In Pictures

In pictures: Scotland's far north

Three bodies of work offer a glimpse into daily life in rural Scotland in the late 1970s and 80s.

From everyday life to local customs, the photographers show a different side to life as the towns keep their traditional identity amid modern times.

Chick Chalmers

The Main Street, Stromness Image copyright Chick Chalmers

Chick Chalmers' documentary work focuses on the Orkney Islands and the inhabitants of towns such as Stromness.

Below, sheep are transported from their grazing on the small island of Copinsay to be sold in the capital, Kirkwall.

Sheep being brought from their grazing on the small island of Copinsay for sale in Kirkwall Image copyright Chick Chalmers
Boiling crabs at Orkney Fishermen's Society Ltd, a cooperative in Stromness. The cooked meat was packaged and exported. Lobsters were flown out live Image copyright Chick Chalmers

At the Orkney Fishermen's Society Ltd, a co-operative in Stromness, crabs are boiled then packaged for export, but lobster are exported alive.

'Yard of Ale' competition, Stromness Shopping Week Image copyright Chick Chalmers

Accompanied by his dog, a man attempts to drink a yard of ale while a crowd watches on during Stromness Shopping Week.

Tom Kidd

John and Jeannie with pet lamb, Nesting Image copyright Tom Kidd

Tom Kidd's project went even further north, focusing on the Shetland Islands.

In the parish of Nesting, John and Jeannie are seen at home with their pet lamb. Kidd also catches people returning from church on Fair Isle and walking through the landscape of Walls.

After church, Fair Isle Image copyright Tom Kidd
Graffiti on bridge, Walls Image copyright Tom Kidd

Glyn Satterley

Glyn Satterley is known for his images of Scottish sporting estates, but in these images he documents life in the areas of Caithness and Sutherland.

Many believed that the oil industry brought wealth and prosperity to the whole of Scotland, Satterley's images attempt to show a different side to the story.

Charity walker with approximately 850 miles to go approaching Berriedale Image copyright Glyn Satterley

In these photographs, a woman tosses a broom in Dunbeath and a weaver works her loom in Brora Mill.

Potatoes are picked in John O'Groats and in a hotel in Golspie, women hand-fold and assemble The Northern Times ready for publication.

Tossing the broom, Dunbeath Image copyright Glyn Satterley
Weaver, Brora Mill Image copyright Glyn Satterley
Potato picking, John O'Groats Image copyright Glyn Satterley
On Thursdays, women hand-fold and assemble The Northern Times in a Golspie hotel' Image copyright Glyn Satterley

All photographs courtesy of Street Level Photoworks. They can be viewed at the gallery in Glasgow until 27 August.