Your pictures: Street food

Image source, Ron W. Sturgeon
Image caption, Ron W Sturgeon: "A vendor head-balances candy-coated apples on a platter during a busy street parade in Chitre, Panama."
Image source, John Egan
Image caption, John Egan: "Gulls in Brighton enjoying some street food on the seafront."
Image source, Robby Bernstein
Image caption, Robby Bernstein: "The mobile hamburger outlet at the Toronto Food Truck Festival in Canada last summer."
Image source, Nicola Morley
Image caption, Nicola Morley: "This beautiful lady allowed me to take her picture at Shoreditch market one busy Saturday morning. I love the way she has made so much effort with her dress and her stall. The cakes were delicious too."
Image source, Aitana GvB
Image caption, Aitana GvB: "As a fashion student in New York I decided to embrace the theme street food with an artistic, colourful approach. Food carts in New York on the street are everywhere. However, the ice cream ones only really come out in good weather. The model in the photo is also a student in New York. I bought her the most colourful ice cream they had in the afternoon and prepared her make-up and outfit in accordance with my artistic approach."
Image source, Peter Jones
Image caption, Peter Jones: "At night the Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakech transforms into a open food market. Locals and tourists gather and mingle to savour food originating from across Africa and the Middle East."
Image source, Martin Rosen
Image caption, Martin Rosen: "The fantastic Bulgogi Bibimbap, one of the house specials at Aria Korean Tapasa Korean street food restaurant in San Francisco."
Image source, Wendy Walker
Image caption, Wendy Walker: "Stuck in a traffic jam near the border between South Africa and Mozambique, we're offered a snack of boiled eggs, complete with salt shaker."
Image source, Malvika K. Hathiramani
Image caption, Malvika K Hathiramani: "This is a showcase from Elco Market in Mumbai, known for its street food 'chaat' or savoury snacks."
Image source, Judith Hamery
Image caption, Judith Hamery: A hot dog stopping for a drink on a pathway in Central Park, New York. Animals need street food too!"
Image source, Matthew Warnett
Image caption, Matthew Warnett: "A woman serves roasted banana snacks at Wua Lai Road street market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The street is filled with people shopping and eating, the smells of amazing food fill the air and change every few yards as you walk."
Image source, Jenny Downing
Image caption, Jenny Downing: "An audacious pigeon homes in on a proffered handful of birdseed."
Image source, Sarah Harrison
Image caption, And finally a picture taken in Madagascar by Sarah Harrison. The next theme is "Canvas" and the deadline for your entries is 25 April. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures" at the bottom of the page.

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