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Image source, Dominic Borrelli
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Dominic Borrelli: "When I was five, my dad gave me a book of cars. In it, there was one car I fell in love with. And, 39 years later, though I really couldn't afford it, I bought my dream car; 'Alma', a 1959 Vauxhall Cresta. To me, this is pure indulgent luxury and a smile with every mile."
Image source, Andy Britton
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Andy Britton: "This picture was taken on Madison Avenue."
Image source, Lotte Hahn
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Lotte Hahn: "Wonderful vacation and total relax at Bahamas last Easter."
Image source, Edward Mercer
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Edward Mercer: "My sister-in-law and my wife window shopping in Corfu Town. Such luxury, so near and yet so far. That's as close as they got."
Image source, Jessie Shedden
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Jessie Shedden: "Oh to have the money to afford a luxury machine like this."
Image source, Phil Mills
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Phil Mills: "Luxury travel as it was in yesteryear. One of the last few airworthy Junkers Ju-52 does a leisurely fly-through at Dusseldorf Airport."
Image source, Saarah Khan
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Saarah Khan: "Chocolate fudge, a ray of the sunshine, my favourite books in my space. Luxury personified."
Image source, Bob Clark
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Bob Clark: "Our dog, Max, has simple tastes when it comes to luxury."
Image source, Libby Cooper
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