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Capturing Cumbria

Caz Graham meets farmer and award-winning photographer Amy Bateman.
Amy Bateman is the winner of the 2019 British Life Photography Awards. She’s also a farmer and the picture that won her this top award is an atmospheric selfie she took late at night whilst feeding lambs in a Cumbrian stone barn. Caz Graham joins her for an Autumn day on the farm and fells to talk sheep, shutter speeds and portraying rural and farming Britain to a largely urban audience.

Photos: Copyright Amy Bateman
Steve McQueen's Year 3 children exhibition unveiled at Tate
The Oscar-winning filmmaker and artist and his team photographed more than 75,000 Year 3 children.

A thousand unknown faces

Couple with a baby
Hackney Archives

What is thought to be the largest collection of images from a High Street photographer in the UK is being digitised - but, as Damian Zane reports, only a few details are known about who features in Ron Gibson's 150,000 photos from the London borough of Hackney.

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