Your pictures on the theme of 'insects'

image copyrightPaul Granahan
image captionPaul Granahan: "While on holiday on Corfu, I went to a pond, hoping to photograph kingfishers, but ended up shooting insects, which were much more abundant."
image copyrightDave Stewar
image captionDave Stewart: "I don't actually know what the insect is. I'm assuming it's a moth. But it is beautiful - just hanging around until the Sun warms up his wings."
image copyrightJustin Green
image captionJustin Green: "Dead insects caught in a spider's web, Toronto, Ontario, Canada."
image copyrightRichard Hughes
image captionRichard Hughes: "I never would have known what a ladybird actually looked like below its beautiful outer shell, so lucky to catch this photo as it flew away."
image copyrightNick Briggs
image captionNick V Briggs took this picture while walking in the hills of Fortnalux in Mallorca.
image copyrightSunil Pareek
image captionSunil Pareek: "This insect is wearing a nice looking metallic shield, though I can't recognise it, but [it is a] beautiful one."
image copyrightIan Salisbury
image captionIan Salisbury: "Dung beetles are incredibly strong insects and can roll balls of animal dung many times their own weight. They are a common sight in Africa during wet weather as they collect dung for food or as brooding balls."
image copyrightMatthew Jeanes
image captionMatthew Jeanes : "A very chilled locust that landed on the balcony of our home in Phnom Penh and allowed me time to go and find my camera and fit the right lens for a close-up photo."
image copyrightSally Warden
image captionSally Warden: "When taking photos of flowers in my garden, I often come across a wide variety of insects. I was drawn to a flowering shrub by the large number of bees buzzing around. However, I spotted this beautiful bright iridescent beetle amidst all the activity."
image copyrightMartin
image captionAnd finally, Martin took this pictures while working from home. The next theme is "at home" and the deadline for entries is 15 April 2020. Send pictures to or follow the link to "Upload your pictures here" below. Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

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