In pictures: Blackburn's diverse workforce

image captionRichard Tymon is a third year photography degree student at Blackburn College whose latest project looks at Blackburn's workers of non-English descent. This is Rizwan Iqbal, creative director of the Love and Etiquette Foundation, a local arts organisation.
image captionThe project is called Lifeblood. Tymon said: "It is a photographic documentation of Blackburn’s culturally rich and diverse workforce. The project celebrates the 31% of Blackburn's 150,000 population that are of a BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) heritage, which is more than double the national average ethnic mix." Nadia Kauser, pictured, is now a qualified GP.
image caption"I am intrigued by how Blackburn’s heritage continues to shape its present day context," Tymon said. "I have previously photographed the numerous textile mills across Lancashire that initially employed from the subcontinent during the 1950s." Luminita Nastase worked in the textile industry for 17 years in her native Romania and moved to Blackburn two years ago with her husband and daughter.
image caption"My project explores the diverse range of professions that are held by the BAME community today." Saif Sikandar is studying Biomedical Science at University of Central Lancashire while working at his father's tyre fitters in Darwen.
image captionErnesto Ceraldi has been a hairdresser on Richmond Terrace for 33 years. Born in Italy, he is a dedicated Blackburn Rovers fan.
image captionShahbaz Akhtar is a mechanic and has worked in Blackburn for 12 years. He was born in England and his parents are from Pakistan. "In any local community there are unique factors that give it strength and vitality; it’s people, it’s environment and it’s trade," said Tymon.
image captionTahir Ibrahim was born in India and in 1992 moved to Blackburn, where he has worked in the textile industry for 17 years.
image captionBorn in Tel Aviv, Azad Khader-Poor came to work in Lancashire 10 years ago where he has never been unemployed. All photographs © Richard Tymon

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