Your pictures on the theme of 'night vision'

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We asked our readers to send in their pictures on the theme of "night vision". Here are some of the pictures sent to us from around the world.

Cyclist in London at nightImage source, John West
Image caption,
John West: "This cyclist seemed so vulnerable on a dark January evening amongst all the traffic at a busy Edinburgh junction."
Image source, Ian Salisbury
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Ian Salisbury: "The pupil of a leopard's eye constricts or dilates rapidly according to the amount of light that is available. Because of their adapted retinas, leopards have exceptional night vision and can see seven times better in the dark than humans, which results in them being very successful nocturnal hunters. Photo taken at night whilst on safari in Zambia's South Luangwa National Park."
Image source, Brandon Ellison
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Brandon Ellison: "Peering out of my study window late at night, everything in darkness apart from a few house lights and the distant glow of London bouncing off the clouds. (Taken with a 360 camera.)"
Image source, Lynka Belanger
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Lynka Belanger: "Like many lakes around the world, the Memphremagog Lake has a monster… here is a close-up of Memphre's head decorated for Christmas."
Image source, Julia Uttley
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Julia Uttley: "I love the work of American artists such as Ed Ruscha and Edward Hopper and during the early stages of lockdown, I tried to recreate the atmosphere of some of their work using a newly built service station as my subject that's just up the road from where I live."
Image source, Kerr Rankin
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Kerr Rankin: "On our final night camping on the Isle of Lewis we were greeted by the Milky Way."
Image source, Dean Johnson
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Dean Johnson: "I took this self-portrait while spending the night in a Bedouin tent in Wadi Rum, Jordan. I knew the distinct lack of light pollution would enable me to see the stars but nothing prepared me for this."
Image source, Jake Bernard
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Jake Bernard: "The photograph was taken in my urban garden using an infra-red camera with motion sensor. Endless hours of fun - noting who and what happens at night, just outside the back door."
Image source, Michael Chalmers
Image caption,
Michael Chalmers: "I took the photo of the full Moon from my back deck in Canton, Georgia, USA, early morning (around 04:30) on 3 September."
Image source, Ola Maddams
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Ola Maddams: "I've always loved the fact that once we go to sleep our garden comes to life with nocturnal animal activity - hedgehogs, foxes and an occasional badger. This picture captures a moment when a young fox enters our garden through an opening in the bushes."
Image source, Jack Chapman
Image caption,
Jack Chapman: "This was a new Moon night taking long exposures at Superstition Mountains, Arizona."
Image source, Conor Georgiou
Image caption,
Conor Georgiou photographed Comet Neowise (bottom left), the rising Moon (bottom centre) and the Milky Way. This was taken from Kinder Scout in the Peak District.


Image source, Cyd Hindle
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Cyd Hindle sent in this picture called Silent City: "This image was taken around 04:30 on the Roman walls in the city of Chester."
Image source, Simon Frost
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Simon Frost: "Even darkness can't halt a key game of ping pong when phone torches can bring night vision."

The next theme is "open road" and the deadline for entries is 29 September 2020.

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