Your pictures: Sculpture

image sourceKate Young
image captionKate Young: "Taken at the Glacier Lagoon in Iceland. The winter Sun glistened in the background on the cool November day, as the crystal clear ice, shaped by nature, reflected in the still water."
image sourceJack Appleton
image captionJack Appleton: "This beautiful stone sculpture is set in quiet woods, being slowly coloured by nature and the elements."
image sourceMilo Khey
image captionMilo Khey: "A silhouette of a long dead, wind and weather worn tree on a beach at Chincoteague Island, Virginia, USA. Taken from ground level with a very wide angle lens, the image interprets the tree as a minimalist sculpture."
image sourceSam Whitaker
image captionSam Whitaker: "Spring has sprung at Overbeck's Museum in Salcombe, Devon."
image sourceJudith Hamery
image captionJudith Hamery: "These garden sculptures were briefly stocked in the grounds of a local chateau, in Maisons-Laffitte in Ile-de-France."
image sourceIon Liberopoulos
image captionIon Liberopoulos: "After a wild fire devastated the olive groves near Amfissa in central Greece, the remains of some very old olive trees create an eerie atmosphere."
image sourceJoanna Fenning
image captionJoanna Fenning: "Statue in the Houses of Parliament, taken on a visit with a group of friends. Black and white seemed to do it more justice."
image sourceMona Dolan
image captionMona Dolan: "Taken on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, last January. When there are strong winds and below-zero temperatures in Geneva for a few days, the waves from the lake splash on to the shore and freeze, turning anything close enough to the water into ice sculptures - like these plants."
image sourceShahram Ziaie
image captionAnd finally a photograph by Shahram Ziaie of a couple kissing in front of a sculpture in Turin, Italy. The next theme is "Metallic", and the deadline for your entries is 7 March. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures" at the bottom of the page.

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