Your pictures on the theme of 'urban living'


We asked our readers to send in their pictures on the theme of "urban living". Here are some of the pictures sent to us from around the world.

Image source, Nikos Christidis
Image caption,
Nikos Christidis: "Rush-hour traffic is surely a downside of urban living, but this does not make New York any less exciting."
Image source, Nick V Briggs
Image caption,
Nick V Briggs: "Living myself in a semi-rural area I was taken aback at how high the buildings are and are so close together. It just added to the experience of a fantastic few days exploring Hong Kong before moving on to Australia."
Image source, Conor Donnelly
Image caption,
Conor Donnelly took this picture during rush hour in London in 2019.
Image source, Paul Granahan
Image caption,
Paul Granahan: "A scene of everyday urban living, as San Francisco police officers have an informal meeting on a street close to Canary Wharf."
Image source, Mike Doyle
Image caption,
Mike Doyle: "People walking across the Millennium Bridge in London, taken from the dome of St Paul's Cathedral."
Image source, Brian Tinker
Image caption,
Brian Tinker: "We took a lazy drive around the stunning Parco Nationale del Gargano in Apulia, Italy. We had to stop in the middle of the road to capture this view of urban living, Apulia-style, in Monte Sant'Angelo."
Image source, Andrew D. Jackson
Image caption,
Andrew D. Jackson: "For better or for worse, shopping centres are a familiar part of urban living. At their best, they can give us a fresh perspective on the real world outside."
Image source, Melek Zimmer Zahine
Image caption,
Melek Zimmer Zahine: "I took the photo from a taxi one evening while passing by a bus stop in Istanbul."
Image source, Roy Frankland
Image caption,
Roy Frankland: "The window of Debenhams, closed and dead in the Metrocentre Gateshead, taken last week."
Image source, Delia Nüesch-Olver
Image caption,
Delia Nüesch-Olver: "Sunday in Buenos Aires."
Image source, Douglas Fry
Image caption,
Douglas Fry: "For a walk around town with her friends, you need a dress and substantial iconic footwear. Cleme's favourite boots get well worn as they do, apparently, go with everything."
Image source, Wilf Marshall
Image caption,
Wilf Marshall: "Urban break in Covent Garden."
Image source, Juliette Claro
Image caption,
Juliette Claro in Gloucestershire, UK: "The sheep rule the streets in Matson GL4."

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