Your pictures: Stone

image copyrightTom Pickover
image captionEach week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "stone" and we begin with a picture taken by Tom Pickover.
image copyrightAlexander Jeffrey
image captionAlexander Jeffrey: "This stone breakwater image was taken at St Monans in Fife at around dawn in February. The exposure is about 30 seconds long to smooth the water out and create a sense of calm."
image copyrightJohn Dawson
image captionJohn Dawson: "A picture of my wife, Clare, buried in stones on Chesil Beach near West Bexington. Don't worry, she is still alive and watching telly in the next room."
image copyrightRod Blest
image captionRod Blest: "The Harbour Mouth Molars at Dunedin in New Zealand. The sculpture is by Regan Gentry and has six wisdom teeth, with roots exposed, erupting from shingle gums. It was created using limestone (Oamaru), quartz, concrete, steel, rope, plastic tube and New Zealand ice plant Horokaka (Disphyma australe).
image copyrightJan Hand
image captionJan Hand: "This photo was taken as the sun emerged after a passing storm. These stones act as a visual reminder that you are at the edge of a Salmon River boat ramp. This is the last landing before the river empties into the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon coast."
image copyrightTheme: Stone
image captionTerence Foster: "The old saying 'A rolling stone gathers....' may have been in the thinking of architects when they designed one of the eye-catching buildings in the athletes' village created for the 1996 Barcelona Olympics. It might also have been a tribute to shot putters."
image copyrightBiljana Biki
image captionBiljana Biki: "I really like the contrast of stones in this photo and how the stones have personality. The statue is looking out on the streets of Croydon."
image copyrightJo Holmes
image captionJo Holmes: "My daughter took this photo in Filey, Yorkshire. It was our first holiday together after my treatment for womb cancer in 2012. I couldn't do much or go far. She knew I loved the beach and collected these stones and shells, painting one with a ribbon, as a symbol of my strength."
image copyrightJulie Miller
image captionJulie Miller took this picture on the coast.
image copyrightSue Mannings
image captionSue Mannings: "Wheels on the rocks at Egremont."
image copyrightChris Peacey
image captionChris Peacey: "A photo of the Washington Monument, a stone obelisk standing 554ft (169m) tall on the Washington Mall, Washington DC. To avoid the swarms of tourists taking selfies I crouched down at the base of the monument and took this shot looking straight up."
image copyrightDipta Dasgupta
image captionDipta Dasgupta: "The sight of the Grand Canyon is mesmerising."
image copyrightSteven James Barnett
image captionSteven James Barnett: "Three little stone statues that I saw in Hasedera Temple, a Buddhist temple in Kamakura, Japan. The small statutes are called Jizo, which are to protect children. Sadly it is often the case that these statutes are donated by parents that have lost a child to death."
image copyrightPeter Kilmister
image captionAnd finally, a picture by Peter Kilmister taken in Issigeac, France. The next theme is "height" and the deadline for your entries is 12 April. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found following the related link below.

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