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In pictures: Women in innovation

For many years photographer Amelia Troubridge has been inspired by the women she has met during her career, now, working with the Innovate UK agency, she has turned her lens on those who she says are "genuine innovators", those that "play an integral part in shaping a better world for us all".

"I wanted to capture the spirit of these women and contribute visually to the re-defining of who women are today," she says "To step away from the disempowering imagery of women that dominates the mainstream that we have become accustomed to seeing."

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Elena Dieckmann

Elena Dieckmann in her lab in Imperial College London Image copyright Amelia Troubridge

Elena Dieckmann grew up in Nuremberg. After a brief spell in international management, in Russia and the Middle East, she returned to academia to study at the Dyson School of Design Engineering and the Royal College of Art.

Ms Dieckmann, who has a young daughter, co-founded Aeropowder, which recycles waste feathers from the poultry industry.

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Fiona Marston

Fiona Marston within The Biohub at Alderley Park Image copyright Amelia Troubridge

Fiona Marston was inspired to follow a career in medical research by her mother's battle with a rare degenerative illness.

She worked in healthcare, biotechnology and venture capital, before becoming chief executive of Absynth Biologics, which aims to combat antibiotic resistance.

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Natwilai Utoomprurkporn

Natwilai Utoomprurkporn inside the Enterprise Lab in London Image copyright Amelia Troubridge

Natwilai Utoomprurkporn grew up and studied in Bangkok before receiving a scholarship to study global innovation design at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art.

She then founded Gettrik, which uses drones to create interactive 3D maps.

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Fanzi Down

Fanzi Down sits inside Hotel Chocolat, Image copyright Amelia Troubridge

Fanzi Down runs the confectionary division at DPS Designs, designing chocolate moulds that can also be used to create much more intricate products, such as parts for planes.

She also co-founded Picnic for Peace, which aims to promote tolerance and multiculturalism.

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Pauline Dawes

Pauline Dawes in a cafe opposite one of London's arterial roads, the Westway Image copyright Amelia Troubridge

Despite leaving school at 15, Pauline Dawes now has 10 years' professional experience and an MBA from the University of Cambridge.

As managing director of SOMI Trailers, she is developing a trailer that uses the space underneath lorries and could save 10,000 journeys a day in the UK alone.

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Rebecca Street

Rebecca Street Image copyright Amelia Troubridge

A bridal designer who has worked for Alexander McQueen and Mulberry and dressed Kate Moss and Keira Knightly, Rebecca Street is now focusing on creating washable fabrics using precious metals.

As well luxury fashion, she hopes the technology, with the support of Innovate UK, can be applied to the fields of medicine and electronics.

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Donna Lyndsay

Donna Lyndsay in Exmoor Image copyright Amelia Troubridge

Donna Lyndsay is the commercial director of EarthSense, which provides technology for the measurement and modelling of air quality across the UK

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Anna Hill

Anna Hill Image copyright Amelia Troubridge

As the co-founder of the River Cycleway Consortium Ltd, Anna Hill is responsible for the Thames Deckway, a floating cycle and pedestrian path.

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Female Innovation: What does a female innovator look like? can be seen at the Getty Gallery in London.

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