Week in pictures: 8 - 14 January 2022


A selection of powerful news photographs taken around the world this week.

Image source, Jessica Taylor / UK Parliament
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Boris Johnson takes part in Prime Minister's Questions at the House of Commons, London. Mr Johnson admitted he attended a drinks party at No 10 during the first UK lockdown and offered a "heartfelt apology", but said he had believed it to be a work event.
Image source, James Ross / EPA
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Novak Djokovic trains at Melbourne Park in Australia on Wednesday. Australia later revoked Mr Djokovic's visa for a second time in a row over his right to remain in the country unvaccinated. He has been detained by immigration officials ahead of a further a court hearing on Sunday.
Image source, Victoria Jones / PA Media
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A man writes on a heart at the National Covid Memorial Wall in Westminster, London. The UK passed the milestone of more than 150,000 people dying within 28 days of a positive Covid test since the pandemic began, making it the seventh country to do so, after the US, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico and Peru.
Image source, Greg Baker / AFP
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The Great Wall of China is seen after a light snowfall at Jiankou, north of Beijing.
Image source, Ian West / PA Media
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A man takes a hammer to a statue on the BBC's Broadcasting House in central London on Wednesday. The man was brought down by the police several hours later. The Prospero and Ariel statue was carved by Eric Gill and has been on display at the BBC since 1933.
Image source, Damon Coulter / Getty Images
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Women in traditional kimono visit Senso-ji temple in Tokyo, Japan, to celebrate Seijin no Hi (Coming of Age Day). On the national holiday, those who turn 20 are officially welcomed into adulthood in ceremonies in city halls and public spaces.
Image source, Narinder Nanu / AFP
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Sikh devotees gather to pay respect on the occasion of Maghi festival at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.
Image source, Douglas Magno / AFP
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A firefighter searches a property in Raposos, Brazil, following flooding caused by torrential rains in the state of Minas Gerais. The floods and landslides have killed at least 15 people and forced more than 28,000 to leave their homes.
Image source, Kerem Yucel / AFP
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A climber navigates an ice-covered rock wall at the Sandstone Ice Climbing Festival at Robinson Park in Sandstone, Minnesota, US.
Image source, Arif Ali / AFP
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A balloon vendor waits to cross rail tracks amid foggy conditions in Lahore, Pakistan.

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