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In pictures: Sony World Photography Awards Open and Youth shortlist

The shortlist for the Open and Youth competitions in this year's Sony World Photography Awards has been announced. The competition received 326,000 entries from 195 countries.
The awards' overall winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on 17 April.
Rebecca McClelland, who chairs the Open and Youth jury, said: "I was astonished with the diversity of work that was entered into the Open and Youth competitions.
"The award represents a very democratic appreciation of photography, from tradition to emergent trends across all genres from nature to fashion."
image copyrightMiranda Alam
image captionMiranda Alam's work in the Open, Street Photography category focuses on a group of attendees at the Best of Las Vegas Weekly celebration and captures their reaction to a sudden gust of wind while posing for a photo at the Encore resort in Las Vegas.
image copyrightRichard Ansett
image captionIn the Open, Portraiture category Richard Ansett's Grayson Perry - Birth, looks at relationship between the photographer and sitter. "I have been working closely with Perry on photographic strategies for five years to support his documentary films of British life," says Ansett. "I was always searching and waiting for an opportunity to capture the definitive image of him as an artist and influencer of the zeitgeist."
image copyrightNadia Aly
image captionNadia Aly's photograph of penguin chicks huddled together is shortlisted in the Open, Natural World & Wildlife category.
image copyrightBillie-Maree Ward
image captionBillie-Maree Ward's image of crushed pastels lined up in plastic spoons is shortlisted in the Open, Still Life category.
image copyrightChristopher Madden
image captionThe work of architectural photographer Ezra Stoller provided the inspiration for this picture by Christopher Madden, titled Seeing the Light I.
image copyrightShaun Mills
image captionThis 40-second exposure shot of the old Victorian lighthouse off the coast of Dovercourt, Essex, taken by Shaun Mills, is also shortlisted in the Open, Architecture category.
image copyrightRemy Whiting
image captionNight swim by Remy Whiting is shortlisted in the Open, Motion category. The image features British professional swimmer Oliver Anson.
image copyrightZelle Westfall
image captionZelle Westfall's picture of her friend Abuot is shortlisted in the Youth, Diversity category. "It's important to highlight the beauty of dark-skinned women, who are often told that they are too dark," says Westfall.
image copyrightIlya Bugaev
image captionIlya Bugaev's picture of a young shepherd near Trinka village, Moldova, is also shortlisted in the Youth, Diversity category.
All photographs courtesy 2019 Sony World Photography Awards