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Week in Pictures: 26 October - 1 November 2019


A selection of striking news photographs taken around the world this week.

image copyrightHaidar Hamdani / AFP
image captionIraqi students pose for selfies with a member of the security forces, during anti-government protests in the central city of Diwaniyah. Tens of thousands of people have taken part in two waves of protests this month to demand more jobs, an end to corruption, and better services.
image copyrightOwen Humphreys / PA
image captionThe Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, over southern Iceland's Skogafoss waterfall, as it begins to freeze.
image copyrightGustavo Graf / Reuters
image captionA participant holds up an incense burner during the annual Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City.
image copyrightEtienne Laurent / EPA
image captionFirefighters try to contain the Maria fire spreading in the hills near Ventura, north-west of Los Angeles, California. The fire consumed more than 7,000 acres of agricultural land. The authorities have ordered the evacuation of many homes in the area.
image copyrightVeronica G. Cardenas / Reuters
image captionA woman seeking asylum in the US, sleeps in a hammock in an encampment in Matamoros, Mexico.
image copyrightEdgard Garrido / Reuters
image captionA demonstrator takes cover from tear gas and water cannon during an anti-government protest in Santiago, Chile. At the weekend an estimated one million people joined a peaceful protest march calling on the government to tackle inequality.
image copyrightMark Ralston / AFP
image captionDogs walk on the red carpet during the annual Haute Dog Howl'oween parade in Long Beach, California.
image copyrightTyrone Siu / Reuters
image captionAt the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, students wearing Guy Fawkes masks pose for a graduation ceremony photoshoot to support anti-government protests. Despite a new law banning protesters from covering their faces, hundreds of people wearing masks and costumes marched through Hong Kong's city centre on Halloween night.
image copyrightAlastair Grant / Pool / Reuters
image captionWith a general election now set for 12 December, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson began the Conservative Party campaign with a visit to the National Institute for Health Research at the Cambridge Clinical Research Facility, at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge.
image copyrightHenry Nicholls / Reuters
image captionBritain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn launched his party's election campaign in London.
image copyrightStefan Rousseau/PA
image captionNigel Farage launched the Brexit Party's election campaign at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster.

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