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Daniel arap Moi: Life in pictures


The former Kenyan president, Daniel arap Moi has died at the age of 95.

He led Kenya for 24 years, initially winning widespread support in the country, but his rule was marred by economic stagnation and accusations of corruption.

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image captionAs representatives of the Kenyan Legislative Council, Daniel arap Moi and Michael Blundell attend the opening of the second Lancaster House conference in London in February 1962. The conferences negotiated a framework for Kenya's independence from the UK.
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image captionHe is named vice-president by Jomo Kenyatta in 1967.
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image captionHe is sworn in as president following the death of Jomo Kenyatta in 1978.
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image captionMr Moi meeting Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at the airport in Kenya in September 1981.
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image captionQueen Elizabeth II speaking at a State Banquet alongside President Moi, during her four-day state visit to Kenya in 1983.
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image captionHe sets fire to a huge pile of elephant tusks worth $3m (£2.3m) in order to highlight the fight against poaching in 1989.
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image captionHe tells officials of his ruling Kenya African National Union (Kanu) that it was the end of one-party rule in Kenya in 1991. The following year he won the country's first multiparty elections amid charges of electoral fraud.
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image captionHere he inspects the guard of honour at the opening of parliament in Nairobi in 1992.
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image captionHe greets his supporters after he being sworn in for a final five-year term in Nairobi in 1998.
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image captionDaniel arap Moi and President Bill Clinton at the opening of the National Summit on Africa at the Washington Convention Centre in Washington, DC in February 2000.
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image captionDaniel arap Moi sits next to President-elect Mwai Kibaki during the swearing-in ceremony in December 2002, ending 24 years of Mr Moi's rule.

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