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Week in pictures: 2 - 8 September 2017

Our selection of some of the most striking news photographs taken around the world this week.

Prince William is seen on his way to school. Image copyright Richard Pohle/Reuters
Image caption Prince William accompanies Prince George on his first day of school at Thomas's in Battersea, London.
People covered in black grease walk together. Image copyright JORGE GUERRERO/AFP
Image caption Grease-covered people walk through Baza, near Granada during the festival of Cascamorras. The festival's namesake is a character who travels to the town from Guadix to stage an attempt to recapture a sacred image of the Virgen de la Piedad. On his return, he is punished for his failure by the locals.
A turtle is held up to the camera. Image copyright FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP
Image caption Janus, the Geneva Museum of Natural History's two-headed Greek tortoise, is photographed on the day of its 20th birthday.
An Indian girl carries an idol of the elephant-headed Hindu god Lord Ganesha. Image copyright JAIPAL SINGH/epa
Image caption A girl carries an idol of the elephant-headed Hindu god Lord Ganesha which was immersed by devotees into the Tawi River. She was searching for coins in the water in Jammu.
A protester wears a Boris Johnson face mask as he rides a tricycle. Image copyright Hannah McKay/REUTERS
Image caption A protester wearing a Boris Johnson face mask rides a tricycle decorated with an EU flag next to the Houses of Parliament in London.
A man sprays his beard. Image copyright SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AFP
Image caption A competitor in the World Beard and Moustache Championships prepares his beard in Austin, Texas.
A collection of models with silver lips. Image copyright Yana Paskova/Getty Images
Image caption The Visions In Motion dance group prepares to march down Eastern Parkway during the Caribbean Carnival in the Brooklyn, New York.
Jennifer Lawrence signs autographs for the waiting crowds. Image copyright TIZIANA FABI/afp
Image caption US actress Jennifer Lawrence signed autographs before the premiere of the movie Mother, presented in competition at the 74th Venice Film Festival at Venice Lido.
A young girl applies a lipstick on her friend's lips. Image copyright Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters
Image caption A girl applies a lipstick to her friend's lips as they participate during the Kumari Puja festival in Kathmandu, Nepal. Young girls pose as the Living Goddess Kumari and are worshipped by people in belief that their children will remain healthy.
Runners make their way along a track. Image copyright Victoria Jones/PA Wire
Image caption Runners make their way across London's highest running track at the White Collar Factory by London's Old Street.
A man gurns with a pipe in his mouth. Image copyright Henry Romero/Reuters
Image caption In Barranquilla, Colombia a fan waits outside the Colombia v Brazil World Cup qualifying match.
Car dealership windows are taped up. Image copyright LIONEL CHAMOISEAU/AFP
Image caption In preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, windows of a car dealership are protected with tape and sandbags on the French overseas island of Saint-Martin.

All photographs are copyrighted.

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