Your pictures on the theme of 'city life'

image copyrightPaola Eliahoo
image captionPaola Eliahoo: "People in two minds, being in two places at the same time."
image copyrightPhil Couvrette
image captionPhil Couvrette: "Another city block is torn down in Montreal to make way for something newer and more efficient, a reminder that not only does the living city never stop growing, it also never stops evolving."
image copyrightEve England
image captionEve England captured a dramatic performance in Covent Garden, central London.
image copyrightJacek Burda
image captionJacek Burda: "There is a place with delicious Belgian fries on the Via Nazionale in Rome. For some people, it is 'the last resort', to have it and survive in the middle of a busy sightseeing day."
image copyrightDevan Kaufman
image captionDevan Kaufman: "Amidst the newly constructed concrete projects along the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad, India, is this ambling cow. Regardless of the continuous honking horns, modern infrastructure and aggressive globalisation, there still remain cows, such as this one, unfazed."
image copyrightElisa Decker
image captionElisa Decker snapped a family showing off their Halloween costumes. She says: "Life in New York City is always full of surprises."
image copyrightDamian Walker
image captionDamian Walker: "When this young woman entered the train into London, it was full of people. And I am sure like me they all wanted to know her story. What's with the chair? It was her nan's, with lots of childhood memories and she wanted to bring it home to her London flat. Her only transport option was the train and Tube. She was worried staff wouldn't let her on the Tube with the chair. I hope they did - she had such a winning smile."
image copyrightdokyo dokyo jr
image captionDokyo Dokyo Jr: "I was struck by the man's bright red pants as I walked up the foot of Jones Bridge in Manila last October."
image copyrightElisabeth Hammond
image captionElisabeth Hammond: "At the end of the day, this little lane in London, a stream of commuters stride away from their offices. I used a longish exposure to try to capture the sense of movement but short enough to capture the City suits."
image copyrightMatthew Warner
image captionAnd finally, Matthew Warner photographed a colourful subway station in Stockholm. The next theme is "in a box" and the deadline for your entries is 20 November. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.