Your pictures: Ruins

image sourceKoushik Das Sarma
image captionKoushik Das Sarma: "Ruins of the abandoned and cursed village Kuldhara[, in Rajasthan, India]. According to the folklore, this village was abandoned by all its residents in just one night almost 200 years ago."
image sourceAsta Uleviciene
image captionAsta Uleviciene: "I'm a photography student, and one of my themes for portfolio is "abandoned buildings". I love looking for forgotten [or] abandoned buildings, but it upsets me that so much good has gone into ruins, so much history will collapse with a building. Capturing ruins is like travelling in time - trying to go back and get the story of the place."
image sourceSandy Osborough
image captionSandy Osborough: "Just west of Blairgowrie, in Perthshire, is Clunie Loch. On a small island in the loch, stands the remains of Clunie Castle, a tower-house of the bishops of Dunkeld. "
image sourceAngela Baccus
image captionAngela Baccus: "This was taken on a day trip with my family to a fantastic Norman settlement of a castle and monks' priory, near King's Lynn, Norfolk, on a warm and sunny day, which helps to show the beauty in my photos."
image sourceLinda Chan
image captionLinda Chan sent in this picture of the Temple of Trajan in Pergamon, Turkey.
image sourceLaura Camacho
image captionLaura Camacho: "Kirkstall Abbey, a fabulous example of medieval Cistercian abbey ruins set on the banks of the River Aire in Leeds."
image sourceDr Arup Ray
image captionDr Arup Ray: "The ruins of the temple of Beng Melea, in Cambodia. This is still overrun by the forest vegetation, leaving it in the natural state."
image sourceJason Shrubb
image captionJason Shrubb: "'No MoT. Needs a bit of TLC.' Actually, it's in ruins and looks like the end of the road."
image sourceDavid Evans
image captionDavid Evans: "Abandoned casino in Asbury Park, New Jersey."
image sourceBarbara Gavica
image captionBarbara Gavica: "Nature taking over a shipwreck."
image sourceDamian Clement
image captionAnd finally a picture by Damian Clement of Rishowrth Moor in West Yorkshire. The next theme is "luxury", and the deadline for your entries is 24 May. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to: We set the theme; you take the pictures, at the bottom of the page.

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