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Live Reporting

By Brian Wheeler and Aiden James

All times stated are UK

  1. Labour hustings: What have we learned?

    Adam Fleming

    Reporter, Daily Politics

    We knew that there were few major policy differences between the two men and that the real division was over who had the qualities to lead the Labour Party. 

    Jeremy Corbyn failing to recognise Ant and Dec is the sort of thing that might get talked about in the pub tonight, while the political establishment is wondering whether Owen Smith really does think there will come a time for talks with so-called Islamic State. 

    The main thing I will take away from the debate is just how upset angry, confused and hurt ordinary Labour members are about the state of their party.

  2. That's your lot - but the debate continues...

    Victoria Derbyshire

    The two hour Labour leadership hustings has ended - but the debate is just getting going on the BBC News Facebook page

    How did the two contenders do? Did they succeed in changing your mind? 

    Were the audience right about the atmosphere in the Labour Party? 

    Does anyone care if Jeremy Corbyn doesn't know who Ant and Dec are? 

    Political Correspondent Chris Mason is waiting to take your questions.

  3. Corbyn wins over the undecided

    Victoria Derbyshire


    The debate concludes and the undecided voters in the audience are invited to walk to join either the Jeremy Corbyn supporters or Owen Smith's supporters.

    The majority of them move to join Jeremy Corbyn's side.

  4. Labour hustings: Candidates on tuition fees

    Victoria Derbyshire

    A young audience members says she is worried about tuition fees.

    Owen Smith says he favours a graduate tax rather than tuition fees paid for my student borrowing.

    Jeremy Corbyn favours raising corporation tax instead and taxing people "because they are wealthy, rather than because of the qualifications that they've got".

  5. Owen Smith on second referendum

    Victoria Derbyshire

    Owen Smith says that "all the things Jeremy and I want to do will be immeasurably harder" outside the EU.

    He says a deal on leaving the EU should be "put back to the British people in a second referendum" if Conservative ministers "sell us down the river" on workers' rights and the NHS.

  6. Corbyn criticised over EU referendum campaign

    Victoria Derbyshire

    Jeremy Corbyn says he wishes the UK had voted to remain in the EU.

    "I did my best in that campaign," he insists, getting an angry reaction from some in the audience.

    "David Cameron came across far more passionately than you ever did," one says.

    But Mr Corbyn insists he backed EU membership for reasons including consumer protection and "market access" for British industry.

    And another audience member says he had been a Eurosceptic but Mr Corbyn persuaded him to vote Remain.

  7. Corbyn on past parliamentary rebellions

    Victoria Derbyshire

    Jeremy Corbyn is asked why he rebelled against the last Labour government many times but now criticises MPs who oppose him.

    Mr Corbyn says he rebelled against the party over issues including Iraq and PFI and "did not engage in abuse of anybody".

  8. Nuclear weapons policy

    Victoria Derbyshire

    Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn

    On nuclear weapons, Owen Smith says he "wants to rid the world" of such weapons but that should be done through negotiation.

    He adds that "the country wants the Labour Party to be serious" about security.

    Jeremy Corbyn says he would keep submarines "armed with non-nuclear weapons", adding that the UK is committed to "take steps towards disarmament" along with other nuclear powers and he wants to contribute to that.

    He argues that nuclear weapons do not provide security.