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In pictures: Westminster photography degree show

image copyrightRob Wyllie
image captionFor the first time, images from two separate MA courses, photography arts and photojournalism, are being shown together. This image by Rob Wyllie is part of a series called Beauty in Dark Places.
image copyrightAndy Wright
image captionAndy Wright's photographs are based around the terminal illness of his wife's Peruvian grandfather, Valentin Chipana Huaracha.
image copyrightEmanuele Gaudioso
image captionEmanuele Gaudioso's images depict Basilicata, one of the poorest regions of southern Italy. As oil companies have found reserves in the area, Gaudioso explores the shift from a traditional way of life towards industrialisation.
image copyrightJoanna Burezja
image captionOn 26 April 2016, the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Joanna Burezja began her project examining the effects of the fallout.
image copyrightJan Cylwik
image captionDrawing on his heritage, from both Poland and the Black Country of England, Jan Cylwik examines the political mythologies of various countries.
image copyrightKrystian Data
image captionKrystian Data portrays the human body as a sculptural, abstract form. He often uses musicians, actors and artists as his sitters.
image copyrightJean Johnson Jones
image captionTrained dancer Jean Johnson Jones tries to visualise movement through his innovative experiments with light.
image copyrightNicola Morley
image captionNicola Morley's image of dusky pink curtains hanging over green carpet is part of a project called Coercion, which is based around an unbalanced relationship.
image copyrightYves Salmon
image captionYves Salmon's portraiture relates to the lives of EU nationals living in the UK after the Brexit referendum.
image copyrightTamuna Chkareuli
image captionTamuna Chkareuli travelled along the border to South Ossetia, officially part of Georgia but now occupied by the Russian military.
image copyrightStephen Burke
image captionStephen Burke visited the town of Longbridge on the outskirts of Birmingham, which was at one time the site of the largest car factory in the world.

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