Week in pictures: 24 - 30 August 2019


Our selection of some of the most striking news photographs taken around the world this week.

image copyrightCarl De Souza / Getty
image captionA tree trunk glows with hot embers following a fire in the Amazon rainforest, near Abuna, Rondonia state, Brazil. The Amazon has seen more than 80,000 fires break out so far this year - a 77% rise on the same period in 2018. This week, Brazil banned setting fires to clear land, for 60 days.
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image captionDemonstrators hold a protest march in reaction to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend the UK Parliament. A petition against the suspension has reached 1.6m signatures.
image copyrightHenning Bagger / Getty
image captionBird trainer Peter Wenzel works with a young condor named Molina at the Eagle Reserve in Bindslev, Denmark. The condor is the world's largest bird of prey. When fully grown, Molina will have a wing span of 3.5m.
image copyrightJohannes Eisele / Getty
image captionClimate change activist Greta Thunberg arrives in the US after a 15-day journey crossing the Atlantic, covering 3,000 miles (4,800km). She sailed from the UK on a zero-emissions yacht and will participate in UN climate summits in New York City and Santiago, Chile.
image copyrightDavid Cliff / Getty
image captionRevellers take part in the Notting Hill Carnival in west London, parading along Ladbroke Grove. Temperatures reached 33C by mid-afternoon, making it the hottest late August Bank Holiday Monday on record.
image copyrightJuan Mabromata / Getty
image captionFootball supporters of Argentina's Boca Juniors cheer for their team during the Copa Libertadores quarter-final match against Ecuador's Liga de Quito, in Buenos Aires.
image copyrightPedro Pardo / Getty
image captionRelatives and friends attend the funeral of Erick Hernandez, who was a DJ at the Caballo Blanco bar in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. Mexican media reported that the bar was peppered with gunfire, and Molotov cocktails were thrown inside, killing at least 25 people and injuring 11.
image copyrightShutterstock
image captionA torrent rages past spectators as water is released from the Sanmenxia dam in Henan province, China.
image copyrightBrendan Smialowski / Getty
image captionA man stands behind the bust of US President Woodrow Wilson in Williamsburg, Virginia. Howard Hankins rescued the busts of Presidents after he was commissioned to destroy them. They were originally installed at the Colonial Williamsburg museum.
image copyrightFadel Senna / Getty
image captionA cat stands in front of runners as they compete in the 5,000m Women's Final at the African Games in Morocco's capital, Rabat.

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