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Coronavirus: Your pictures on the theme of 'self-portrait'

We asked our readers to send in their pictures on the theme of "self-portrait" during lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of the pictures sent to us from around the world.

Puzzle portrait Image copyright Frank Samet
Image caption Frank Samet made his self-portrait in the form of a jigsaw.
Painting of a woman reading in the bath Image copyright Jennifer Wright
Image caption Jennifer Wright: "I'm a third-year student at Camberwell College of Arts and this is a painting of me enjoying some self-care during lockdown. It belongs to a series of self-portraits created as part of my online degree show."
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Woman with a cat on her shoulder Image copyright Lauren Foley
Image caption Lauren Foley: "Found this little scamp abandoned during lockdown. She now thinks she's a parrot and loves to sit on my shoulder at every opportunity."
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MAn looking at mural Image copyright Andrew D Jackson
Image caption Andrew D Jackson: "Walking in Nice, my wife and I discovered a wall painting that very much resembled me. Looking at this image today, we see a photograph of me looking at a painting of 'myself' - a sort of self-portrait of a self-portrait."
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Woman with flowers Image copyright Tika jabanadhvili
Image caption Tika jabanadhvili: "I wanted to convey my feelings and attitude towards art in general. It is titled self-portrait or Autoportrait as it is by the artist and of the artist. Like the flowers in this photograph, art is a part of me. It comes at the forefront of everything, just like the flowers which come before me."
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Shadow in a field Image copyright Richard Hughes
Image caption Richard Hughes: "Virtually every day in lockdown I picked up my camera and got some fresh air in the sounding fields in Woburn Sands. It proved a great way for me to relax, stay sane and learn a new skill."
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Composite picture Image copyright Amy Brocklehurst
Image caption Amy Brocklehurst: "When the kids get hold of your phone and they do their own self-portrait."
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Woman at a table Image copyright Hannah Morris
Image caption Hannah Morris: "Self portrait - spending my birthday in lockdown, celebrating at home with family."
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Multiple exposure Image copyright Ian Maxwell
Image caption Ian Maxwell: "This was week seven of my series I call Selfie Isolation. It started off on my 50th Birthday when I set up my own party, having had to cancel it. It has since turned into a weekly event to give my friends and colleagues a smile.
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Woman with a plate covering half of her face Image copyright Lilith Smith
Image caption Lilith Smith: "My sisters and friends have been doing weekly quarantine challenges, and this week it was to take a self-portrait. I used kitchen equipment in mine. This one uses a crystal cake plate, and my camera was set up on a tripod with a self-timer."
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Surrealist portrait Image copyright Karl Delahaye
Image caption Karl Delahaye: "A couple of years ago I carried out a 365 project which contained many self-portraits. This was one of the less conventional."
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Multiple exposure Image copyright Soo Kim
Image caption Soo Kim: "Self-portrait of myself struggling with insomnia."
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Composite self-portrait Image copyright Marilyn Long
Image caption Marilyn Long: "I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to combine three images (two of myself taken today, and one I took in Canterbury a few years ago).
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Woman wearing VR headset Image copyright Rachael Blakey
Image caption Rachael Blakey called this shot Virtual Social Distancing: "This photo tells a story that, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, many people are turning to technology to keep in contact with friends, family and the outside world."
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Drawing of a dog Image copyright Woody the Lab
Image caption And finally Woody the Lab sent in this picture: "I'd love to be featured as part of the your pics feature! Caught myself in a good light while basking in the sun last week and figured it was the perfect time to embark on an artistic career - starting with a self-portrait, of course."
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The next theme is "walking" and the deadline for entries is 23 June 2020.

Send pictures to or follow the link to "Upload your pictures here" below.

Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the picture" at the bottom of the page.

All photographs subject to copyright

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