Coronavirus: Your pictures on the theme of 'reflections'


We asked our readers to send in their pictures on the theme of "reflections" amid the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of the pictures sent to us from around the world.

image source, Sadia Qureshi
image captionSadia Qureshi: "The Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago is famous for its beautiful architecture, extravagance, and artsy store window displays all year round. I enjoy strolling around finding something new to capture every time I go. I captured this photo at the front of a closed store, the dark glass of which reflected beautifully what was across it, as if saying, 'I am you.'"
image source, Irina Wright
image captionIrina Wright: "A black and white image of Auckland waterfront taken at night and manipulated to create a major reflection."
image source, Stephan Martin
image captionStephan Martin: "It shows rain water that accumulated in a Paris street gutter, reflecting a hotel sign and a bit of sky. To me it is reality catching up with fiction, in the same way street artists paint trompe-l'oeil frescoes to create an optical illusion. Here, the reflection brings an escape from the dense urban surroundings."
image source, Frank Samet
image captionFrank Samet: "This was taken on Snetterton Beach in Norfolk and shows an inverted section of pipe/ducting sitting in some shallow sea water."
image source, Emily Phillips
image captionEmily Phillips: "Cretan sunset in my favourite place; reflection in the pool at the end of a sunny spring day."
image source, Ian Burrel
image captionIan Burrell: "Little Egret, taken at the Eric Morecambe Hide near Silverdale, Lancashire. The setting sun and windless conditions gave a clear reflection of this Little Egret landing in the shallow pool."
image source, Gachou Pletts
image captionGachou Pletts: "On the Promenade des Anglais in Nice after the storm, the sea was atmospheric, the wet surface and the reflection of the bicycle attracted my eye and I took the shot."
image source, Margaret Oakley
image captionMargaret Oakley: "Standing underneath Anish Kapoor's sculpture Cloud Gate, known as the Chicago Bean, and looking up - fascinating!! I seem to be reflected twice."
image source, Derek Payne
image captionDerek Payne: "At the Serpentine Pavilion in London, a visitor takes time to reflect in every sense."
image source, Linda Gower
image captionLinda Gower: "This is an image of a simple tiny chicken feather found inside a box of free-range eggs. It was too beautiful to throw away."
image source, Maria Lambkin
image captionMaria Lambkin: "Nature and my reflection, the only encounter on an early isolation walk."
image source, Carrina Blake
image captionCarrina Blake: "Adam posed in a bear mask in front of a mirror. Adam and Jack are my twin sons. It represents life as a twin - looking the same, but sometimes wearing a mask and feeling different, being compared with each other and searching for what makes you unique. Always having a comparison reflected back at you and knowing that you're not alone."
image source, Bob Fowler
image captionBob Fowler: "Redcliffe Parade West, one of Bristol's many colourful terraces, is reflected in the calm water of the Floating Harbour."

The next theme is "home-grown" and the deadline for entries is 14 July 2020.

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