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Your pictures on the theme of 'queuing'

image copyrightBetty Nesbitt
image captionBetty Nesbitt: "Just waiting my turn to feel the view and the force of Niagara Falls."
image copyrightCharles Polkey
image captionCharles Polkey: "Taken from our narrow boat cruising along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal."
image copyrightRupinder Kaur Toor
image captionRupinder Kaur Toor: "This is a view of a person sharing his food with birds. And the birds taking turns to fetch."
image copyrightJenny Downing
image captionJenny Downing: "I took this photo in China in the early 1980s. The children had been walking along in an orderly queue (well, as orderly as is possible with three-year-olds) obediently holding on to their section of the rope - until some of them spotted me on the other side of the road. The sight of me caused them to stop in their tracks and stare, at which point, the teacher had to haul on the rope to keep them moving and prevent chaos."
image copyrightKate Schermbrucker
image captionKate Schermbrucker photographed a line of rubber ducks.
image copyrightValerie Meldrum
image captionJohn Meldrum: "A somewhat peculiar queue in the grounds of a modern art museum in central Venice. There was no queue jumping in this queue."
image copyrightGemma Lawrence
image captionGemma Lawrence: "A queue of pigeons waiting to take off over New Delhi, India."
image copyrightEmily Drew
image captionEmily Drew: "Hungry sheep lining up for their tea in the depth of a Wiltshire winter."
image copyrightDominic Harris
image captionDominic Harris: "A snaking mass of tourists crowds the descent to Emerald Lakes on New Zealand's Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Soaring visitor numbers have left officials considering restricting the number of hikers allowed to undertake the walk. And [they] have introduced a new warning system amid safety concerns over unprepared walkers attempting the route in bad weather."
image copyrightVerna Evans
image captionVerna Evans: "Patience is a virtue when queuing for the loo."
image copyrightRobby Bernstein
image captionRobby Bernstein: "At a holiday resort in Ontario, Canada: the resort's resident ducks lining up for their breakfast grits."
image copyrightAndrew Buchanan
image captionAndrew Buchanan: "Broome's iconic camels on their evening ride along Cable Beach in Australia."
image copyrightMark Slocombe
image captionMark Slocombe: "A very polite queue of Herdwick sheep taking in the view in Langdale, [Cumbria]."
image copyrightDaniel Nind - Buckle up...
image captionAnd finally, Daniel Nind sent this in this picture entitled Buckle up. The next theme is "warmth" and the deadline for entries is 19 November 2019. Send pictures to or follow the link to "Upload your pictures here" below. Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

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