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Your pictures on the theme of 'pathway'

26 June 2019
image copyrightDavid Hall
image captionDavid Hall: "A sunlit path through beautiful bluebell woods. Taken in springtime this year at Frank's Wood, Leith Hill, Surrey. The woods are named after the National Trust woodsman Frank Longhurst, who planted the oak trees back in 1949. Apparently he planted three acorns for each tree. One for the mice, one to fail and one to grow into a beautiful oak tree."
image copyrightMartin Rosen
image captionMartin Rosen: "One wrong turn along the pathway of the Lands End Labyrinth in San Francisco, California could land you in the chilly Pacific Ocean."
image copyrightAnthony Skellern
image captionAnthony Skellern: "Heading south along the Saddle of Kerridge Hill near Macclesfield."
image copyrightAmy Herbert
image captionAmy Herbert: "My daughter walking through a densely tree-lined path in Firle, Sussex, on a late summer's day."
image copyrightAdrian G R Scott
image captionAdrian G R Scott: "This is a green road in the Burren in County Clare in Republic of Ireland - the shadows revealing the capturing of the image, the path of photographer."
image copyrightShaun Carroll
image captionShaun Carroll: "West Kirby marina path walk."
image copyrightRobert Winter
image captionRobert Winter: "Brightly painted white stairs lead to the Kyra Panagia church on a hill overlooking vineyards on the Greek island of Santorini."
image copyrightDouglas Fry
image captionDouglas Fry: "Edmund was hesitant but then dived in. It was cold despite Italy's sunshine."
image copyrightHarvey Jones
image captionHarvey Jones: "This was taken at Key West in Florida. There was a crowd of people doing the customary thing of watching the sun set and I glanced to my left and caught sight of this man loading his boat. Oblivious to the tourists he had rigged this plank as a pathway and was loading his boat for the next day."
image copyrightVanessa Green
image captionVanessa Green: "This picture was taken at Biddulph Gardens, in Staffordshire. This was part of a long path that had steps and slopes that all led to the giant urn at the end. The sunshine made such a difference to this climb."
image copyrightJinesh Kumar
image captionJinesh Kumar: "A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step."
image copyrightCarole Dowdeswell
image captionCarole Dowdeswell took this picture of the pathway to the beach at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.
image copyrightAkshita Jain
image captionAkshita Jain: "A beautiful winter morning at Kanha National Park, India."
image copyrightMano Durasamy
image captionMano Durasamy: "A lone cyclist riding her bike towards the unlit pathway ahead."
image copyrightChris Ward
image captionAnd finally Chris Ward took this picture of a windswept Gilesgate Moor in County Durham. The next theme is cargo" and the deadline for entries is 2 July 2019. Send pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

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