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Endangered cheetahs snapped in award-winning photos

A group of cheetah cubs Image copyright Andy Howe
Image caption A group of cheetah cubs in the Maasai Mara, Kenya

Charity picture book series Remembering Wildlife has announced the 10 winners of its cheetah photography competition.

The winners were picked from more than 2,400 entrants, with the winning images showing cheetahs in Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania and South Africa.

The images will be published in the book Remembering Cheetahs in October this year, alongside images donated by world-leading wildlife photographers. Competition entry fees will be distributed to cheetah-protection projects in Namibia and Kenya.

With slightly more than 7,000 cheetahs left in the wild, Remembering Wildlife aims to create awareness of the threats to wildlife.

The winning images include the top photo and the pictures below.

Three cheetahs grooming each other Image copyright Sue Morris
A cheetah amongst flowers Image copyright Dee Roelofsz
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Cheetahs on a plain under stormy clouds Image copyright Fred Vogt
A cheetah cub clutching a tree trunk Image copyright Bob Keyser
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A cheetah gripping on to a tree Image copyright Ben Cranke
A close up of a cheetah's head Image copyright Benoit Bussard
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A cheetah on a wide-open plain Image copyright Bertus Venter
A cheetah with its cubs Image copyright Francesco Veronesi
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Two cheetahs walking past each other Image copyright Vicki Jauron

All photographs subject to copyright.

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