Your pictures: My favourite outfit

Image source, Lauren Mongrain
Image caption, Lauren Mongrain: "When I put on my skates and hit the ice, I feel as though I am exactly where I am supposed to be. They make me feel at peace, as though skating is more natural than walking for me."
Image source, Lia Lopes
Image caption, Lia Lopes: "There is nothing more cultural than a country's way to dress. When it comes to China, you just surrender yourself to their fabrics. This picture was taken in a shop in Beijing and it caught my attention right away."
Image source, Georgie McCarthy
Image caption, Georgie McCarthy: "This outfit is probably my favourite, because it makes me feel confident, different and myself. I'm a fashion blogger and I always tell people that the key to finding your style is keeping true to yourself and wearing something you feel confident in."
Image source, Tony Cowburn
Image caption, Tony Cowburn: "I really like this carnival dancer's outfit... the 'platform' is so big and over the top that it's almost as if he is floating through the carnival on a magic carpet. It is the ultimate favourite outfit."
Image source, Cath Branwood
Image caption, Cath Branwood: "This is me in my favourite outfit. It's what I wore when I was working as an underwater photographer in the Mexican Caribbean. I miss this outfit. My scuba diving gear with a nice camera rig is far better and less stinky than any outfit I now wear working in animal rescue in Utah."
Image source, Doris Enders
Image caption, Doris Enders: "I have a weakness for socks. This is a part of my favourite outfit."
Image source, Charlotte Lamon
Image caption, Charlotte Lamon: "My 10-year-old backpack, certainly worn out, but it has been my most loyal friend through months of travelling over the years. When I get to wear it I am my happiest self. This photo was taken by my fiance Ben on Koh Phi Phi island, Thailand."
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