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In pictures: Fishing for shrimp

A fisherman collects shellfish from the waist deep waters of the community protected waters off the coast of Kampot Province, Cambodia Image copyright Charles Fox

Eight years ago, families living in the coastal Cham fishing villages of Kampot province managed a small coup - they won back fishing rights for the community from the Cambodian government.

A fisherman holds handfuls of shell fish he harvested in Trapang Sangke Community Fishery area Image copyright Charles Fox

Since the establishment of the Trapang Sangke community, catches have increased and the fisherman can now earn $6 for half a day's work.

Inside a solar drier a member of Trapang Sangke community sorts shrimp Image copyright Charles Fox

The shrimp is dried in a solar drier which was donated to the community by an international NGO, ensuring it is prepared in an hygienic environment, allowing them to charge a higher price.

Members of Trapang Sangke community prepare their boat Image copyright Charles Fox

Members of the community are responsible for security, and make regular patrols to ensure there is no illegal logging of the mangrove forest or illegal fishing which could deplete stocks.

Tourists join Him Sim on a boat trip around the mangroves Image copyright Charles Fox

Tourists are given tours of the area as part of a drive to create an eco-tourism destination. This has brought in extra income, built confidence and improved English skills among the community.

Cambodian students set out on a trip to see the mangroves Image copyright Charles Fox

As well as western tourists, Cambodian students and tourists are also encouraged, with educational trips seen as an important part of the community's outreach to the next generation.

Planting mangrove trees Image copyright Charles Fox

Here a young student from the community plants a mangrove as part of the regeneration plan.

A fisherman prepares for a night fishing trip in the Trapang Sangke Community Image copyright Charle Fox

Here a fisherman prepares for a night fishing trip.

A woman waits for the fishermen to return Image copyright Charles Fox

Buyers wait for the boats to return. Now the community has more control over the mangroves, they have eliminated third party buyers who were driving the prices down.

Members of the Trapang Sangke Community prepare fish and shrimp for an evening meal Image copyright Charles Fox

In 2014 catches had increased to the point where income from fishing reached a sustainable level for the community.

View across to the Mangrove area in Trapang Sangke Community Fishery area Image copyright Charles Fox

All photographs © Charles Fox.

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