Doma Dovgialo: Portraits of the quarantined mind


Photographer Doma Dovgialo's new project Portraits of the Quarantined Mind is an online collaboration inviting people to use their portraits to reveal their innermost thoughts through drawing.

"I often feel that a photograph is simply not enough," says Doma. "It seems like it's only showing my point of view as a photographer and lacking a deeper communication with the subject. I tried to address this feeling by finding a way to incorporate the person's own voice."

The project reveals the powerful effect quarantine and prolonged isolation can have on a person's mental state.


"Photographing online made the process really collaborative; all I could do is use words to try and direct the person and we worked together to achieve the best image," explains Doma.

"The challenge to translate their thoughts/feelings into something tangible, like a drawing, created an opportunity for a deeper reflection about their inner worlds.

"The handwritten notes feel almost tactile, so human and fragile and show the personality of the sitter. I find that the best way to visualise what another person has been through is to allow them to become the main storyteller."

"I drew all the things I cannot do... I'm missing the feeling of opportunity, of being out in the early evening, when anything is possible."


"I am not running from who I am, nor my identity. I'm not trying to assimilate nor whitewash... I want to say, stop seeing me. Start feeling me."


"Quarantine has been a very strange time. Made me understand the value of the moment... the hours never passed."


"The only constant of life is change... I now have to embrace that."


Image source, Doma Dovgialo

"Its been nice to stay at home and have more time for myself to reflect - even to get the chance to miss my freedom."

You can find out more about the project on the website Portraits of The Quarantined Mind.

All photos copyright: Doma Dovgialo