Photographers from across Britain capture its beauty.

image copyrightBrian McCready
image captionBrian McCready, Northern Ireland: “This was taken on the summit of Slieve Corragh just as the sun broke through the clouds and began illuminating the slopes around the Ben Crom Reservoir, [County Down].”
image copyrightMatt Doogue
image captionMatt Doogue, north-western England: “The great British seaside - we all flock to our nearest beach as soon as summer comes. I shot this of my daughter, at Ainsdale beach, flying her first ever kite.”
image copyrightJeffrey Whitfield
image captionJeffrey Whitfield, north-eastern England: "Three women and their children spend an inexpensive few hours on a quiet beach near Berwick-Upon-Tweed[, Northumberland]. The women chat while the kids pass the time with simple English pleasures: playing in the sand, cricket and football. A pleasurable typical English outing without having to spend a fortune.”
image copyrightMalcolm Dawson
image captionMalcolm Dawson, London: “On a foggy but sunny morning on the way to work, I had to stop to enjoy the mystery.”
image copyrightTom Bown
image captionTom Bown, south-eastern England: “The British seasons are a major cause for celebration as they provide an ever-changing interaction with our beautiful scenery. This section of the Thames (near Tadpole Bridge in Oxfordshire) is unlikely to appear on many holiday itineraries. However, on a frosty winter morning with the sun rising through the mist, there can be few more beautiful places on Earth.”
image copyrightLouise Donovan
image captionLouise Donovan, south-western England: “Sunshine seen through freshly picked wild flowers.”
image copyrightHenning S Pettersen
image captionHenning S Pettersen, Scotland: “It had been pouring down, and suddenly the sun came through, bringing out life and colour to the streets. This is one of the things that is beautiful about the UK.”
image copyrightSarah Marwick
image captionSarah Marwick, West Midlands: “I captured these silvery dandelion clock sculptures on the shore of the lake at Trentham Gardens[,Staffordshire,] with my iPhone 6s towards the end of a cold but clear late spring day. I loved their silhouette against the light, preserving the usually fleeting and ethereal nature of real dandelion clocks, which are a wonderfully brief feature of the British springtime.”
image copyrightLisa Bond
image captionLisa Bond, Yorkshire and Humber: “I think this image represents beauty in the faces and costumes, but also the beauty of Britain by celebrating the diverse cultures which the nation is made up of. Leeds Carnival is a celebration of West Indian culture in the UK and is celebrated by all nations and ethnicities in Yorkshire. This weekend is a feast for the senses and a culmination of the hard work and coming together of the communities of Leeds. I was whipped repeatedly in the eyes by feathers to get the best shots.”
image copyrightAnuruddha Lokuhapaurachchi
image captionAnuruddha Lokuhapaurachchi, Wales: “Early and harmonious morning with fog over Lake Bala, Gwynedd.”
image copyrightAnnette Edgar
image captionAnnette Edgar, eastern England: Rhinos roam in part of a Neolithic mural, which also features a mammoth family, on the seafront wall in Sheringham. “The artist David Barber came up with the idea of creating a mural inspired by the 700,000-year-old West Runton elephant skeleton, discovered on the beach 26 years ago.”
image copyrightDmitrijs Samsonovs
image captionAnd finally, the judges said this of Dmitrijs Samsonovs's photograph of the East Midlands: “A powerful composition and a carefully controlled exposure with such a modest camera demonstrates an originality of a subject or place that random passersby would hardly notice. Samsonovs brings the mundane to a compelling and beautiful conclusion, which may make us consider the huge potential of the everywhere around us.”

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