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Photographic artists reflect the past, present and future

At this year's London Art Fair, an exhibition called Occupy the Void presents the work of 10 female photographers aged over 50.

Curated by writer, collector and gallerist Laura Noble, it features both established names and artists in the early stages of their careers.

"Occupy the Void is an exhibition about how we take up space, both literally and conceptually," says Noble.

"Older women are frequently among those who feel that their voices are invisible - veritably placed into the void.

"I wanted to show the importance of those voices in the arts and, in particular, in the male-dominated area of photography."

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Dreamland by Danielle Peck

Many Original Features Sunlight . From the series ‘Dreamland’, C-type Fine Art print mounted Image copyright Danielle Peck

Covering themes of regeneration and nostalgia, Dreamland goes behind Margate's seafront to explore the private and public lives of residents and tourists.

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Wax Works by Elaine Duigenan

Unbursting the bubble II . From the ‘Wax Works’ series Image copyright Elaine Duigenan
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Elaine Duigenan works with wax to create tiny sculptures set against a dark background.

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The Sleepers by Elizabeth Heyert

The Sleepers 03 2003. From the series ‘The Sleepers’. Selenium toned gelatin silver print Image copyright Elizabeth Heyert
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The Sleepers is an intimate portrayal of how individuals and lovers sleep, projected on to the ruined town of Poggioreale in Sicily, which collapsed during an earthquake in 1968, and displayed on wallpaper more than 7m (23ft) in length.

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Botany of Silence by Samantha Brown

From the series ‘Botany of Silence’, 2015 - 2019. Inkjet print Image copyright Samantha Brown

Botany of Silence combines Samantha Brown's original documentary photographs of a demolished shoe factory with other source materials from social media, advertisements and archival images, with men omitted from the images to instead reveal old ruins of the factory.

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Eye Candy by Kim Shaw

Eye Candy , 2017, pigment print Image copyright Kim Shaw
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Kim Shaw is known as the Shoebox Gallerist as she creates her own shoe-box size residence as an alternative to the places to which she has been denied entry as an artist in the past.

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Hidden Beauty by Sandra Jordan

Hidden Beauty #26 , London, 2016. From the series ‘Hidden Beauty’ Image copyright Sandra Jordan
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Hidden Beauty depicts buildings that often go unnoticed. In Jordan's eyes, they are full of enticing shapes with their own individuality.

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Home Discomforts by Miranda Gavin

#4 , 2009. From the series Home Discomforts Image copyright Miranda Gavin

In 1996, after being evicted out by the landlord some years earlier, Gavin let herself back into the now empty flat where she used to live with her family.

"Sometimes all one has to make oneself heard is imagination, a blank wall and a felt tip pen," she says.

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My Father's Things by Wendy Aldiss

Dad as a child eating and reading , 2018. From the series 'My Father's Things'. Inkjet Image copyright Wendy Aldiss

My Father's Things is a deeply personal and heartfelt series, featuring 9,000 photographs of the belongings of Wendy Aldiss's late father, Brian, a science-fiction novelist.

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Immersion by Rosy Martin

In Situ . From the series ‘Immersion’. Photograph printed on silk Image copyright Rosy Martin
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Martin's work looks at how she occupies her London flat, filled with items from her parents' house.

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You Will Always Be by Mercedes Parodi

You Will Always Be . Water Sculpture Image copyright Mercedes Parodi

You Will Always Be is a series of photographic sculptures exploring the cycle of life.

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Occupy the Void, Photo 50 can be seen at the London Art Fair 22 - 26 January 2020.

All photographs courtesy the artists.

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