Winning portraits explore British identity in 2019


The British Journal of Photography has revealed the 100 winning portraits from this year's Portrait of Britain exhibition, celebrating the country's diversity.

From 2 September, the winning photos will be displayed around the UK for one month on digital screens in railway stations, shopping malls and on high streets. The 200 shortlisted images will be published in a book by Hoxton Mini Press.

"With the return of Portrait of Britain, the question of national identity has never seemed so loaded," said Simon Bainbridge, editorial director of British Journal of Photography.

"Facing a divided nation, Portrait of Britain aims to frame these questions of identity differently, looking at who we are as a nation of individuals, apart from the politics of division."

Here is a selection of winning images, with descriptions by the photographers.

Coming up for air, by Barry Lewis

Image source, Barry Lewis

"Julian is an old friend and professional musician and singer. I was taking formal images for his CD cover. When we finished it was time to swim and play!" - Barry Lewis.

Kennington's Eton Scholar, by Tristan Bejawn

Image source, Tristan Bejawn

"Sharp, well-spoken and easy-going - Joshua attended a state school in Elephant and Castle before he earned a place at Eton College on a full scholarship.

"Switching the estates of Kennington for the boarding houses of Eton, he has recently been offered a place at Cambridge University." - Tristan Bejawn.

Ellie, London, by Ioana Marinca

Image source, Ioana Marinca

"Ellie and I met in a restaurant. I was on a second date that hadn't started very well; Ellie was our very friendly waitress who turned things around.

"The shaved head and arm tattoos caught my attention more than my date did - so I asked her immediately if she would be interested in sitting for a portrait." - Ioana Marinca.

William, by Jack Joyce

Image source, Jack Joyce

"William and his prize-winning duck. He chose this duck especially, as it is a special breed that his family saved from extinction." - Jack Joyce

The Hubbucks, by Garrod Kirkwood

Image source, Garrod Kirkwood

"Captured on a sunny day last summer in Whitley Bay. A unique portrait of the Hubbuck family." - Garrod Kirkwood.

Aisha, by Christian Cassiel

Image source, Christian Cassiel

Portrait of Bishop Libby Lane, by Peter Kindersley

Image source, Peter Kindersley

"Portrait of Bishop Libby Lane from the series 'Women of Faith' featuring women who are deemed leaders within their own faith." - Peter Kindersley.

Babirye, by Myah Jeffers

Image source, Myah Jeffers

"The sun sets on Brainchild Festival. A joke is whispered into Babirye's ear and she instantly rocks her head back in the most majestic of ways to let out a warm, infectious laugh.

"Her joy - full and unbridled." - Myah Jeffers.

K'First, by Andre Jacques

Image source, Andre Jacques

"For this photograph I wanted to capture a genuine moment and evoke an emotion that viewers can see and feel." - Andre Jacques

Ebba & Eddie, Burgess Park, by Max Miechowski

Image source, Max Miechowski

"I started photographing the park [where] there was a large group of people who had set up a sound system and were salsa dancing all day.

"I got talking to them, and even got some salsa lessons from one of the teachers.

"I took a lot of photographs of them dancing that day, but this intimate shot of Ebba and Eddie has remained my favourite." - Max Miechowski

Yasodhara, by Gavin Li

Image source, Gavin Li

"I was photographing people I met anonymously through online adverts that I posted.

"Yasodhara was interested in having her portrait taken of herself wearing traditional sarees." - Gavin Li.

Snuggle, by Scott Hamilton

Image source, Scott Hamilton

"I wanted to take a photograph for my partner's birthday card." - Scott Hamilton.

Photos are copyright.

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