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Coronavirus: Your pictures of 'the view from my window'

We asked our readers to send in their pictures on the theme of "the view from my window" during lockdown due to the spread of the coronavirus. Here are some of the pictures sent to us from around the world.

Cat at a window Image copyright Ng Mei Yi
Image caption Ng Mei Yi: "It's important to stay well-groomed, even when there's nowhere to go. Yet another quiet evening falls over Singapore's Kallang Basin outside the window."
Dog looking out of a window Image copyright Nina Durtnall
Image caption Nina Durtnall: "Life in lockdown for our dog Dex, in one of the more comfortable spots to view the garden. He's brought structure and comfort during our time at home."
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Cat at the window Image copyright Matt Crompton
Image caption Matt Crompton: "The view from my window as the sun is rising. You can just see the silhouette of Reggie the cat on lookout duty."
Tree Image copyright Sophie Emeny
Image caption Sophie Emeny: "I took a creative approach to capture the centuries-old tree facing my window. Using my hand to cover the outer rim of my lens I achieved an uneven, pin-hole effect."
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People on a path Image copyright Jacek Wosko
Image caption Jacek Wosko sent this from Warsaw in Poland: "My view on a back yard's pathway, where neighbours are talking, respecting the quarantine distance between them."
Boy looking out of a window Image copyright Lindsay Oakes
Image caption Lindsay Oakes: "My son watches as my husband - a self-employed gardener - gets some hedge-cutting done in our front garden. Whilst my son always helps with the mowing (on his bike with his own ear protectors!) he stayed inside for this job then went out to help tidy up at the end. A welcome break from being with me all day whilst I work from home."
Woman doing some yoga in Ontario, Canada Image copyright Robby Bernstein
Image caption Robby Bernstein “From my bathroom window upstairs a virtual Pilates class, via an iPad, in the garden.”
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Model train Image copyright Adrian Sant
Image caption Adrian Sant : "View from my window of the minimal gauge train waiting patiently for grandchildren passengers to visit again."
Oil rig Image copyright Thomas George
Image caption Thomas George: "I work on an offshore drilling rig on the east coast of India. I have not been able to get home and am presently stuck on the rig for 80 days now. The effect of the Amphan cyclone makes the view outside dull and gloomy."
View of Glasgow at sunset Image copyright Callum Sutherland
Image caption Callum Sutherland: "I'm from Baillieston, Glasgow. I live in a loft conversion looking over to the west, into the city."
Flowers in a garden in Lincolnshire Image copyright Nicola Newbery
Image caption Nicola Newbery: "The progression of spring flowers in my front garden during lockdown has been a great source of joy. A normally busy road junction in our village is totally deserted."
Houses in a reflection Image copyright Jonathan Reed
Image caption Jonathan Reed: "It's different because the view is the reflection of the window showing you the outside and the dining room light. Looks like an Alien ship in the sky."
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Two toys in the window Image copyright Catherine Williams
Image caption Catherine Williams: "A tribute to our front-liners for their dedication and sacrifice being away from loved ones. This pandemic shall come to pass to a new norm, life will pick up and move on."
Drawing of a garden Image copyright Susan Billon
Image caption And finally, Susan Billon sent in a drawing of her back garden.
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The next theme is "home-made" and the deadline for entries is 2 June 2020.

Send pictures to or follow the link to "Upload your pictures here" below.

Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

All photographs subject to copyright.

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