Your pictures: From above

image source, Andy Simpson
image captionAndy Simpson: "This was taken while enjoying a hot chocolate on the balcony of a Perisher resort cafe in Australia's snowy mountains. As I looked down, I spotted five boarders strapping on their boards for a first lesson, and they cast a lovely shadow against the snow [in] the early morning Sun."
image source, Michael King
image captionMichael King: "This is a picture from a small four-seater plane that a friend kindly took us up in. The area below is Dalarna in Sweden - we were visiting to attend a classical concert festival in February 2015. The collection of trees and associated shadows caught my eye."
image source, Jenny Downing
image captionJenny Downing: "There's a shopping mall in Barcelona's Port Vell which has a vast mirrored ceiling above the entrance. Pretty much everyone who enters looks upwards and snaps a selfie. However, it's much more fun to take photos of others."
image source, Brian Anderson
image captionBrian Anderson: "Self-portrait in shadows. Taken from Victoria Bar, on York’s city walls."
image source, Philippoteaux Christine
image captionPhilippoteaux Christine took a picture of her husband's head.
image source, Alfredo Bloy Dawson
image captionAlfredo Bloy Dawson: "My daughter Zoe, aged three months, at our apartment in Torremolinos, in southern Spain."
image source, Bryan Marquis
image captionBryan Marquis: "This image was captured whilst I was cleaning the patio area at home, bubbles are truly intriguing with the variety of colours and patterns within them. I caught the reflections in the bubble by positioning ourselves directly above it and cropping in tight to fill the frame. The golden amber colour within the bubble creates good contrast with the darker areas surrounding it."
image source, Jaime Cooke
image captionJaime Cooke looked straight up this staircase.
image source, Simon Kirk
image captionSimon Kirk: "The vertiginous view looking down from the top of the Eiffel Tower."
image source, Dimitra Nassimpian
image captionDimitra Nassimpian: "The amazing Church of Seven Martyrs on the picturesque [Greek] island of Sifnos is a truly breathtaking sight, looking up from above."
image source, Simon Maltby
image captionSimon Maltby: "My boys, looking down on them in one of the main towers of the Sagrada Familia, during a holiday to Spain in May 2015. It's always a challenge trying to get them in the right place and looking in the right direction all at once."
image source, Jon Neville-Jones
image captionThis abstracted view of the rail tracks from the Shard, in south London, appealed to Jon Neville-Jones.
image source, Robby Bernstein
image captionRobby Bernstein: "Taken from [New York's] High Line, looking down on a tour bus that came zooming past."
image source, Paula Walke
image captionPaula Walke: "Happy Feet! My daughters and I had just enjoyed pedicures at a luxury spa day at Stoke Park in [Buckinghamshire] - a birthday treat from my partner."
image source, Boris Barnov
image captionBoris Barnov: "This picture was taken from the upper level of the prominent Bahai Gardens in Haifa[, Israel]."
image source, Carla Measures
image captionAnd, finally, a picture by Carla Measures of a protest at Hong Kong airport. The next theme is "summer" and the deadline for your entries is 26 July. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures" at the bottom of the page.

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