, east London, have been practising their journalistic skills at the Bett Technology Show!

Eastlea's talented @BBCSchoolReport students reported from #bett2016 in preparation for #NewsDay

Eastlea's talented @BBCSchoolReport students reported from #bett2016 in preparation for #NewsDay

Five hours down, one to go!

Five hours into Practice News Day live and students across the UK have been busy making the news.

These School Reporters from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school in Islington (left to right: Salina, Lashay and Ndey) have been working at a special Safer Internet Day event. They were encouraged to fill in a heart with a message about staying safe online - #shareaheart.

With one hour to go, there's just enough time to tell us what you've been up to! 

Email us at with your stories. 


Take the School Report video listicle challenge!

To mark BBC School Report's 10th anniversary, we've come up with a listicle challenge! A listicle is a numbered or bullet-point list which is published online, often as a text article. But we're challenging School Reporters to come up with a short video in the form of a 10-item listicle. Choose your topic - it could be anything from 10 Reasons Why People Should Visit Our Town to 10 Reasons Why We Love School Report. 

Read more about the challenge here and watch our own listicle effort!

School Report listicle

Learning tricks of the trade from a BBC expert

One of our BBC mentors Richard Murrell visited Ormiston Rivers Academy in Essex and worked with the School Reporters on cutting and editing their audio reports.

Eden and Robyn in Year 8 have produced a report on the problems with overcrowding outside the canteen at lunchtime.

Marissa and Isabel have produced a report on the issue of disruptive students in lessons.

They have had a fantastic day so far and have learnt lots about audio editing software and creating a seamless report. 

This afternoon they will be perfecting their reports so they are seamless and ready to go!

Isabel and Marissa working with Richard Murrell

Staying safe online

Birkam and Bianca, both 12, from St Mark's Church of England Academy have been working on School Report for three weeks and it’s finally time to put their hard work into practice.  

They’re looking at Safer Internet Day today and the dangers of the internet and how to stay safe by using the SMART method.

Get your school green on the map!

Is your school green on the School Report map? Schools are made red when they have registered, yellow when they have returned the consent forms and green when they have returned all forms and have also created a School Report URL webpage. To check your status, click here. Remember the URL of your dedicated School Report web page means we can link to all the wonderful stories you’ve been telling  – and will be telling!     


Unique reporting formats sought

Walworth Academy School Reporters in Southwark are pondering on how they can produce reports in unique formats, like illustration. Watch this space on 10 March to see what creative story-telling techniques they put into practice!

Reporters tackle tough topics

The team at Wildern School in Hampshire is busy making three videos.

The subjects are:

 - do kids feel safe in an age of terrorism?

 - can music save kids form getting depressed?

 - technology review piece on 9D television.

There are 18 School Reporters working today, but a massive 380 taking part on News Day!

Wildern School's School Reporters

Preparing for pop-up radio show

A warm welcome to Pedmore Technology College and Community School in Dudley who are taking part in Practice News Day at the last minute!

They have 21 School Reporters involved today, with six of them recording a package for the Pop-Up radio show, being broadcast from Birmingham on News Day on 10 March, looking into conceptions around stereotypes. 

The rest are currently investigating: 

- are video games having a negative impact on pupils' school grades?

- looking into a planet beyond Pluto

- do Cadbury's encourage young people to consume too much sugar? (Will be researching more on a school trip to Cadbury World) 

- fizzy drinks vs water: a look inside the school canteen and pupils' consumption of fizzy drinks during school hours. 

We look forward to seeing the finished reports!

Europe: In or out?

Greenacre School in Surrey have had a busy Practice News Day.

Olivia and Georgia have been reporting on the EU Referendum and you can watch their video report at the bottom of their School Report webpage.

School Reporters Olivia and Georgia

Basketball proves popular in north London

Students from Quintin Kynaston Academy in north London are working on a range of story ideas ahead of News Day. They are reporting on their part in the Model UN project, their school council and why basketball is such a popular sport at their school - particularly among girls.

Tweet tweet!

Twitter is a wonderful tool for promoting your stories. But it’s not without its pitfalls. Read our School Report guide to using Twitter and tweeting safely, although remember you have to be aged 13 or over to have an account.

Twitter logo

Immigration crisis in focus

Students from Haydon School in Hillingdon are excited about being involved in the project and are currently carrying out research on issues such as the immigration crisis (with a focus on how it is affecting the lives of children) and global warming.     

How long could you go without sugar?

School Reporters at St Mary's Catholic High School in Croydon have been busy working on a story about sugar, their teacher Miss Spillane told School Report HQ this afternoon. 

“We’ve brainstormed so many ideas but wanted one that affects all teenagers - so decided to investigate all aspects of sugar and sugar addiction. 

"The School Reporters have been keeping video diaries as they try to go without sugar and have looked at the impact on their health in science.” 

School Reporters at The Mountbatten School in Romsey are finishing off their reports on Storm Imogen, advances in spinal surgery and students' sugar addictions!

School Reporters at The Mountbatten School

Storm Imogen

Storm Imogen caused quite a stir on Monday. When does the weather become news? Find out more about when the weather can be a story for you.  

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly
Dave Sherris

May the force be with you!

School Reporters from Archbishop Tenison's CofE High School in Croydon have been visiting the nearby Valence School and are reporting on technology to support students with SEN.

We love this R2D2 remote control !! @BBCSchoolReport

We love this R2D2 remote control !! @BBCSchoolReport

Four hours down, two to go!

Four hours into Practice News Day live and students across the UK, including School Reporters from Alperton Community School in London, are busy making the news.

With two hours still to go, there's plenty of time to tell us what you're up to! 

Email us at with your stories. 

School Reporters

Celebrities interviewed

The School Report team from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school in Islington are now on to interviewing celebrities at their Safer Internet Day event.

Sarya and Maibritt met R&B singers Harvey Cantwell and Tallia Storm. Harvey told them he wants to make young people more aware of staying safe online, while Tallia is involved in anti-bullying campaigning

(Left to right) Harvey Cantwell, Sarya, Maibritt and Tallia Storm
(Left to right) Harvey Cantwell, Sarya, Maibritt and Tallia Storm

Meanwhile Amrita (left middle) and Nadirah met YouTube presenters Sammy (left) and Niki Albon. The 23-year-old twins present a twice-weekly video based on their observations of life around them, containing a bit of comedy and general entertainment. 

Sammy Albon, Amrita, Nadirah, Niki Albon

Are term-time holiday fines fair?

Thanks to Longsands Academy in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, for sending us a list of the stories they are working on for Practice News Day! 

The stories they are looking into include term-time holidays - Is it fair for parents to be punished for cheaper holidays?

School Reporters are also looking at the highs and lows of the academy's sporting achievements, as well as women in sport and whether gender equality really exists. They are also exploring whether the concept of "bringing your own device" can help - or hinder! -  school resources.  

From dogs to airports!

The reporting team at Charles Darwin School are gearing up for their practice day on Thursday. On their agenda is a report about Biggin Hill airport and their families' involvement in World War Two and the issue of dogs and stereotypes. Happy reporting!

School Reports at Charles Darwin