D-Day landings in colour


Digital colourist Marina Amaral has transformed a number of photographs taken during the D-Day landings by using digital techniques to add colour to the black and white pictures.

Here we present a small selection of her work.

image captionBritish paratroops of the 6th Airborne Division aboard an aircraft en route to their drop site
image captionTroops from the 101st Airborne with full packs and a bazooka, in a C-47 just before take-off from RAF Upottery Airfield en route to Normandy
image captionUS troops use a lifeline to rescue several men from a landing craft sunk by enemy fire on D-Day
image captionUS landing craft fly the stars and stripes as their troops wade ashore in Normandy after D-Day

All pictures subject to copyright, courtesy Marina Amaral.