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Your pictures on the theme of 'monochrome'


We asked our readers to send in their pictures on the theme of "monochrome". Here are some of the pictures sent to us from around the world.

image copyrightHoward Smith
image captionHoward Smith: "Beinn Alligin is one of the Torridonian triptych of mountains in the North West of Scotland. This particular morning found a covering of snow on the summit whilst the harsh early morning light revealed the detailed topography of the neighbouring Liathach."
image copyrightLadka Kurzrock
image captionLadka Kurzrock: "Monochrome always highlights the moment of peace - the lovebirds comforting each other while they were resting in our garden. I love taking monochrome photos because it includes all its tones in a single colour and delivers rich emotions."
image copyrightUsha Venkat
image captionUsha Venkat: "I took this picture of a Paris cityscape from my hotel window before the pandemic. The monochromic image under overcast conditions makes me yearn for such cosy days."
image copyrightMalvika K. Hathiramani
image captionMalvika K Hathiramani: "We have had exceptionally rainy weather over the past few months in Barbados and the afternoons have been dark with rainclouds. I was trying to figure out how to take an interesting shot of flowering weeds which had sprung up on my windowsill. Although the colours of lavender and green made for a nice colour composition, I ended up taking this image from the inside of the window as the wet, dusty window and silhouette of the plant also made for an interesting composition of forms and grey tones."
image copyrightNikos Christidis
image captionNikos Christidis: "I took this photo of my wife as she was making her way to the boarding gate. The monochrome effect nicely accentuates the urban feel of Bangkok's airport."
image copyrightYvonne Warriner
image captionYvonne Warriner called this picture, taken in Scarborough, Turned out Nice Again!
image copyrightS Moore
image captionS Moore: "Little Lucy, my monochrome cat, camouflaged on the monochrome blanket as she has a cat nap."
image copyrightPaul Granahan
image captionPaul Granahan: "In monochrome, the rims of the craters on the lunar surface are even more discernible."
image copyrightAndreas Demuth
image captionAndreas Demuth sent in this delightful picture of the St Georg, an old steamer on the Alster River in Hamburg. "This old steamer was built in 1876 by the Reiherstieg shipyard and restored in 1994. Apart from being rather laboriously steered by a vertical wheel and a 75 horsepower engine, it has wonderful almost quixotic signs from the old days, for example, 'Unsecured Hatpins Forbidden'."
image copyrightJenny James
image captionJenny James: "Dandelions and grasses demonstrating that with the right filter and angle even a grass verge in suburban Wirral can look dramatic."
image copyrightRobby Bernstein
image captionRobby Bernstein: "The view from the Manhattan Bridge, NYC, looking down on a busy shopping precinct in Brooklyn, on a typical Saturday morning ‑ before the pandemic."
image copyrightJim Hargrove
image captionJim Hargrove: "I took this photograph of my sister-in-law's miniature poodle, Stuart, as he sunned himself through a window. The natural light and shadows give an almost vintage, glamour feel to the image."
image copyrightJean-Philippe Plourde
image captionJean-Philippe Plourde took this monochrome picture in Quebec City's old port.
image copyrightKate Logan
image captionKate Logan: "This is a photo of my friend's hand, also the artist who painted the hand, on a chequerboard."
image copyrightFrank Hendre
image captionFrank Hendre: "Ogre-faced spider (Deinopis subrufra). New South Wales Australia."
image copyrightEwen Murray
image captionEwen Murray: "My friend's dog Tilly leaping into the pond at John Clark's estate in Penicuik, Midlothian."
image copyrightPeter Walters
image captionPeter Walters: " A long-planned trip to the Joshua Tree National Park in California that just beat Covid. Everywhere justified a photograph, but this long-dead tree, drying in the desert sun, was starkly monochrome already and fitted the other-worldly feel of this beautiful place."
image copyrightKatarina Brown
image captionKatarina Brown: "This photo was taken looking up in the foyer of a hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia."
image copyrightGary Henderson
image captionGary Henderson: "This picture was taken in a park in Colchester, Essex, one Sunday morning in August as [coronavirus]restrictions were lifted and people could return to their pastimes and hobbies. I love the way it captures the freedom of the bowls players while seemingly playing within the boundary of the fence. It summed up freedom and lockdown in one photo for me."
image copyrightLeigh Parsons
image captionLeigh Parsons: "Inverting this monochrome photograph of a poppy created an image reminiscent of an X-ray."

The next theme is "My 2020 - your best photo from the past year" and the deadline for entries is 8 December 2020. The pictures will be published towards the end of the year.

Send pictures to or follow the link below to "Upload your pictures here".

Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the picture", at the bottom of the page.

All photographs subject to copyright.

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