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In pictures: Refugee crisis on show

An exhibition in London explores the global refugee crisis through the eyes of eight photographers reporting from 13 countries on behalf of Oxfam.

The pictures aim to capture something of the personal stories behind the migration facts and figures.

Photography director Rebecca McClelland said: "My aim was to be as sensitive as possible to the subject, whilst stretching the limited language of crisis photography."

Syrian refugee children take part in a production of Oliver in Amman Image copyright Sam Tarling
Image caption Syrian refugees put on a production of Oliver with a professional theatre company in Amman, Jordan, in 2015. "It was quite moving to see the kind of kids I'd usually see in a far, far different setting actually doing something 'normal' for once, and absolutely nailing it," said the photographer, Sam Tarling.
Nawal Gharab, 28, a mother of three, prepares tea in a one room house that has no running water or electricity, in Abreen, near Batroun, Lebanon, on October 5, 2013 Image copyright Sam Tarling
Image caption Mother of three Nawal Gharab, 28, was pictured by Tarling, preparing tea in a one-room house with no running water or electricity, in Abreen, Lebanon. The Gharab family fled from their home in Idlib, Syria, after two of their children were injured when a cluster bomb they were playing with exploded.
A young Congolese refugee lays on a mat on the ground in a mass shelter in the Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania, March 2016 Image copyright Phil Moore
Image caption Phil Moore took this picture of a young boy in the Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania earlier this year. One of the world's largest refugee camps, it is home to about 140,000.
Maombie, 18 Image copyright Eleanor Farmer
Image caption Eleanor Farmer met Maombie on the road to Rubaya in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Each day, she sets off very early from home to take her goods to market, where she will make a few dollars and then buy food for her family before returning home.
A woman arrives on the beach as Lesbos Image copyright Pablo Tosco
Image caption Pablo Tosco took this picture near the border between Macedonia and Serbia. Like thousands of refugees, Nour and his family had travelled a great distance on foot before crossing the sea to reach the shores of Lesbos in Greece.
Woman in her home in Iraq Image copyright Tommy Trenchard
Image caption A woman whose home had recently been liberated from the so-called Islamic State by the Peshmerga and Iraqi army was photographed by Tommy Trenchard near Jalawla in Iraq. Her family had decided not to return, so she was alone with her young child. With Oxfam's support, she has been able to repaint her house and re-establish her business as a tailor for the village.

The Stand as One exhibition can be seen at 4 Holywell Lane, London from 8-15 September 2016.

All photographs courtesy Oxfam

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