Coronavirus: 24 hours on lockdown 

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Seventeen years ago, a group of 24 photographers set out to document every hour of New Year's Day, every year, for 24 years. But during these unprecedented times, members of the collective have come together again, this time turning their attention and lenses to the Covid-19 pandemic, to document 24 hours on lockdown.

image copyrightNicky Willcock
image caption00:00 Nicola Townsend - Cape Town

Each of the 24 photographers was allocated one hour, starting at midnight on 24 March, to document what it means to be on lockdown, creating a unique collection of images linked not only by time but by a global pandemic.

The project is continuing, and each week, while lockdown lasts, the photographers will continue to document their experiences.

image copyrightRoland Ramanan
image caption01:00 Roland Ramanan - Tower Hamlets, London
image copyrightBrendan Delaney
image caption02:00 Brendan Delaney - London
image copyrightEnrico Vietti
image caption03:00 Enrico Vietti - Hong Kong
image copyrightDavid Mazza
image caption04:00 David Mazza - Australia
image copyrightYvonne De Rosa
image caption05:00 Yvonne De Rosa - Naples, Italy
image copyrightRaphael Schutzer-Weissmann
image caption06:00 Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann - West Hampstead, London
image copyrightSarah Lucy Brown
image caption07:00 Sarah Lucy Brown - Ipswich
image copyrightClaire Spreadbury
image caption08:00 Claire Spreadbury - Bath
image copyrightGini May
image caption09:00 Gini May - Angel, London
image copyrightRay Malcolm
image caption10:00 Ray Malcolm - London
image copyrightHelen Chambers
image caption11:00 Helen Chambers - London Fields, London
image copyrightCandida Jones
image caption12:00 Candida Jones - Tooting, London
image copyrightToni Ward
image caption13:00 Toni Ward - Henley-on-Thames
image copyrightAli Waggie
image caption14:00 Ali Waggie - St Albans

During the current coronavirus crisis, we are interested in seeing your pictures of how you are coping with the restrictions imposed on many people around the world. So please share your photos of you and your family inside your home, you can find out more details here.

image copyrightColin Blackstock
image caption15.00 Colin Blackstock - London Fields
image copyrightRachel Hain
image caption16:00 Rachel Hain - Wandsworth, London
image copyrightWendy Aldiss
image caption17:00 Wendy Aldiss - Oxford
image copyrightTeri Pengilley
image caption18:00 Teri Pengilley - Hackney, London
image copyrightAmy Adams
image caption19:00 Amy Adams - Tooting, London
image copyrightStewart Weir
image caption20:00 Stewart Weir - Headcorn, Kent
image copyrightSabes Sugunasabesan
image caption21:00 Sabes Sugunasabesan - Watford
image copyrightSpei
image caption22:00 Spei - Issy-les-Moulineux, France
image copyrightMichael Goldrei
image caption23:00 Michael Goldrei - Vienna, Austria

All photographs courtesy 24photography

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